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Saturday, February 03, 2007

TransFormers 1985 coloring book

front and back cover

Our local TransFormers licensee just email me days ago this scanned 1985 coloring book and it is in mint condition, its a collectible item for TF lovers, If you have any idea how much is this now, just leave a message in my comment box or tag board. They have 100 pcs of mint coloring books. heheh its a classic. I was wondering what other item that they have. Im wishing for a classic movie merch!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Comic Odyssey Event : John Beatty comic book signing


Invites you to a special Artist Autograph Signing on

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 18, 2007 from 1pm-4pm



JOHN BEATTY has been working in comics for over 20+ years. He is well known for his work on such classics as The PUNISHER Limited Series, Marvel Super Heroes SECRET WARS, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THANOS QUEST, SUPERMAN, BATMAN, and MORE!!!


John Beatty will be in the Philippines for personal reasons, but after
realizing that he may have some fans in the country, he has agreed to
do a signing on February 18, 1-4pm at Comics Odyssey, Robinson's
Galleria, Ortigas, Metro Manila.

John Beatty is best known to older comics fans as the inker to Secret
Wars (image above), Captain America, Punisher, and many more. He has
since branched out into different art fields, but he still works in
the comics industry in different capacities from time to time. He
recently reunited with frequent collaborator Mike Zeck on GI Joe.

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and from :

Komik Congress update 2

For the latest news and updates please go to Mr. John
Becaro's Deviantart Journals here

The said Congress is on February 14-20, 2007 at the National Commission for Culture
and the Arts (NCCA) building. This will showcase an Art Exhibits featuring the
masterpieces of the great Komiks Illustrators of 1960's up to present.

Various activities and competitions are being lined up also. Its primary
objective is to promote an awareness in the past Glory of the Philippine Komiks
Industry and to create new actions to refresh it and be able to campaign for
public acceptance once again.

The Congress is a joint activity by Komisyon ng Wikang Pilipino at National
Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)

Address: 633 NCCA Building, General Luna Street,
Intramuros, Manila
Trunklines: (632) 527-2192 / (632) 527-2202 / (632) 527-2210 / (632) 527-2195-97 /
(632) 527-2217-19
Fax: (632) 527-2191 and (632) 527-2194

Mabuhay ang Komiks!

// i just received the info above by email from P.Guzmanos //

The 6th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2007
production note 3

this is page 3 of our marketing kit and hooo boy, Im in hot water, coz Im going to present it this friday in our 2nd meeting. I was thinking of a tagline and what comes in my mind is the movie of Transformers, Their War...Our World.. So what Im going to do is making a dream into a reality.

just like in toycon, everyone's dream is coming to a reality...or maybe I can say that
in toycon... your imaginary anime boyfriend can turn into a reality hahaha.

Ok gotta sleep now, I'll finish this in the morning.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Questions and Answers

Komikon 2005 :
many students are sending questionaires for their thesis, and now I think I will be posting some of their questions here online so that whenever they search for a content, the similar questions and also answers will be found here in my blog. Im not part in organizing the Komikon 2006, but I do still help my fellow Artists' Den in answering their questions during the planning period.
so here's one student for his thesis.

my name is mike, a graduating student from UST fine arts. i'm currently doing my thesis which is comic book illustration, and i would like to ask for information regarding the next komikon(komikon 2007) since i recall you're the top guy to ask for events like that...
who are the people/companies that usually have booths set up in the venue?
1.) I organized the 1st Komikon, and that was 2005. I conceptualize the whole event and program, from the system of it and the Komikon Awards, an award that gives recognition to all comic artists here in our country, and since that there is no other award giving body, I created the awards idea with the Artists' Den just for everyone. and hope that it becomes official.

2.) those who attend and participate in Komikon are mostly comic book fans, and also supporters of our local pinoy comics and creators, most of them are artists and writers, and fans.
local comic publishers and foreign comic agencies are also joining the annual event. Collectible and hobby shops also join. same goes to the independent comic publishers.

if i were to reserve a spot/booth for the launching of my comic book, how much would it cost?
3.) to launch your comic book in a convention, all you need to do is
-secure and reserve a booth
-booth rental price can be P2000 or P6000 up (depends on the rental, 6X2 feet table)
-plus you need budget for your comic publishing needs

can i place ads outside the venue?
4.)if you are part as co-presentor or sponsors, you can get a package deal with the organizers for placing an ad outside the venue.

