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Friday, August 27, 2004

Az' Take 1 on Nosferatu
i watched the german silent film Nosferatu in Megamall.
with live musical score by GARLIC

and here are my takes for the movie. english subtitles, the german emcee narrates to us the english
translation of the flashed german subs

2.telling to your wife that your going to the phantom land to get
some gold is not a good idea. time read the book that gives tips about dracula

4.the director uses the expose lighting effect to show to the
audiences the evening scene of the film, because shooting in a dark
night is a problem during the film shooting of 1922.

5. all of the set designs of the film are real. the castle, the town,
the river, mountains are all real...the castle is almost a 15th
century old that time.

6.dont blame the mosquito for the two fang bite in your neck.

6.Nosferatu - creepy!

7.Nosferatu - i think he has this magical powers, he can lift coffins
and stack them all in this horse and he let the cover of the coffin
crawls on top of the coffin, (he is inside in the coffin)

8.Nosferatu can drive the horse while he is inside the coffin.

9.If you knew that Nosferatu is a vampire, dont stay too long inside
the castle, make a way to get out !

10. Nosferatu is one real serial killer! killing all the crew and
captain of a ship

11.Nosferatu carries his own coffin - whoa! this is new!

12.dont leave your wife if you know that she is under Nosferatu's

12.Nosferatu died after biting his last victim, and then he forgets
that it was already morning. - which it kills him instantly

13."the master! the master is dead"- shout by his assitant who was
jailed for bringing in death and pestilence to the town.

14.dont eat cheese popcorn inside the cinema, it will stain all your
fingers! and too much cheese is so salty.

15.i hope mcfarlane toys makes a Nosferatu action figure.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Anytime smoking cigarette
my head is in chaos !

: 3rd Deviant Art manila EB +good and BAD attendance : more than 40 deviants !

the event Meet up should start at 3pm that day, and i woke up late
and i went to Megamall Foodcourt at 4:30pm.

I was surprised to the number of Deviant Artists in the area.
Lico and Syeri already txted me that time and everyone is looking for

im glad that they continued to meet up, and i dont have the idea how
did they get to see each other. maybe coz of the regular meet up
attendees, thanks to them!

we have already occupied more than 6 table of the food Court area.
and when i arrived they told me that the Megamall security guards are
already checking us out.

I told them that they should continue their activites and lets wait
for their actions.

and then after that..they approached us and told us that Gathering
large groups or grouping is not allowed in the area. we have to leave
the food court area coz we dont buy or eat anything.

so what we did is.that we told some of the members that we should buy
something and eat.

so DA members eat out and shared their foods to other members.and as
the food is finished. we continued our activities. Art sharing., meet
members, talks, drawing activity and filling up the attendance.

then 4 different faces of security guards approaches us and they told
us to leave the area again. we defend our right as customer, coz we
are paying customer and we have the right to we are not
such a group..but we treat ourselves as family.

they told us again that having a drawing activity in the mall is
strictly prohibited and gathering in groups are not allowed.

we told them, what if we are one family and we go out as a group? are
you still gonna kick us out of the venue, after that we demanded to
talk to the main head of the security of the mall, and we demand an
explanation why we are not allowed to draw or talk to each other
after our meals that we bought inside the mall.

but then..the guard didnt say a word after we demanded their head
director come out and talk to us.

then..some customer in the area are taking a peak of some of the art
and drawing activities and they saw the situatino and we told them
that the management are kicking us out...we said, where are our
rights ?

after that we still continued our activity....then i told the DA
people that i will leave them for now for I will attend a meeting on
the other side of the mall.

then i saw the DA manila marched down out of the food court and they
told me that they already kicked out by the security guards. as they
trooped down inside the Bowling alley which they will continue their

It was a hell of a day for us...and now Megamall hates us!!

where are our rights as customer ??

then..Iggy one of the DA contributed to the group and offered his
office conference hall in Discovery Suites , and next month we will
hold our DA meet up there and we will host our very own tutorials and
talks about art.

iggy is working in , and for that.....the tutorials and
meet up will be viewable in WEBCAM.

this will be our next activity for next month!

hooray for Deviant ARt Manila !!!!!

inside the bowling alley of Megamall

thanks Rex Espina (manga artist of Ground Zero) for the Artwork
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