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Saturday, January 06, 2007

2nd World Pyro Olympics 2007

// This is the annual fireworks competition ever in history and yesterday is like a warzone!, we got stranded last night on our way home to Cavite after watching the Eragon movie premiere, and we experience a 2 hour traffic from Ortigas to Baclaran. And a swarm of people welcomed us when we arrived in Baclaran, traffic and no Bus rides coz all of it are overflowing with commuters, we were left standing in the area of Coastal road waiting for a ride, but we are so damn tired of waiting and both of us were sick that day, and today too.

so we decided to spend the night in a hotel nearby, just to avoid the heavy traffic and transportation problems..

and whoa...this year's pyro olympics really convince people to watch.. and i think the audience was doubled compare from last year.

today, we decided not to watch the pyro olympics, coz the incident last night is traumatizing.
but er..Lace here wants to watch again..and i told her we might watch it on the last day of the competition. //

here's a video of yesterday's fireworks from

Greeting the New Year will be even more exciting this year for Filipinos as they can all join in the first great event of 2007 at the 2nd World Pyro Olympics.

In 2005, millions flocked to Pasay City to experience the debut of this world-class event. This year, people will once again witness the captivating magic of fireworks as the best pyrotechnic companies from Denmark, Poland, Canada, Spain, Germany, China, USA, United Kingdom and defending champion Australia showcase their firework displays. Two countries will be featured every night to each do a 20-minute classical aerial pyrotechnic display. On the last night, the Philippines as the host country will feature its own magical fireworks display to close the show.

La Mancha Pyro Productions, Inc., the same group that brought Filipinos the 1st World Pyro Olympics and the 1998 Centennial Fireworks Celebration, will be representing the Philippines once again in this prestigious competition. La Mancha promises to give Filipinos a grander WPO and more world-class events in the future. As La Mancha chairman, Mr. Ricardo Crisostomo stated, "We believe that the event is good for the country. La Mancha is looking forward to creating more events of international caliber."

The World Pyro Olympics is not only a unique international competition, but also an opportunity for Filipinos to celebrate the holiday season with their families and friends. Apart from having the best view of the fireworks displays, the event area at the Esplanade will have live bands, food concessionaires and other entertainment for everyone to enjoy and be merry. Shoppers at the SM Mall of Asia can easily join the audience, as ticket booths will be available at the cross bridge. Traffic should not be a problem this year with the vast parking space available and traffic management have been making the necessary preparations to insure convenience and security.

Esplanade (Pasay City)
For more details, please call 817-3073 to 75

Jan 6, 2007


Jan 7, 2007


Jan 12, 2007


Jan 13, 2007


Eragon, movie premiere night

thanks to Gary and Meann for inviting us to watch the movie Eragon last night, and congratulations to those artist who submitted their dragon theme and Eragon artworks, oh yeah! they got free movie tickets and their artwork will be exhibited at the Cinema Lobby of Robison's Galeria.

At the Taters food corner of the Cinema Lobby waiting for the main feature.

Cinema 4, yup we are the first early birds who waits there

John Becaro shows his winning entry, an Eragon and Saphira artwork

our golden ticket to the premiere

Master Jedi Gary Mayoralgo's dragon series artwork.. should look at those wild details.

You can still submit your artwork this Monday at 11am at the Cinema Lobby, Gary will be there fixing the exhibit area for the dragon artworks, If you like to participate in the exhibit and want your artwork to be posted there, email me at

raves and review
I don't have any idea at the first place that this story was written by a 14-year old who have successfully made it to a series of novels and now was given a great treatment for new audiences,when they made it on the big screen, that includes me. the movie will be a trilogy and this movie is the first one. I've seen lots of movies with dragons and this one really ticks and gave a new version on what dragons really are.... in this movie..they are not just reptilian monster,,, they are magical.

The story of the movie is about the dragon riders, and its reborn to the new age were they needed a hero to fight the deadly evil ruler, who is a dragon rider too, dragon fights are the best. It reminds of the animated series Dino-riders, but with a different twist and magical proportions.

The movie entertains us, which the funny part is that LOTR, Star Wars and HP still sticks in my mind.

New Year Santa

This photo is taken yesterday at the Coke booth, and we call it the New Year Santa, coz he's still here and giving that Santa smile even that Christmas is finished. According to Santa, everyday can be Christmas so Im expecting him to see again next month hahahaha, watch out for the new photos.

We won this photo op with Santa when we tried to join that Coca-Cola raffle contest, trying to have our luck to pick up an Ipod or a PSP. but again we got this Coke bag ( we have 3 already) and a photo op hehhehehe.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The internet is so slow!

Im still waiting for the normal internet connection speed and it seems it will stay slow for the coming weeks and I dont have any update on when will this problem be fixed. The Internet quake affected lots of works and business here in Manila, and one of them is ME ! yes ME! ME !

Im having problems downloading files needed for me to work on and also update webpages for work and Im glad that there is still internet rather than having none. Im using Globe Broadband and one of the ISP users in Manila said that their speed is crappy.. same here!

while we wait for the internet connection speed be normal
we were excited last tuesday to go out of the house and spend our time in the mall.
it was a good time to watch Enteng Kabisote 3 hahaaha, yes, its our annual movie tradition whenever this shows up every December.

there we ate and join this game at the Coca Cola booth were you show your P100 purchase with Coke and you have a chance to grab some goodies like Ipod, PSP, Cd and etc.

too bad that we got Coke bags and my sister got an audio CD... cool noh !
Im planning to go back there again this saturday hehehehehe..

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Join the Dragon artwork theme exhibit for ERAGON movie and win FREE Ticket for advance screening this Friday

Jeremy Irons as Brom, Sienna Guillory as Arya, Edward Speleers as Eragon, Robert Carlyle as Durza, and John Malkovich as King Galbatorix in 20th Century Fox's Eragon - 2006

Dragon ART exhibit
I invite everyone to join and submit any Eragon movie character or theme ........or any dragon related artworks.

artworks will be exhibited at the lobby of Robinson's Galleria cinema
from the whole 2 weeks of the movie Eragon is showing.

10 artist who have submitted their artworks will have a FREE Eragon advance screening this Friday, 7:30pm, Robinson's Galleria Cinema 4.

1. Artwork should depict scenes or characters from "Eragon" or should depict any dragon-related subjects and themes.
2. Artwork should be a minimum of 8.5x11 inches, and a maximum of A3 size (210x297mm).
3. Artworks must be on paper or board only.
4. The artwork must be in print if your artwork is digitally created.
5. the artwork can be in penciled, colored or inked.
6. Artworks should be accompanied by a piece typed short biography of the artist.

Submission info :
Friday, January 5, 2007 - 5:30pm-7pm Robisons Galeria Cinema 4, Eragon movie premiere booth.(first 10 entry will have free tickets)

January 6-10, 2007 - Mellow Touch 94.7 FM, Paragon Building, Boni Ave, EDSA

if you will submit an entry.
pls. email me at
so that we can reserve you a ticket.

the first 10 who will submit the dragon artwork will have the opportunity to get the ticket first.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year! 2007 na!

this is side job as a fire dancer hahahahaha

its 2007!
and still the internet is still slow and crappy :)

blogging is not yet normal...
it took me more than 15 minutes to upload this post!

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