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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Photoshoot day out and Comic-Illustration Course

yesterday was a photo shoot day out for me, going with Lace in her work for a photo shoot in CSB. Above is an experimental shoot for the set and lighting before proceeding to the real shoot with models. I did some saturation and auto levels settings so that the photo will be lively in colors.

Also thanks to Don Villaluz for volunteering to be one of the photographer and helping me around the photo project. He also introduced me to this photography community of Digital Photo Enthusiasts in our country. check out

Every I need to know are all in there. especially the one on how to DIY your own Studio that you can get and use the materials seen in ACE HARDWARE. its a one cool learning website for photography.

Benjie and Azrael

During the photo shoot, one of their model is Benjie Marasigan, a professor for animation in DLS-CSB. We know each other during the old years of 1999 when he was still in Art Farm Asia and I was there helping around in promoting the first animation crash course organized by Art Farm Asia. On the following year, we organized the AnimeXplosion 2000. Benjie told me about this new course that they are waiting to be approved in DLS-CSB. And every comic creator and illustrator and also those who want to learn drawing will be happy to hear this news.

They are waiting for the approval of a new course - I think it was called Comics and Illustration.
its a course with diploma, I forgot to ask how many semester of that course, but Benjie said that the course focuses on comics, illustrations and caricatures. I'm not sure when it will be the launch of this course, but they said that they are targeting June 2007.

Also that day I met the creators of the animation short film Doodle of Doom, Nelson Caliguia Jr and Jason Confessor. Which won the grand prize for the Nicktoons Network Animation Festival. Its funny to meet again with Nelson coz the last time I saw him with his family was the day when he wears a grade school shorts and sando, but now I was surprised that he greeted me and he still remembers me, and oh boy! Im getting old already and everyone around me grows up fast.

Its cool to see him follow his parents footsteps and might soon be one of the handler of the animation industry in our country, I joked on him yesterday about the old days that I hanged out in her parents studio, Art Farm Asia. I told him too that Im arranging a animation festy for next year and also invited them for a special exhibition of their work. I heard that they are making another big animation project. and he said that it will be completed on June 2007. Wow! I wanna see that first before it hits another award.
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