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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Endless Waltz
still stuck here at home and cant go out and im no longer updated on some events and gigs.maybe this is another self imprisonment act by me.hehehe.

it was a movie marathon for the whole week and i just watched series of Justicle League and some anime episodes that i left behind, and some Ryan's vcd movies that was stacked in my shelves, ooh...check this out Ghostbusters 1 and 2,..

every weekend i am watching Studio 23's Nginig which i am very interested on paranormal stuff, and a friend is part of the production team of the horror reality series, and also Shandy, former girl love of mine was involved in some Spirit questing adventures, and hope she got the regular as one of the psychic for the show.

Evil Within
i was quite and no words on the other day, for i was visited again by this unseen friend while im sleeping. it was chilling and scariest experience for me, for I was having a big battle against Evil. It was like on thos horror films, the fight of Good versus Evil. and some scenes of the Exorcist the movie flashes on my head.

I didnt expect that i was that strong to face this entity or spirit, for i havent recognized who are what it is that attacked me while im sleeping.

It was 11am and im still in bed, coz i slept at 6am that time for being hooked on this Star Wars video PC games, I am having a really nice sleep, super relax that time, and also sometimes. im half awake, just trying to absorb the surroundings around me, and then this spirit attacks me and i was having no idea what i did.

I was sleeping on my side and when i flip on the other side and i began opening my eyes, although that im still asleep, i saw my sister using our PC, and as soon as i close my eyes, I felt an energy comes towards me.

as i close my eyes and flip myself on the side, a sudden low frequency sound entered my ears and then multiple mumblings of voices i heard on my left ear, and then I got my self in sense that its a spirit trying to enter my body.

I was beginning to loose myself that time as my eyes were closed , i can feel that i was loosing my conciousness and then i begin to fight for it.
as the spirit entered me. i only see in the darkness (my eyes where closed) was that i am getting images of myself lying down in my bed and sudden an exposed negative pictures, replacing black color by a white color.

I know that time i was possessed by this entity, I tried to fight for it and i noticed that my hands are tightly closed trying to repel the invader, and i feel this energy entered my body plus unfamiliar mumblings in my ear. My body was shaking and i feel the energy from head to toe, and i feel that my head is going big, as i hold my self trying to be my normal side, it was like a 10 seconds battle in my bed, and my sister didnt know what happened to me.

and then the entity left and i was very tired and some of my energy got wasted and i fell asleep again. As i wake up im thinking who the hell is that attacker, but for my conclusion, the entity is very evil..i can feel it and i beginning asking questions..why me? this is not the 1st time..but battling this kind of entity is very seasonal.

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