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Friday, March 17, 2006

First time with a gay

This is me now, having a new hair cut, it was a chaos for me that i have found out that my hair cutter on the other salon is no longer there, so I told them that I need a hair cut, but the salonist told me that they dont have any barber around, so for me a little bit pissed, they do cut hair, so why didnt they cut mine.

So before I picked up my girlfriend in PICC, I have to face her in my new hair, so while strolling the street of Recto, I saw this new salon near the pirated porn video outlet in Recto, I went there and they entertained me and a gay hair stylist cut my hair.

at first he (she whatever), suggested for a new hairstyle, but I was afraid of the look of it coz Im not used to having a retro style and I dont want to look like gay. so he suggested some styles but never heard of it before, only I remember is the Orbitz style, but the pearl shake comes into my mind so i rejected it, I told him to give me a good looking barbers cut. so then ...he did cut my hair.

its my first time, my hair was cut and style by a gay, I was afraid while he run that clipper in my head, but then after that, my hair looks nice, and then he said "wow, gwapo ka pala!", means I' m handsome daw, I dont like to accept that but I stay cute na lang hahahaa,, after that while I pay the hair job service at the counter, he touch my back hair and so proud of having a barbers cut that day ahahha..

weird eh?
got the hair for only P50 in a salon.

while walking in Recto, I was looking for a Japanese AV idol video in the bangketas, then I spotted this little mutt being watched by a crowd.

then.. after having a closer look..
the dog is cute in his style!
the begging dog of Manila, I think I saw this dog with his master in TV Patrol 2 years ago.
I took a shot and then gave P5 for a good show.
I think the dog's name is "Habagat"

heheh astig!

then after walking to Recto to Raon to Carriedo.
this is my last spot in Manila, I took a bus there going to Cavite
and hop off to CCP. then walked for the first time in Harbour Square.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

mission : haircut

will be having my haircut today, its so hot and i can't breathe already and because of long hair I easily perspire and feel uncomfy so thats why I decided to have my haircut today here infront of my school. hehheheh

for only P50, with free shampoo and chikka tsismis with my barber

ahhahah...its not a barber shop...its a salon

Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat,
new graphic novel from Arnold Arre

another press release for Andong Agimat :)


"What would you like you see in a superhero comic?" That was the
question Arnold asked us in the wake of the resurging interest in
Darna perpetuated by the new comic book and talk of a movie and TV

In the Philippines, while Mars Ravelo borrowed heavily from American
iconic figures such as Superman, Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman,
other super heroic figures without the colorful costumes have been
popular. The herioc "agimat" stories and movies have been popular to
Filipinos and can be traced to our myths and legends.

With Mythology Class, Arnold went back to these myths and legends.
With his interest in FPJ and Ramon Revilla action movies, he now
brings these legends to the streets.

So what kind of superheroes did Arnold have in mind? Superheroes
without the cultural trappings of American comics. Superheroes
steeped in mythology but sharpened by the dirty grey tabloid world.
Superheroes that are different and yet familiar. New and yet

The world of Andong Agimat.

Emil Flores
Quezon City January 2006


Hope you guys can support my husband! - Cynthia

Two-time National Book Award-winner Arnold Arre's new graphic novel "Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat" is now available at Comic Quest branches, National Book Store, Powerbooks, Fully Booked and Filbars branches.

Arnold -
Cynthia -

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The 5th International Toys, Hobby, Collectibles Convention 2006

When: June 17 & 18 2006
Venue: SM Megmall Megatrade Hall 2


Complete Announcements: Coming Soon!

visit for some info

Remember "M"
Remember "E"
put them together, remember "V"

I just saw the premiere of the movie and it was a solid rock that hits me and for my calculation the movie is around less than 3 hours, the movie is good and I know the comic book original is more detailed, I'm glad that they got a good treatment for this, but too bad, the creator is only credit at the end of the movie, but its okay, at least Alan Moore is mentioned., I've been following this movie since it was on a casting call, to a e-press release, website and also issue about the production of the whole movie, but here it is now! another line up that I will add to my collection.

I wont post anything about the story for all those who haven't read the comic book yet,
but my post here is spoiler-free, so dont worry.

