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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Blog. Blogging. Blogged. Blogger.

above is my title for the blog seminar that FEU IT students invited me to do a lecture of it. I dont have any creative title for it but im glad that the title worked! hehhehe

i already posted my experience about the seminar while ago.
but this damned PC in Netopia Morayta went off automatically and all my entry was deleted.

Il try to repost this entry once i get home later.

well here are some pics of the seminar.

halatang puyat !

professor is still not around

students exchanging mp3's haahahhaaha

thinking what will be the topic for next week, but they suggested that I picked one of my field and interest, I gave them the topic digital film making, and I was surprised that all of them got excited of it.

many of the students approached me and asked me about video blog and podcasting. I gave them tips and tricks in blogging too, and sharing also the great experience as a blogger.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

the AZ Blog Seminar

Azrael blogging for almost 3 years

This thursday I will be conducting my 1st Blog Seminar in FEU, and Im the only lecturer and speaker teaching 3rd year I.T. students about the mystery, excitement, fun, horror, and wonders of blogging.

right now Im busy compiling blog images and blog sites for making it a good material for an example for my lecture. I already chose some blogsites like,, my blog and friends blog. I really have the time to ask permission to use that and show, and I know it is okay to use it coz its already inthe internet and hehheeh it will be an instant shameless plug.

there was this software that capture webpages, it was a good tool. But the problem is that it makes my PC's memory slow. Im not sure if it will work in other PC, I just scrap the program and got scared that this PC might crashed, and now I started to save and capture via Printscreen some other blogs.

Im not that an expert of blogging, but as one of the bloggers, I do understand whats this thing is for. I'll be featuring some blogs about photos, news, comics, movies, even youtube and about podcast. Some people really confused on the word Blog. And no thansk to Studio 23 BLOG show, people who are TV victims use the word blog as Barkada BLOG. ewww!
i really hate it when they use the term and call their TV viewers bloggers hahahahhaa.

and the tv show is a celebrity and showbiz news and show. and no relation to Blogging.

hope my seminar to student will help them and give awareness on what really do they get when they blogged or join with us in the blogosphere.

good thing is that I got lots of experience already as a blogger, and it give me some good benefit for it.

oh yeah!! Go bloggers!!!!!!

FHM August 2006

Pops Fernandez on August cover issue.

thanks to FHM Managing Editor Allan Hernandez for putting up our event- Toycon 2006 in their INCOMING page. including photos of toys, cosplay and ME ! as their loony eye guy.

and also my FHM appearance is one dream come true eeheheheheh

Internet helps expansion of Toycon


They're colorful, made of molded plastic or die-cast metal and are put in equally colorful boxes. They could be tiny and or life-size. Some are covered in dust and some have never left their packaging boxes. Some are cheap and some are extremely expensive. Nonetheless, everyone loves them.

They are toys. And the Internet has helped in assembling enthusiasts and beginners alike virtually and in real life for a congregation of collectibles in a hobbyist's haven.

What better way to love toys than by having a big exhibit featuring them? This was most apparent in the last Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention at the SM Megamall where thousands of people, young and old, enthusiasts and casual collectors, came together to have a visual treat of the biggest exhibit of toys and collectibles in the country.

Azrael Coladilla, the organizer of Toycon, said the event has been expanding in the last few years. Even the spacious Megatrade Hall was not big enough for this year's Toycon. They're already thinking of moving the event somewhere bigger.

"We've had nearly 100 exhibitors this year compared to just 60 to 70 in the previous years," Coladilla said.

Coladilla attributed the increasing size of Toycon to the Internet where collectors find each other through newsgroups, specialty collection sites or through trading websites.
"Many started trading collectibles through their mobile phones but it was the Internet that really boosted the industry."

He also said the movie industry made collectibles even bigger, particularly movies based on comic book or cartoon characters.

This year's Toycon, as it is called, is perhaps the biggest one ever held by Collectibles Unlimited. The SM Megatrade Hall 2, the biggest space in Megamall, was packed to the walls. Aside from representative collector shops and hobby groups, there were a slew of individuals who put up their own kiosks either to show off their collections or trade these with other rare toys. One such collector's kiosk had racks of unopened boxes of limited edition Star Wars character busts, figurines, light sabers and vehicles. There were two kiosks with mostly McFarlane or Weta Workshop action figures.

Some shops also featured hardbound and magazine Marvel, DC and Vertigo comics, trinkets, custom-designed shirts and giveaway toys from fast food shops. There were dozens of resellers of Tamiya vehicle model kits, military action figures and mecha model kits of Voltes V, Gundam and Mazinger Z. One collector even brought in a custom-made living room table with a transparent top showing unopened boxes of two Voltron Vehicle Team toys.

Two days into ToyCon and there was no slowing down of people streaming into Megatrade Hall. In fact, the organizers had to control the entry of people to avoid overcrowding. The aisles were so packed that one would have had difficulty making his way through as people huddled. But then again, business was brisk; a representative kiosk of popular anime shop 2Rats was selling anime merchandise like hotcakes. Most of their sales came from the video copies of popular anime, which they were selling for half the price. There were also manga, Japanese comics with English translations. Not surprisingly, there were a few manga that were in Japanese.

"We have a few buyers who want the Japanese versions. Pinoy sila" was the answer of the sales lady, referring to the otakus who are so addicted to everything Japanese that they even learned the language.

It wasn't hard to miss the limited-edition busts and figurines of DC, Marvel and movie characters. Major favorites were 12-inch Superman figures, especially with the screening of "Superman Returns," as well as the Terminator/Terminatrix figures and the Alien Versus Predator figures.

Coladilla said anime is also a new staple in Toycon. Whereas anime events were frequent in the country for years, Toycon only started introducing anime cosplay recently and the number of participants was a surprise even to him.

"But that's why we included anime; it's also a genre of collectibles so it is just right to get them together with the other collectors," he said.

As for next year's Toycon, Coladilla promised that it would be bigger and better than this year. There are plans of moving out to a bigger area but that may not happen until after next year.

"We've been having Toycon in SM Megamall eversince it started and we're known for having it here. Regardless I'm sure the 6 th Toycon will be an even bigger event."

tnx to Alex Villafania for writing this article !

Monday, July 31, 2006

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rolling bedroom

yesterday we lack of sleep and we woke up early in the morning just to make it on time for Lace's school tour work in Laguna, and she brought me with her in the trip. all of us in the van are in dreamland and then we woke up after minutes and found out that we were already in Laguna. after the school tour, career orientation for San Lorenzo High School student, Lace did a great job marketing DLS-CSB, I help them carrying the equipment and also gag around with her co-employee.

after the tour, we rewarded our self a nice and quiet Mcdonalds lunch in Cavite.

and then we got new cutesy toys!!!

Mcdonalds Bobble Heads

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