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Saturday, February 25, 2006

booth action !!!

the Best of Benilde, poster modeling of Lace and Chong,
Walter - busy reading the latest scoop

Azrael (ako yan!) modeling a white pambahay shirt and borrowing the name "Lawrence"
that hour.

booth crowd, seems that everyone is busy.

Lace checking out her ammunition Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 24, 2006

ehhehhee thats my school, FEU
thats the FEU IABF booth, its weird as you can see that I stayed and helped the CSB booth
of course, thats where my lady love work and I enjoy teaming up with them
beside this lane is the Miriam booth, Letran booth, DLSU and at the back ADMU
infront of the CSB booth a school that specializes in driving and that involves board games.
er..what the hell. Posted by Picasa

the booth is done!!!! time for work guys!!
while me try those free food at the back of the tradehall.

Market Market Tradehall is big, well I think bigger than SM Megamall Megatradehall 2
(only hall 2 ?), hahhah...yup thats right. the badside is that the interiors are not that good
and same as in Mega. Posted by Picasa

ribbon cutting !
I'm not familiar to that lady, but I heard she's a radio personality
with Senator Manny Villar and Senator Mar Roxas.

Tessa Prieto enters

cut! cut! cut! Posted by Picasa

Kapuso at the Palace

Walter in the Palace
Imitating that Korean Novela, Jewel in the Palace

eheheheh I posted this coz I'm a little bit impressed to this layout
who's the next superhero to stand with them next ?

GMA 7 Kapuso Magazine
1st issue for FREE at the GMA 7 booth
contains behind the scenes and asian novelas ratings and articles Posted by Picasa

freebies !!!!!

in every expo and convention, I really enjoyed the freebies
and free taste of food ehhehhehe, I boozed unlimited refills at Coffee Experience, Sunkist Ice Tea,
and Tanduay Rhum

Read the word in this pic !

you got it right! hehheheehe..FREE use of Make up at HBC

Crazy Bread !
i was so hungry that morning and during the ribbon ceremonies, the food stalls doesnt allow us to buy their food
it was very disappointing coz some of them are for exhibits, but when the event started, they invite people and gave some free food for all of us. it was like a swarm of people, bugging a single stall in each food booth. Posted by Picasa

in Philippine State of Emergency

it was a sunny day, Feb 24, 2006, its the 20th anniversary of the Philippine People Power Revolution,
I know everyone is familiar to this event and we studied it during our elementary days and it is a part of our political history.

rumors before this day that there are coup de etats attempts, government destabilization, rallies, people power again and etc., but all of this are old music to us, it happens everytime, every celebration, every year.
damn..I'm so tired of this already.

we woke up 5:30am just to fulfill and finish the day for a great weekend rest and break, while eating our breakfast we heard news in the radio that ERAP has been transfered to Taytay, Rizal and at his radio interview, we can tell that he is pissed off, coz his eye medical treatment that time had been interupted, then JV Ejercito was already forming his own rally group in San Juan. as ERAP said in a remote radio interview. Posted by Picasa

we were already in the middle of the road and Lace's aunt txted us that all college levels and classes are suspended, upon getting this message, we turned the news radio and listen to it for a while, then I txted my professor telling the news and replied back that he isn't aware of it. So we waited until I hear the news myself, then we got the news over and over again.

so we made a plan where we will drive through, our way is going to Market Market, coz CSB has an exhibit there at the NEGOSYO 2006 expo, and I was suppose to drop off in Pasay Tramo, but due to class suspension, I decided to go with her and check out the coming news. Posted by Picasa

so our route plan is to cross Villamor Air base in order to have a quick short cut going to C5 road to The Fort.

but we noticed that lots of men in army uniform barricading the road going to C5.

1st army man stared at us, without word we opened the window and asked us where we go to.
then after hearing that we are going to the Fort, he replied to us that the roads are closed we have to
move back and advised to cross Pasay tramo.

we passed the 1st blockade. Posted by Picasa

after passing the 1st blockade
a second blockade approaches us and asked the same questions.
its kinda freaky to see armed men roaming the roads.
cant stop thinking if these troops are the friendly ones or the bad one.

but from the way they speak, they are the friendly one...

so while listening to the news
rally formation is all over the metro

state of emergency was declared that morning Posted by Picasa

we were blind that time coz we dont have any news about the rally, and we are busy fixing the CSB booth at the Market Market, we only informed by txt messages by our sisters, and that time in the afternoon, at the booth of ABS CBN, they rewired their television set and reprogrammed to the news patrol.

then I saw the rally in Makati, and it looks like its not like the past EDSA power.
so I told Lace and the others about it.

we went home in separate ways. coz I need to go back in Pasig
coz I'll be going to Lucena city to attend my cousin's first child baptism.

i'm glad that the EDSA power-uga done Posted by Picasa

in focus

I really hate this sign!
they are prohibiting of taking out of the water from their fountain
this drinking fountain is for everyone and it is located at Market Market Food choices
so what are you going to do about it ?
the refilling glass is mine, while that mineral water bottle refill is for the other guy near me.

create your own Stuffed animal @ Animal Land
they have a shop in Rockwell and Shangri La
for only P700 you can stuffed your animal toy, create a name, own this certificate, and even
put an electronic customizable voice and sound. Posted by Picasa
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