I recommend it to you guys to watch it on the big screen, its a wham in your face and the thrill that who's "V" and what will happened on the end, (hehhe I haven't read the comic,but I heard of this title during my comic book craze collection during youth days)

The mystery of the mask will be revealed and everything that sums up in the movie will definitely relate on the events here in our country, its time to watch and reflect on an elseworld story about freedom and vendetta.

thanks to for the winning ticket, my sis won,and she got the chance to celebreate her bday inside a movie premiere, its fun coz its free, and while we wait for the show, I was hoping for a raffle for that night, but instead of raffling our ticket stubs to win limited items, the DJ's of 99.5 RT aggreed to do a "bring me" game, too bad that theres no limited V for Vendetta Items, but they gave away 2 Limited Edition Exact Replica of V's mask, contained inside a British Freight Corp. parcel box (props in the movie), I almost cried, coz I really want to have that, but winners of the DRAWING contest got it and the prize add ons are V shirts, bags, posters, etc.

the lucky 2nd runner up 11 yr old kid, won this, but according to law, the movie is R-13, too bad that he is not allowed to see the movie, the staff and crew of the premiere is so honest about it so instead of the movie screening, RT gave 2 nights to Subic resort all expense paid by the sponsors.

whew! when the movie end, all I heard from the crowd is "people power", "coup", revolution:.
you know what I mean... just watch the movie and find it out !

here's one of the panel from the comic book by DC/Vertigo

before watching the movie, I just bought the 2nd album of The All American Rejects -Move Along.
I was surprised that they owned the music that was the theme song for MTV Homecoming, its fun listening to it,
also my fave song for that album is Move Along, and thanks to for the mtv upload, coz I got into music once again, there are lots of videos in there so browse in !

// as you all see that my bloggy has transformed into a "V" theme hehehehe, just giving a special edition of this blog in observance of the movie V for Vendetta

here's my latest design and its a rush job for my sis F4 group,
this banner will flag their attendance on March 24 in Hong Kong F4 concert.
for the orig image, just visit my deviant art page.

its funny! while I browse some images of V
I found this glued in some local forum!
hahahaha..its funny, its GMA meets V
i dont know who;s the maker, but the name very familiar

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

4th Annual Philippine
Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

he New Worlds Alliance (NWA), in cooperation with Fully Booked and the Rockwell Powerplant Mall brings you The 4th Annual Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention entitled "A Dream of Infinite Realities"

Join us as we celebrate imagination, creativity and passion through the various TV series and movies that we all love. Help us usher in a summer of wonder as we toast the winners of the first ever Philippine Graphic and Fiction Awards. Stretch the boundaries of your world by joining us as we explore worlds that are strange yet familiar.

All this and many more await you on the 21st, the 22nd and the 23rd of April at the Rockwell Tent. Hours are from 10am to 12 midnight each day.

Monday, March 13, 2006

V for Vendetta

we will be watching the movie tomorrow and im glad that the ticket is good for 2 person.
thanks to for the promo !!
hope I win next time

remember, remember
the date of December 25
coz its the date that I wont forget
remember, remember
olala !

back to the blogosphere

kazaaam !!! im back again here in the blogosphere and it took me a almost a week for the no show update for this almighty bloggy that was already been dubbed by some folks as "bloggers are KSP" or kulang sa pansin, or need of attention and being back, means that revenge will be mine!

A for Avenge!

If I'll wear a mask just to fight for the right and my right for a good reformation, it will be a smiley mask that is so yellow and grinny! hehheeh, think of that and you'll be scared for the anti-dictator super hero or wattever it was called.

boom boom! my sister just won a premiere ticket of V for Vendetta and the ticket was from the email away contest, and poor me, my entry has failed again, but lucky me still, I answered the puzzle contest and sent 3 entries using mine, my gf and sis profiles with their permission.

so there ya go! hope we can grab that ticket and watch it in Galeria, not sure also if it is a premiere ticket for two, if not, she or I can watch the movie alone.
so cross my crotch for the lucky wish list.

check it out QTV, channel GMA 7's extnesion of their network has a new channel, and its channel 27 here in the free tv, for those who have cable tv, you should check out your local listings for info. and for the free tv, channel 27 is much more clearer than channel 11.

the problem also in some cable tv is that the cable operators are majority owned by ABS CBN, so we got bad experience, until now that channel GMA 7 and QTV 11 are not that so clear and it is very a bad frequency, for the operators blocked the good signal and instead of giving a good service they bastardized the frequency signal of other channel so that you will be forced to abandon the GMA and QTV and foreced to watch ABS CBN channels.

it happened before and I thought that GMA 7 sued the cable operators for their modus operandi in blocking the signal of their network. And as far as I can see, the signal blocking is BACK again !!! and hello to CAVITE Cable operators!! you should closed down for your poor services!

di kasi ako makapanood ng Eat Bulaga at Bumble Gang
grrr !!!!
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