Autodesk M3 Launch

yesterday was the launching of the new version of Maya, Motion Builder and 3D Studio Max. I haven't install this software in my PC, I got lost to its video graphic requirement, so having a live walkthrough in the seminar gives me a good learning run about this animation software.

see me!! Im listening well hhahhhh, too bad that the view at the back is not good. people infront of me are humongous.

during break...
when the coffee maker disrupt the power supply of the laptop and projector

my sis and her friend was there too

Im surprised to see every new feature of their software. It seems that every year they always release new versions and by attending their seminar and launch, I can backtrack the stuff they showed from last year and now they showed us new and easy ways in editing part.

snack time is the best! I met one of the guy from MicroCAD and they are looking for part time teacher of 3DS.

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