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Friday, December 15, 2006

Collectibles Christmas Fair
production note 1

at first I didnt expected that our venue will be moved to the Megatrade Hall 3, but its okay, we will be there to hold the annual xmas fair targeted only to collectibles.

our plan is to have only selling and no sideshow attractions like contest and cosplay, but after the laying our plan, suddenly the Megatrade Hall want to host again the cosplay, but its more on a catwalk exhibition and not contest. But since we will be occupying the halls, so its already fine to decide to host the cosplay event.

here is the layout of the venue.
you'll see that the collectibles xmas fair will be at the hall 3.
and we are now absorbed by the Christmas Gifts Expo 2006 event, and we are one of its highlights.

the Christmas Gifts Expo 2006 has no entrance fee, while the collectibles side has a P30 entrance fee, i think, its only a way on to filter people, coz we are expecting that the crowd might doubled just like in toycon.

during our meeting I saw this miniature plan of the new megatrade hall in SM Mall of Asia.
it was called the SM Super X Convetion Center. and I think it is lot more bigger than World Trade Center. I heard that the ToyCon will be transfered here in the year 2008

Paskuhan 2006

its another round for our family gathering and this is one of the best gathering every xmas. hehheh
I arrived in our province at 3:00pm after having a 1 hour delayed in the jeep terminal in Lucena, which I almost fell asleep and waken up and realizing that the jeep ride is not yet moving and Im still in the terminal.

but its okay, I know that the butt pain of a 5 hour ride will be eased off after I grab those beers in Sampaloc, Quezon.

there I was when it rained so hard, but the partying never stops ehheehhe

over flowing with food, beer, alcohol, drinks, meat, pancit, games coins and paper bills.

one of the wacky games hahhahha

I was about to leave the next day, but the super typhoon Seniang (is that its name?) caught us and it was raining super hard in our town, it was like theres a water falls falling from the sky.
the power went off the whole day, but its okay, family is all together in one roof and still.. partying never stops hahhahaa.

yes this the road! and not a river

even thought we are stuck that day, its still okay, we were informed that there are scenes of mudslides in the mountain roads and yes, the road had become a semi-river. ewwwww.danger!

I left 1am of monday, and manages never to sleep, partying is still active that night, and I rode this coaster bus service going to alabang. and I thought that its name will give me luxury inside. coz I know it is airconditioned and the seats are soft..

all of it are not as I expected hahaah. I will ride the bus and jeep next time, coz its fun and I love stop overs to restaurants. geez..travelling alone for the first time is cool !

World Bazaar Festival tour

i was there when the child was born!

it was friday and here we are touring inside the WolrdBEX's event at the World Trade Center, Im already itching to buy some stuffs..especially rare stuff, but too bad that I went home empty handed, but its okay coz my stomach is so full of food hehhehe.

photo op with the Karate Kid

The bazaar was flooded by people and everyone is buying their own items for the season, and inside we were greeted by this Mcdonalds happy meal toys that was sold for only P10-P20 each, we bought some, and we wow on that Astroboy happy meal, which I was left out during its release.

me and Santa made a deal that night..

Lace and her mom went to buy some toy gifts for xmas, while me still try to find my luck to buy the rarest of them all, also the hardest to find item is a jackpot for me.

but then.. I saw one the rarest of them all, its a P1000 priced t-shirt that has batteries and has lights, it line designs lights up when you press the button at the back. I was thinking to buy it or not, but then I asked how it works, then this lady told me the instructions and did a demo on it., I was hanging at her booth for couple of minutes, trying to figure it out if I will buy it or not, (heheh P1000 is still important for me, but this item is one cool find, and never seen one here)

the color of the shirts are all black, with designs of head of the alien, start, Bad girl logo, thumbs up, and a skull. The alien design is cool, but then I told the lady that I will be back and have to think about it. then before I leave I told her I'll go back if I made up my mind, and then wham.. I read the label in her booth and I didnt know that I was talking to Kristine Hermosa's sister, Kathleen ... gahhh!

after a while, I decided not to buy the shirt hehheheh.

my sore feet

after the bazaar , Lace drag us in SM Mall of Asia with her mom,and dine in again in Tokyo Cafe.
which is now my target to eat all of their menu hehhehe.

