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Friday, February 17, 2006

Animated seminar again
without some of my extra materials, i finally succeded the animaton seminar.
its so sad that i haven't showed them Don Hertzfeldt animation.

male students got "kilig" after watching Ramon Del Prados "ever after, flash animation mtv"

giving out some keynotes about animation and the importance of storyboard

showing some samples of 3D of Jon Ruin and Michale Rivero

whoa!! whole BS MAth Comsci and IT students

being a profesor for that day is very tiring.
man! im glad that it was only for 4 hours.

Infinite Series seminar

headed by Prof. Concepcion

im glad that i finished integral and differential
so im exempted to our quiz next week ehhehehe

sir Conce giving advice to students at the back who are not listening ehehe

whoa..notes notes notes !!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

prelude to Animation Seminar take 4
its my 4th animation seminar here in FEU, and we are celebrating the FEU-Math week, headed by the Mathematics Society.

the seminar started at 8:30am
its al about WAP and internet.
lecture was headed by Mr. Mars of FEU-East Asia

and later at 1pm
Animation Seminar will be headed by me, again :)

I left some of my hard copy materials for the seminar, i felt bad yesterday and glad that got a way to replace all those sample materials for the seminar.
my mind is out of focus that time, coz me and lace got some fight again and i hope that it will be okay tonight when we meet. coz its her bday tomorrow and i have to make up for her.

Mr. Mars showed the students on how to program a WAP site using WML and knowledge about WAP

WMP programming..hmmm??

whoa!! 1st-4th year math students squeeze in one THB multi purpose hall

ahahahaa...sabog in me!, puyat and worried for my seminar

prof. concepcion shouting some announcements
and also plugging the infinite calculus seminar tomorrow
(yikes..we will be having a quiz about that next week!! zoinks!!) ready and il make sure that they will enjoy my lecture
hehehehe... while ago i showed them a flash animation by Dino Ignacio
yup, you won't forget Marites vs. the Superfriends

its break time!!!
now time to unload my presentation and samples.
thanks to my classmate john ruin for contributing some of his 3D animation samples.
yeah!!! he made some Naruto 3D designs in action! Akashi in fight mode !!

ok! we'll see ya all later
and update the result of my seminar.

Merryland Podcast 2
its podcasting time!!!

experimental podcast by me and lace

its about the Manny Pacquiao issue, lovapalooza, spywares, piolo pascual and sam milby.

funny thoughts and comments straight from the funny brains of two lambada dancers

download the podcast issue 2 here click it first and visit the download page at rapidshare

sorry about the modem noise !!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

V-day re-cap

its a recap of the valentines day and this will be one of the last series of my valentines blog post.
i bought a heart shape chocolate last week and got the idea that it will be a perfect gift for lace, and im glad that she liked it, its funny coz when i bought it and opened it to check whats inside, i got a hard time to repack the box coz i don't know how the fold is to be, but after some trial and error, i got it right. hehheh

in the mall, theres this big heart bulletin board, too bad that i didnt reach on time to post it, all i did is take a photo of this and read some funny love notes posted in the wall.

oh la la..
Lace's love notes was published yesterday in Manila Bulletin.
and whoa... il be grabbing that issue later and scan it for digital preservation heheheh

we joined a lovenote contest and hoping to win that I pod shuffle.
lace got the idea and she created this love note.. (crossing fingers to win that techie)

TOP TEN SONGS we'd love to put in our iPod if we win

1. Ligaya by Eraserheads
2. I Know by Yasmien Kurdi
3. I'll Never Get Over You by BelleFire
4. Take my Breath Away by Jessica Simpson
5. Pieces of Me by Ashley Simpson
6. Wish you Were Here by Incubus
7. Tulog Na by Sugar Free
8. KLSP by Spongecola
9. Ever After by Bonnie Bailey
10. Huwag na Huwag mong Sasabihin by Kitchie Nadal


Please let us win because we were really trying to save for an iPod that we
can use while travelling and hanging out. We'd love to share these songs with our friends while telling them why these songs are dear to us. My boyfriend and I had a lot of fun coming up with this list because we remembered everything from our first meeting to the present moments of our amazing relationship, thanks to 2BU!. Our choices are as dynamic as our personalities and everytime something good or bad happens, music never failed to lift our spirits. We hope we win this iPod and rock valentine's day with our music.

so its valentines day
its been 10 years since i created an e-card for a love one
and its funny that I sneaked that day to use the internet to send her a greeeting e-card
she caught me but I told her not to look and check it later.
after sending the e-card, she used the computer and check it after a few seconds
and after another second...I saw and conquer heaven again. :) Posted by Picasa

valentines day in

instead of day out..its day in.
means that we stayed indoors during the valentines day
and also we failed to attend the lovapalooza last feb 11. we got scared of the stampede incident and we stayed home and have our own lickapalooza event, licking ice cream, chocolates, chips and candies.

happy valentines day to all !!!!!

me and lace shared our ever romantic day inside her room.
look at our eyes!! yihee...inlove !! Posted by Picasa

eat my foot !
its one of my favorite pang asar word..
so the last photo is about us and our sexy feet
after the valentine photo shoot we went down and have a house tour with baby Anya.
its a camera Az-parazzi time !! Posted by Picasa

Sleeping lovers

its valentines day and this post is a series of photos of how we celebrate the day of hearts slash love.

we decided to stay home that day, coz we know that restos are full, malls are crowded, hotels are fullybooked, and even valentines party are expensive., so here we are spending our time in our bed, trying to rest and relax, too bad that my lady is sick so she have to rest for that day, and we saved a lot of money that day hahahaha.
so the rest of it landed in my pharynx medication and etc.

tickle me, tickle you. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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