-co-presentors and major sponsors are prioritized first to place ads outside the venue.
but you can hand flyers inside and outside the event.

...can i get a sample of the floor plan of the venue where the komikon will be held,if ever?
5.) during the 2005 Komikon, we provided a layout of the venue with the layout of the booths and exhibit, these are very important in visualizing on what it will look like. If you are a partner, exhibitor, sponsor, or you just want to inquire about the availability of the booths.. and yes you can take a look at it before you decide if you will join or not. exhibitors are informed whenever there are changes in the layout.

hope this one helps...

if you need questions.. just email me..

:)azrael coladilla

Now cooking: Komiks Congress

thanks to Mr. John Becaro for providing us some updates about the Komiks Congress.
The Congres will begin this month. Below is an email from Mr. Becaro.

February 1, 2007

Hello Everyone!

Greetings of Peace!

I will schedule myself in attending various meetings for the
Upcoming Komiks Congress especially this Saturday, February
3, 2007.

Almost all of us know that I was always talking about Indie
Comics and its Creators and how I appreciate it.

I strongly believe that indie comics was been a forefront
In bringing back the attention of the people in Comics
during the times when the Philippine Komiks Industry
was still asleep. The indie comics is growing and growing
based from the past Komikons and other related events.
Now, An upcoming Komiks Congress was being collectively
facilitated by various people in the field of making comics.
Its primary objective is to promote an awareness in the past
Glory of the Philippine Komiks Industry and to create new
actions to refresh it and be able to campaign for public
acceptance once again.

I guess this is the time for us to be heard and to be able
Give our support for the love of Philippine Komiks Industry.

It is in connection herewith that I am asking everyone of us here who makes or was involved in indie comics. Please let Us know your:
  1. Names,
  2. the titles of your Indie Comics
  3. and the name of your Indie publishing (optional).
  4. if you can send the URL, much better (applicable for web comics)
  5. Or your group name.

Any Indie Comics, ranging from different styles including Manga,
Cartooning, western, Filipino, or anything under the sun. BASTA
And This is in order for me to have an actual bases and data to prove that Pilipino Indie comics is really existing during the meeting and the
Komiks Congress…And to know your Sentiments, suggestions,
opinions, views on HOW we will able to make Philippine Komiks a
DEMAND in the public once again. SAMA SAMA TAYO LAHAT
sa pagsulong ng pinakamamahal nating medium---ang Komiks.

Hihintayin ko po ang mga email responses ninyo hanggang
Saturday ng Tanghali (February 3, 2007).
Kasi meron rin po akong ihahandang mga “proposal”
para sa mga nag I- indie comics.

Thanks for giving your time on this one.

John Becaro
For more information about the Upcoming Komiks Congress, you can visit this links:
you need to log in here first or register, but this is the most updated unofficial webpage of the Komiks Congress

// We were talking a comic congress event last year during the comic seminar, and I talked to people who were present that time about this kind of event, Im glad that now that there are some people who have the same agenda as mine, and now they are making a move for the good benefit of arts of Filipino comics, I'll be waiting for this and I guess 2007 is the best mark for the year of the Resurrection of Filipino comics. //

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy National Gorilla Suit Day!

I was surprised that POVONLINE.COM's featured my blogsite in their page and it said "National Gorilla Suit Day is even going International. Azrael Coladilla is promoting it in The Phillipines." <-- it should be Philippines. with one" L"

I said .. whoooaa!!, so that means Im the only pinoy guy who promotes this kind of celebration hahaha, If ever I knew it early I might created an event and tribute to Don Martin here in Manila. oh well,.. there's next year and Im going to find a gorilla suit for that day hahhaha.
or maybe gather cartoonist and have an event for that day. I didnt know when or how this kind of celebration started. how bout here in Manila do we have our own Gorilla suit day? hmmm
the only cartoonist I know from my childhood days is Larry Alcala? hmmm how about "Find Larry Alcala day?" where we will find his cartoony head in some of his comic strips hahaha.
its like an easter egg hunt.

thats my update for today, Im so busy for uploading lots of files for the Glass House Graphics website, and I still have 2 more web jobs and one of them is for the ToyCon 2007 .
Also I'll be making our first Marketing kit for that event and my presentation will be this Friday.

