Carabaos can fly

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Az and his girlfriend who turned into a stone

me and my family went to Villa Escudero's, a museum and a perfect family outing place located in the boundary of San Pablo Laguna and Tiaong, Quezon Province.

It was an endless eating again and my stomach is very satisfied for the consumption of those pinoy foods, fruits and chichirya.

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Az, with sis and mom

It was a blast! we enjoyed the outing and its my Auntie's bday, we we had a little reunion and this event will be held again next year.

during the family day out, I burst again and snapped after hearing some bad updated on the other side of the city. I was so pissed off but I haven't heard or got any explanation for that incident, and maybe that my self defense mechanism is working properly. I was like a Lion trying to protect my cubs from other male Lions.

I was home and havent heard any explanations.maybe I will get some tomorrow.

I got a good conversation to my stellar dreamer fairy god mother
and its nice to hear some news from her again and lots of chika going through the ear waves and it was fun and then suddenly my goatee fairy god father emailed me and proposes a serious talk on something, maybe its about me and the others revolving around the puzzled me.

thanks to my nameless and imaginary god parents from being there when I need them.

I met and saw a stray cat, colored white with brown stripes on its hair. its nice to pat and look at the cat. but after that... it bites me awww
(more stories sooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn)

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