Tag-board.com Hacked !!

I was wondering sometime ago that whenever I visit a friend's blog who uses tag-board.com I always received this C-panel.com log in for domain-host server. But at first I thought that I did sometime wrong with my own C-panel. But when I tried it in other PC's I just found the same pop ups of C-panel.

I began to search an answer and saw that Tag-board.com has been hacked !!!!

I did never received any email notice from the service provider, coz I no longer use it.

but I found this email in one of the forums

Tag-Board.com customers,

First, I would like to apologize for the email you received yesterday. There was a glitch in our email system and approximately half of the emails were sent out with the wrong content. Here is the message you were supposed to receive.

I would like to apologize for Tag-Board.com (and, as a result, your board) being down. We are working to restore normal service, but are having to make some temporary changes for a short time. The domain name "tag-board.com" has been hijacked, and it is controlled by a third party who has taken the site down. We are going through the process of getting the domain name returned to us, but it seems that during this process, the hijacker intends to harm as many of our customers as possible.

As a temporary measure while we await the outcome of the domain resolution, we have registered tag-board.biz. The site will continue to work as normal with this new domain name. You can go into your HTML code and modify the links to change the .com to .biz, or you can login to your Admin Page and get a new block of HTML code.

Once again, we apologize for the difficulty and the problems that you are having right now, and for our part in them. As soon as we have control of the domain name again, you will be able to go back to using tag-board.com, although we will keep tag-board.biz working so that you do not need to make changes if you do not want to.

Thank you for using our service, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems.

Ed Bynum


//advice to all, if you have your own website and have a Cpanel account, dont try to enter your user name and your password. the hacker may steal it and destroy your account. Im not sure if the hacker did that fake Cpanel site. But i think one of my website's cpanel account and password was changed when I tried to enter it and then when I try logging it.. then....bam!!!! the site was gone! damn ! // my other advice... remove your tag-board.com html tag in all of your blogs!!!!!

switch to myshoutbox.com

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jactinglim said…
Oh no! I saw that happening with my other friends' blogs too! Thanks for the info Az. I've switched to myshoutbox ages ago :)
Heffer Wolfe said…
I switched to tag-world but that dang pop-up keeps popping up. any advice how to remove that thing?
to heff.

1.check the html tag in your template.make sure all the tagboard.com tag is removed.

2. if you have removed it and replaced it a new html tag, re-publish your blog index or republish it all.

3. if the cpanel still pops up, switch to other boards like myshoutbox. if it appears again. email the html tag to me and i will look at it.
Heffer Wolfe said…
got it. *slaps forehead* di ko kasi inintindi yung note na nilagay mo e. :P
Anonymous said…
tag-board.org is similar and never has any problems or popups. have u tried that?