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Friday, November 17, 2006

Az and Boom Tarat Tarat

Hugging pics with Willie Revillame of WOWOWEE

this photo was taken July 2005

wala lang talaga ako ma post for this day, Im here in CSB inside Laces' office lair. waiting for her to eject.

Merry xmas everyone!!!
boom tarat tarat!
boom tarat tarat!
tararat tararat!

boom boom boom!


Win a Techie Toy - Frenzy Condom Trivia Contest

// I joined this trivia contest hoping to win some goodies hahhahaha
try your luck! maybe you win these techie toys!

you can also click the image above to join the contest

Take the quiz and register a profile to become eligible for awesome prizes, including the following! An Olympus SP-500 Zoom 6.0 Megapixel Digicam, iPod Nano 4GB, Six (6) 12-Month Subscriptions to FHM, Men's Health or Cosmo magazine.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Choco java chips

im here in netopia csb waiting Lace's arrival from Bacolod, Im here early in the morning surfed the net so smooth. the Internet back home already suck, I dont know what happened to Globelines Broadband \,

but I think they already experience a big congested network because some PLDT subscribers shift to Globe. I just heard to my sister that Globe now accepts internet subscribers even if you have PLDT line.whoooa..thats cool. We tried to apply a PLDT DSL in Pasig but the problem is that our old PC didn't accept the installation and usb lan driver, when I found the cause of it, It convinced me that my 5 old PC needs be replaced immediately. for me my old PC is already in the state of crashing soon.
Well, every december my PC always crashes. Same with Lace's PC at home, I estimated that her PC alwats crash every Summer. Now I need to make more time to reinstall the OS in my Dell Laptop, which already starts to break slowly.
geez...I need a new PC !

I just got a word from FUDGE MAGAZINE, they say that the Comic Seminar and GHG feature will appear in the December and January Issue. wow! 2 issues in a row slam bam! Thanks to the wonder team of FUDGE for believing with me that it will be a great topic for their isssue. Also Marius, comic creator of Planet of Masochist will have a feature also.. Im not sure if it will be on December or January issue.

Im excited to see Lace again, I've been sleeping for 3 days with no bedmate hahhahaha, and I feel weird everytime I sleep alone... you know.. the "I see dead people" thing always comes to me. hehehehe hearing again whispers in my ears whenever Im sleeping


whooa... Im scared hahahahah but I know who's that spirit but for me Im used to it.

btw, the choco java chip above is now my favorite bev...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Comic Forum at the 1st Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards

the long overdue video that I almost forgot to upload and edit
here it is everyone.

thanks to Gerry Alanguilan, Wilson Tortosa, Ace Balacio and John Becaro for accepting my invitation to participate in a comic panel discussion that day.

also thanks to Alfredo Alcala Jr, Artists Den, Arnold and Cynthia Arre, Xerx Javier, DA Meat, Neo Comics and Glass House Graphics for participating the booth exhibits and art exhibit.

and thanks too to Neil Gaiman and Fullybooked for organizing the event

thanks for viewing.

I apologize for the late upload and crappy editing.
hahhahhaha, I think theres a typo in one of the subtitles, just buzz me in if there are any corrections.
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