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Friday, January 26, 2007

Comic art portfolio review and talent search @

his is our promo poster for psicom convention
the official poster of the event is on top of the characters.

Glass House Graphics Asia, Collectibles Unlimited and TransFormers Philippines will be there.

for GHG Asia will conduct a talent search and portfolio review

Transformers Philippines and Collectibles Unlimited will be there to promote the upcoming ToyCon 2007 and also sell some available merchandise (toys, anime, comics etc.)

art above by: Wilson Tortosa and Elisa Kwon (from the GHG Inc portfolio website )

and above the Optimus Prime Mp-01 figure


Glass House Graphics will be at the PSICOM COMIC AND MANGA CONVENTION this January 28, 2007 in Le Pavillion, Metropolitan Park, Pasay City from 10AM to 10PM

Glass House Graphics Artists will conduct a one-on-one portfolio review, and talent search and choose lucky participants to join in their international team of professional comics artists. Glasshouse Graphics Inc., represents an impressive pool of talents of over 100 worldwide, led by Brazilian artists Mike Deodato ( penciler of Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman etc., ) and Luke Ross ( penciler of Uncanny X-Men, Lost in Space, etc .); and Filipino artists in the name of Wilson Tortosa ( penciler of Battle of the Planets, Tomb Raider, etc. ), Carlo Pagulayan ( penciler of Elektra, Emma Frost, Hulk, Fantastic Four etc .) and a many more artists known for their exceptional talents in the field of Arts and Comic Book illustration.

We invite you once again for this PSICOM COMIC AND MANGA CONVENTION .

for inquiries email


PSICOM Publishing Inc., will be having its first event this coming January 28, 2007 at the Le Pavillon, Metropolitan Park .

Witness the first PSICOM Con as we bring you fun-filled activities such as: Art Contest, Karaoke Contest, Trivia Contest, Band Performances, and Cosplay.

Psicom Con is in partnership with Toy Kingdom and Co-Presented by: Animax Asia, Cherifer, Kellogs, and SM Department Stores Snack Exchange.

Lots of prizes shall be given away so be there!

Special thanks to CSCENTRL, Hobby Point, 2Rats for the Brats, Wasabi Toys, Aki's Toy Collectibles, UP AME and

Event starts at 10:00am

Art Contest
Karaoke Contest

Me and the TransFormers Philippines featured in GADGETS MAGAZINE

January-February 2007 Issue.
grab a copy now, for only P125 ($2.60)

grab the latest issue of Gadget Magazine.and check out the Leisure Pursuits in a two page spread article and feature about our Fan group and TransFormers.

Thanks to Michelle Calanta of Gadgets Magazine and Ana Marie Po of Empire Liscensing (official TransFomers liscensor in the Philippines)

We've been waiting for a magazine print appearance for life for our fan group and at last we are here featured in Gadgets Magazine. whoohhooh!!!

magtatalon na sa tuwa si Mark Cerbo leader ng mga Insecticons

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Makati fly-away!

I grabbed Lace with me last Wednesday for a mission in Makati, I know it is a long walk and ride but I want her to be with me the whole day and also see what stuff I am doing, and also I need more Starbucks treatment heheheh just to get the 2007 planner for free!.

Im testing my new digital camera and Im so confused on the numbers of tools and manual settings,Lace here knows how to use a big camera (she uses one unit when she's working in CSB) and the RTFM (read the f*$%&$% manual ) seems not to work, they only labels the settings and as you see Im not a professional photographer hehehe Im only a hobbyist, but with this camera, Im beginning to learn the do's and dont's when shooting, of course the camera has new settings and it is very much different from my previous Olympus cam.

cam to cam !

after getting my form 137 in Espiritu Santo Parochial School we went to Makati to meet the owner of Creative Voices,Bryan and Pocholo Gonzales are one of the known voice masters or dubbers in the country, they did lots of voice commercials, radio and also ANIME !!!. We went there to have a chat about business and events. This was our fist meet up after 3 months of online chat. I met him online when he proposes to advertise the comic seminar in his radio show The Voices of youth.

After that, I went to Glorietta to meet our Transformers Philippines member, Emanz, he comes from Lucban, Quezon and he gave me a CD containing his footages needed for the documentary for the Live action movie. Plus I received a free can of Apas hahahaha, thanks dude for your contribution.

during our break and rest we decided to goof around the Neo Print booth inside TimeZone Glorietta 4 hahahaha, it was funny!

we have a video here and see what we created after the photoshoot !

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I got now my new TOY !

at last! I finally have it here besides me and thanks for the people and staff of and Frenzy condoms for the goodie prize! and it was a very surprising moment for me to have a digital gadget for free, and also thanks to Warner for the Prestige movie goodie bag that is almost one month unclaimed hahahah and its here with me now too,
and wow! the item is a one of a kind The Prestige movie tshirt.

after claiming my prize, its time to have a good dine out with my sis and lace at sbarros

oh yeah! camera camera camera!
Lace and michelle stormed again the shopping complex of St. Francis Sq. and they got good loot
to take home, whew! Im starting to understand why girls loved shopping.

Monday, January 22, 2007

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