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Saturday, December 02, 2006

new toy

I won P3,000 from and it was the early xmas gift that I received for this year (well not that early coz I got some stuff too that came couple of months ago from my family)

and I think it took me 2-3 months in order for me to win, i only registered and then I got 3 e-coupons automatically, and i just left it and didnt even surf the website and post items for sale, coz i got busy during that month, and then I was surprised when I opened my mailbox and theres an official notification message informing me that I won an e-money.

I went to that website and log on registered name and saw my account that I got P3,000 available and ready for use. Then It went about to 4 days of decision on what will I ever do to the prize e-money and it says that it is not convertible to cash.

so then I decided to purchase any cool items online.

there I saw this ACE DVD player that has USB slot, 300 NES games, MP4 and Divx friendly, karaoke and FM radio. ..... we have already 2 DVD players in our room and this one adds to my collection ehhehehe.

the beauty feature of this new DVD is that they already embeded it a USB slot.
now you can enjoy watching your movie files when you insert your USB driver or any external removable storage devices. that means no longer need to burn those divx movies of Grey's Anatomy in CD.

the cool also about this DVD player is the 300 NES games! oh yeah! it comes out with 2 controller. now me and Lace are arguing when we play TWIN BEE and CONTRA hahahahah.

I already invited some to register, maybe you can win also.

to register... just click my reference link here so that the both of us has a great chance to win
click --->>

now this player is our new toy.

it took only 1 days to deliver the items!
and Im happy that it landed in our door steps last Tuesday when I placed my order that Sunday and was shipped on Monday.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Super Bagyo volume 2

Super Typhoon Reming won't hit Manila.

but tomorrow it will hit us here heheheheheh

10:07 PM
November 30

we are now experiencing strong winds and sugar rush of Van Houten

Good luck to All and Be Safe.

Im not sure if we will have electricity tomorrow


Next Attraction for 2007

( 1st teaser poster )

June 16-17, 2007
The 6th Annual Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2007
SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall

sa 2007 Toy Con na naman! or
for more info.

or just visit this blog always for a quick and behind the scene update :)


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Morning sa GMA circa 90's

I think this footage was way back from 1998 or 1999.
I was having a good time during the good old days with anime fans and business mates with Anima Anime during the boom of Anime in the 90's.

This is my first TV live appearance.

and yes...and so nervous that day and chilling...
malamig sa studio e

you will see me here the youngling version and very thin!!!!!
yes... payat !!!

I think this was a year before AnimeXplosion 2000.
and a year that Card Captor Sakura is still in character design.
hmmm i think.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bazaaran na! !!!!!

The bazaar started already and people are lining up to cash out and buy items that will make their xmas shopping day a good day. i dont have money now to buy gifts for people but im now saving it for the big day on december. Last saturday it was our day out shopping and Im there to check out the good finds and buys for the start of the bazaar, it seems that the bazaar are full of ladies clothes and things which is not part of my interest -- well im targeting toys, collectibles and cool gadgets for big boys like me hehehehe.

I saw one stall in the Noel Christmas Bazaar in World Trade Center that sells collectible toys, its a good find but not a good buy, coz the price is a collector price, yes!
when going to a bazaar Im eyeing only to stores who sells it more cheaper and affordable.
yup. just likethe old days when I bought one cool Batman and Catwoman vinyl dolls that I bought for only P20 each. and a Macross Super Dimensional Fortress for only P100. ( i bought them in Star City and Divisoria.)

We visited the Noel Christmas Bazaar in WTC which was a part event of GMA 7 and also the Bantay Bata Christmas Bazaar a part event of ABS CBN which was located outside the WTC and was set up in a tent. There is also a Taiwan Food and Machinery event, but we decided not to check it.

both of the bazaar requires a P50 entrance fee, except for the Taiwan event.

Outside the WTC has a big display of kinds of Santa Clause and inside of it has a big diorama of the Santa Family, I didnt took pictures of the diorama coz I heard that they charge people for a one shot and print of the set up.

there are a lot of people inside the WTC Noel and it seems that they beat the ABS bazaar outside. because the set up of the tent is not that good and not very visible for people. and i really like the style and set up of the inside of the bazaar compare to the tent.

Lace bought lots of clothes and I just enjoyed the sight seeing of items that I must buy soon.
our suki shop of Care Bears dolls was there too selling new dolls, we told the seller that we no longer buy dolls this Xmas coz the gift receiver is no longer at home ehhhehehe. so they said that it will be a good day that our wallets will never be harassed haahahah.

after the bazaar Lace Mom went to S & R, formerly known as Pricemart and was originally called S & R. it was the opening of the grocery warehouse and its my first time here in Manila to get inside... and now I know why Lace is so excited to go there..

why ?

coz there are lots of FREE TASTES of FOODS and samples of anything that can be digested haahahaha

after the buying of items, her mom won an Axe spray hahahahaha, which landed in my pocket coz im the only guy who can use it at home.

it was a very tiring day for all of us. after going home we both embrace our beds and rested the whole day...

and forgot to mention.... and Lace monthsary hehheheheh. going for 2 years next month! woogoohoohohh
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