Rally at 12:30 nn

I was having my lunch last Friday in Greenwich in the corner of Recto and Morayta, I was excited to eat this baked lasagna and chicken, after munching it I just saw people outside the street running and then cops suddenly appears and it seems that there is a riot, then these cops began to move like they came from nowhere, they just popped like a popcorn, they carry big sticks and then after that people carrying red flags and banners running and came out from nowhere too, in HUGE numbers, and then I heard their shout.... something like Gloria Arroyo and that con con thing.

people outside the street were afraid and some of them went inside the mall and in the fast food were am at. then I started to panic that I might be blown out by tear gases, but then I realize that I am safe inside.

before heading back to the FEU campus, I seen that the mob is already calmed down, I began to shoot the events with my Olympus camera.

heheheh oh yeah! Welcome to RECTO !

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Collectibles Christmas Fair 2006

Collectibles Christmas Fair 2006
December 22-23, 2006
Megatrade Hall 3
5th Level The Summit Mega B, SM Megamall
EDSA cor. Julia Vargas, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

event starts at 10:00AM to 9:00PM

From the organizers of the Annual Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention brings you a grand collectibles sale and bargains happening this December 22-23, 2006. Great items like Anime, Comics, Toys, Cards, Games, Dolls, Action Figures, Cars, Collectible items and Memorabilias will be put in display for sale by people from various hobby shop and collectors.

For booth inquiries just proceed to:
Vtoyz Hobby Shop
Stall no.80 Blue Lane, Shoppesville, Greenhills.
look for Vic Yap or Tina

Megatrade Hall Office
Conference Center
5th Level SM Megamall Building B
look for Joan Virina

or you may contact us at 0917 9802643

or email us at

Visit or

Anime Cosplay Catwalk Show

December 23, 2006
Megatrade Hall 2, SM Megamall Bldg B.

Lights! Camera! Catwalk! - The Anime Cosplay Catwalk Show
Anyone can participate wearing and portraying your favorite Anime Character.
Be an Anime character for just a day. Suit up your costume, colored hair, big props, and some
anime attitude. The Anime Cosplay Catwalk Show is the perfect cosplay year ender gathering of the year. Exhibiting every cosplayer's favorite anime costume at the catwalk on stage, giving a last look on the Filipino's finest cosplayer that bring massive entertainment and joy every fan convention of 2006.

registration starts at 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
catwalk show starts at 6:00 pm

Assembly at the Conference Center of Megatrade Hall

more details will be posted in

Entrance is free

Good News for the last minute shopping and convenience this Yuletide Season!
Christmas Gifts Expo 2006 is all set to run this December 20 to 24 and 26 to 30 at the SM Megatrade Halls 2 and 3, 5th Level the Summit, Mega B, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

Christmas Gifts Expo 2006 will feature interesting and bargain finds from fashion accessories, garments, apparels, gifts and novelties, food and beverages, furniture native and indigenous products from the different regions of the country.

Special events for the family set Christmas Gifts Expo 2006 as among special bazaars this year. For an educational and fun filled treat. you may catch the wonderful performances of the best ventriloquist in the country, Mr. Ony Carcamo on Dec 20 at 6pm; Dec.24 at 3pm and Dec.26 at 3pm. Mothers need not worry about their kids while they are going loco over shopping. There's a great line up of special events that kids may watch and participate in at the Christmas Gifts Expo 2006.

Meanwhile, toys hobbyists and collectors as well as kids may also catch the Collectibles Christmas Fair 2006 at the Christmas Gifts Expo 2006 happening this December 22-23, 2006. Grab the chance of bringing home great collectible items like Anime, Comics, Toys, Cards, Games, Dolls, Action Figures, Car, Collectible items and Memorabilia at a great deal.

Christmas Gifts Expo 2006 is also a heaven for HSBC Red MasterCard Holders! Every P500 single-receipt purchase using your Red MasterCard gives you a chance to win the latest issue of Marie Claire Magazine or HSBC tote bag.

Shop 'til you drop. Learn. BE entertained. Bring home prizes. These could only happen at one great venue, The Christmas Gifts Expo 2006.
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