Turtles in Action

check out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys, included in a kiddie meal of the fast food, Jollibee.
this toy will be available in limited time only,. I am a fan of these characters since highschool and now Im happy to see them again in new animation and cool toys.

Leonardo, Kick and Flip

Michaelangelo, Spin Kick

Donatello, Revolver

Raphael, Quick Draw

you can see the live toy demo here at http://www.jollibeekids.com/meal.htm

ahahaha.. i just saw the commercial. and its so cute...
the martial arts master in the ads looks like Mr. Miyagi

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Anonymous said…
wow they're so cute!

i want to collect them!!! i just dont like eating burgers.

Rey said…
ok ah... Sayang, walang jollibee rito. :(