I want my blog back
last night I was updating my blog, having a new layout and suddenly the website of www.blogger.com got a server crash. and I have to wait for their online operation.

and here they go..I haven't updated my layout and Im here in school updating my bloggie while waiting for my sis. do you like the new blog layout? 1st 10 comments post will have a special prize... hmmm what prize? basta special..pwede special buko pie, special pulutan, bawal ang special massage ha.. hahahah

Summer,school, job, hoax
today is my 7th day of long term enrolment here in FEU, and Im here waiting for the process of my permit to enrol and they finished the processing for almost 3 days, lucky me that I got 2 subjects for my summer class, good subjects- physics and one crappy computer subject. I already finished my course in computer science and they still want me to take one subject way backkkkk, it happens coz my curriculum changed,.and. its a pain in the head to go back again to those programing chuchu.

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from good days to bad days..but still its a good day hahahaha.

Its a bad day for the both of us, me and Lace got super disappointed on those job offers we saw on the net, for example a super crappy job that will give you a salary of 10 pesos per hour, and posting a list of good positions and after the interview- orientation-like a preaching or aleluia ek ek speech. they will require you sell those damn insurance and then later on you will be hired...

we had wasted our time and money on going on these shits!

we decided to file a complain on ph.jobstreet.com for letting this job hoax posting in their website.

I know some of you have been victimized by these crappy companies..and I didnt know what are their purpose in doing this.

after hearing all those stuff.. we decided to back out in no time and walk out during that horror orientation.,

i'l be in school starting tomorrow..and goodbye again for the other stuff like the activities I usually do.

from a morning shine of 7am up to a nuclear radiation of 6pm will be the sked of my class.
and a 10:30am-3pm vacant time, which I'm already thinking what will I do on these timeslot.
and hell...i wont be having a summer job ...

damn! i need moneY!!!!!

yung may mga utang dyan.pabayaran nyo naman yun utang nyo sa akin..pls..hehhehe..i need money!
esp. the one who acted as a director and stole my position during that Anime STage Show.
they haven't paid Matrix and STar Wars Phil for their talent fee, and my half talent fee is not yet paid..and they already forgot after they grab money from the audience..
and also an exception to my other friend..eheehe..just buzz dude if meron na.

i hate to say this...

so pay me! hahhahaa

uy look a video blog
Im planning to have a video blog..experimenting and converting my blog into audio and video.
hmm..its another blog revolution.coz everyone is doing it.
and here'a sample..too bad that I should make a low res no sound video to a free loading show for dial up users.

just waiting for the ride

more video uploads of the two pizza monsters in their multiply site

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jactinglim said…
Yay! First comment!

Blue version ng blog ko itong bago mong template a :D
Heffer Wolfe said…
Well, di siya cluttered. That's the first thing I noticed sa layout. At saka dapat palitan mo na yung subheading ng blog mo, kasi di ba sabi mo sarado na yung Merryland? At saka nga pala, ba't nasa ilalim yung profile mo? Ano ba yung special prize?