the late Superhero

its 2:30am, and im about to take a rest and sleep for i will be early tomorrow, suddenly a YM buzz came to me, a friend from Assumption Anitpolo, she said that if it is okay to talk to me, and i say "yes" its okay...and then i noticed her YM status " FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! " status message. and she's pissed on her mom, coz her mom is shouting at her and praying that her daughter will fail and not graduate High School.

pause*** im watching the music video of DRIP (song #90) oh ni Beng kumanta ahhahha!! damn.. i missed her band's live act.

and then..there's this tendency of suicidal act..or she will kill her mom.. at that moment..i stayed with her, and told her that she must not do anything bad or worst that involves taking of owns or others life.
*kulang nalang kunin ko baril ng nanay ko eh
*mamatay nalang isa samin
*at least one of us would be out of our misery
*eh bkt hindi?
*mas ok nga un eh
*wala naman ako use sa mundong toh so it wouldnt be a waste
*at least masaya na nanay ko nun
*talagang di ako maggraduate
*putangina naman kasi... as if i wanted to study in assumption in the first place

this are some of her words...and some of them are really disturbing.
she already out of her mind. and she no longer thinks of any goodness.
that night.i stayed with with her. and let her be cool.
and im really pissed on her mom, coz this is the first time i saw someone's mother not so very supportive, instead of helping her daughter, they still bad mouthed them and let her die

she mentioned so many times to kill herself, and for me i dont want that to happend. its a pain in the ass and in the heart if you see someone you know die, or die..while you talk with them. so what i did this to stop her in killing herself, she's just a graduating highschool student, and really stress out of school and projects, plus a not so supportive parent, this case is not so rare. it happens to everyone. and i dont want to happened again an Artist friend who dies coz of family problems. and because of something that they refure to let their daughter to have a better college.

**crap...i was so supposed to make a write up for Gerry, for his bday message...and i think il skip it now..coz of this incident.
and i hope she stay put and being strong.

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