Happy February! hahaha, next week will be my first ever graduation photo session, and Im so freaking excited for that, at last Im now one of those people who will have its own Grad pic that will be hanged on the wall of your house hahahaha.

I haven't upload the pics for the PSICOM event last saturday.
but here's a teaser

Monday, January 29, 2007

National Gorilla Suit Day

for the banners visit -

National Gorilla Suit Day, which mysteriously falls on January 31 of each year, is perhaps the important holiday of the year. Every National Gorilla Suit Day, people of all shapes and colors around the world get their gorilla suits out of the closet, put them on and go door-to-door.

That's really all there is to it. You don't have to buy gifts. You don't have to fast, although some Orthodox Gorilla Suiters do. If you want to have a parade, fine. Just make sure all the marchers are wearing gorilla suits and that all the balloons are giant, inflatable gorillas.

National Gorilla Suit Day was invented by "Mad's Maddest Artist" (i.e., the weirdest of all the cartoonists in Mad Magazine), Don Martin...and maybe also by E. Solomon Rosenblum, a writer who collaborated with him on the 1964 paperback book, Don Martin Bounces Back! The book was reissued several times and was among the best-selling of the Mad paperback series.

In its lead story, the irascible Fester Bestertester sits in his breakfast room, explaining the concept of National Gorilla Suit Day to his friend, Karbunkle. Fester finds the whole holiday repulsive and as he discusses it with Karbunkle, a number of gorilla-suiters come to his door and proceed to pummel, bash and otherwise maim him. At one point, three men arrive from the Senate Anti-Trust Committee, inviting him to testify against the leading manufacturers of gorilla suits...

And then they, like all the other gorilla-suiters and even a few Abominable Snowmen, beat the crap out of him. It's a very funny story and no one who's read it will ever forget it. Unfortunately, the book is long out of print. Moreover, Mr. Martin was not on good terms with Mad Magazine when he died and since the copyright on the book is a joint one, it may be some time before there's ever a deal to reprint it. It does, however, turn up fairly often on eBay and rarely goes for more than a few dollars.

Martin's other Mad paperbacks are pretty good, too. So were his cartoons for Mad and later, after he departed on the aforementioned not-good terms, for Cracked. He really was a very funny man. So this year, as you traipse about the neighborhood in your gorilla suit, pause for a moment and remember Don Martin...the man who made it all happen.

// i was asked to put this in our website and I was surprised that there is such a celebration. and Don Martin is one of my favorite artist after Matt Groening. and whooaa...i must find my old paperback of Don Martin at home

my mom have this and now it stays at home here in my house in Pasig, but I dont know where did she got this 1975 tradepaper back

E-card template

"yup! I just signed up for the next X-men 4 movie"

I just got the crazy idea hahahahaha, I just sent this last january 26 as an e-card
it was funny and crazy..maybe il post soon more of it.and have a series of e-card here in my blog.

also, im planning to have this blog a major facelift as soon as i finished all the website jobs.

yeah! thats right! coz a reader complains that im a web dev poser hahhahah
its my blog and nobody should tell me what to do with this blog.

im not in a hurry of making a good weblog or being an award winning blogger.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Psicom comic and manga convention
production note 1

ahhhahaha!!! its already 8:30am
and Im super late for the ingress and set up

yesterday was the monthly gathering of transformers philippines and theres a little birthday party by one of the youngest member.

we stuffed our belly and then enjoyed playing Ps2 and eye toy
wow! thats the first time I played eye toy,and now i want to have one too.

I grabbed some supplies yesterday for me to sell in our booth

im just hoping that everything will be okay when we set up my er...around 3 booths!!!!
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