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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

One night project

Im posting the old short film project that I was involved in during the year of 2002

its a short film project by my friend for her school thesis in U.P.

making Carlo Vergara's comic "One Night in Purgatory" into a live action short film.

my musical scores are not that good. the real truth behind -- I fell asleep when I played the guitar and record it in my PC.then I found a musical score that will save me from a 3 hour deadline. hahahaha.

someone gave a comment that the guitar was out of tune.
yes its true!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Az Undas 2006

It was a great ride for me and my sis getting out of the town again, and this is one great short vacation escaping the polluted area of Manila. What did I get from this trip? well I just watched 2 movies inside a bus, the movie Arthur and Sleepy Hollow. Too bad that we already arrived at 9am in Lucena Terminal so early and the movie is not yet over hahahaha, its okay I already watch that before, but its so hard to leave your seat whenever you are already been hooked by the movie even you already saw it before.

After having our short breakfast meal in Jollibee, we rode a jeep going to Tayabas, Quezon, thats our province and also the cemetery were our grandparents rested. It was so hot and Im glad that the weather is clear, we meet the 'sepulturero' who managed to clean the tombs and thanks to him for taking good care of it and painting it white. We were planning to remodeled the tomb, as we see it every year the stones are beginning to deteriorate, hmmm better to ask parents first, I was thinking of putting a roof on top of it and also some lights and table. and color it pink hahahaha.. I just saw colored tomb near us and it was colored pink.

Outside the cemetery is like a fiesta! Lots of lechon lined up, foods galore, drinks...kakanin and also flowers and candles were sold ! During our stay in the cemetery, it was a bad timing when it rained so hard... our clothes were wet, shoes began smudgy coz of the mud and after staying for almost one hour in the rain we began to moved out.

Tayabas is a one cool place! and im happy to see that there are already internet cafe in the area.

The best part of Undas for me is eating... ahhahah yes!!
we bought pasalubongs like budins and ube and we ate at Buddy Pizza, and I almost cried when I tasted the foods in the province... it was the best.. I was thinking of why is it the foods outside the city is a lot more good and tasteful. Chami and Caldereta kicks my adrenaline on the rush.

before going home we went to SM Lucena to buy new clothes to replace our wet ones and also slippers. and now I promised my self not to go SM Lucena anymore by Jeep. As you see it took us 3 jeep rides just to go there and I can't withstand the traffic in the city market and main town.
and also it took us again 3 jeep ride going back to the terminal.

whew! it was a breathtaking journey.. fighting traffic on the way home. playing Super Mario in my Gameboy Advance and Im glad that we arrived home safe. When we arrived here in Lace house, I almost dropped like a log on the bed and Lace rolled over with me hahahahaha.

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