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Friday, February 16, 2007

The 6th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2007
production note 4

Im busy for awhile and I haven't gave focus on the upcoming ToyCon 2007, but Im here once again plugging in the latest addition for the event.

I think the theme for this year's ToyCon is Transformers, as you see that the movie will be coming a few weeks after the event and this will be the main image of ToyCon for this year, but we are still eyeing on Harry Potter and Fantastic Four 2, as well as other movies but we have to reshape the event and give more focus on something that we want to be give importance by our nation.

hmmm..comics?? animation????

I guess comics and animation is one of our focus, after having a successful view on toy making and creation of sculpture figures, maybe this time we have to give focus on Filipinos in comics and animation creation. We dicussed last time about having an Inter-school animation competition, then I told my guys that we should include comics creation, coz there are no longer any other events that give attention to comics, except my conceptualized Komikon, but Komikon is no longer in my hands so thats why I need another event that will give more FOCUS and attention to this once again growing industry.

So I decided to make a research about having an Inter school comics and animation competition for ToyCon 2007, but now I got some positive feedbacks and I guess the Inter school will be a short highlight for it and give a chance the amateur, professional and non-professional, non student to join the competition, so that it will have a different category. which will result soon as a big award for the whole competition.

Im very serious about this, but Im not yet sure about the grand prize, maybe I can tap someone in the industry abroad to help us do this, maybe give a comic job shot for the winner or an animation project for the 1st place winner. My plan for Komikon the previous year is to have an international comic creation contest, or something like a nation wide contest for Comics, but I wasn't able to join again the Komikon 2006,so I decided to scrap it out of the idea and put this for ToyCon 2007.

So the comic contest for Toycon 2007 will go like a national competition for our local and also I might open for an international category so that some of our friends in the industry outside the country to join in as well, this might open a big market once again for comics.

For now Im not prioritzing the cosplay contest, coz Im going to handle that over with my head marshals of Arch-Guardians, we will have a solo meeting first to organize more the cosplay event for Toycon 2007, my initial plan is that to hold the cosplay for the 2nd day of ToyCon and have only some selected volunteers cosplayers for day 1 to exhibit only their costumes.

We are still finalizing our guest of honor, but Im sure the people of Art Asylum, Digger Mesch, Yuri Timg, Mike Tang will be back again for this year, they have done some good products that inline with TransFormers and Marvel's event Civil War. Also Im still figuring out about Whilce Portacio's return here, as he one of our main guest of honor, also Im still not sure who else will be there, But im not going to forget our local pros here.

I've invited Floro Dery, a comic illustrator and also known as the main guy behind the character designs for Unicro, Sharkticons, Galvatron and other elements for the classic animated movie Transformers, to have a one man exhibit here and Im glad that he is game and right now Im working now to arrange a meeting for his contact here in Manila.

Im still having a hard time looking for a way to get Don Figueroa, he is a pinoy comic artist who do TransFormers comics series in IDW Publishing, and I like to invite him also to have an exhibit here just to show that these are artists are all Pinoy!. I've got already his email address from a 3rd party, but I decided not to send him an email coz he might get shocked on how did I got his contact, So Im planning is to get IDW or tell my 3rd party to contact Don Figueroa for me, I heard that he's busy making the issue for TransFormers movie comics.

oh well..thats a long update to you all. we have a meeting tonight and Im going to present my makreting kit for ToyCon 2007. oh yeah!!! Till all are one!

Grad pic in a making
Here's a short video docu.
Grad pic in a making

Im so tired this week, been around from there to there just to fix my pictorial for graduation, I stayed 3hours for a studio photoshoot and a 1 hour shoot for our yearbook, they say that the picture will appear in FEU's online yearbook at

so now Im taking a little break and went back for work, and finish some jobs for ToyCon too, coz we have a meeting tonight and Im going to have a presentation for our marketing kit.. wheww..

the perfect photo to hang it in your comfort room hahahahahaha

World Light Expo 2007

I've been seeing this venue infront of Coast Mall, I saw everyday whenever they dug the vacant lot and put up some big metal frames and on the following day last month, I saw already a signage and it was called the World Light Expo.

this is what it looks like during day time (phpto by me)

Then i saw this beautiful photos from and they already entered the place and it is open for the public. At first I thought that the entrance fee will go like around P100. but the the members of DP said that the entrance fee is not that cheap. the entry fee is P300. and it was opened last Feb 13.

event website:

photos by mikealim

chattin with Boyd Shermis

I just participated in an online chat, which It was very unexpected for me while Im doing some work here but when I check the guest list, it was Boyd Shermis Visual FX director and he had done films like Poseidon, Batman Forever, Speed, Face Off, Gone in 60 Seconds and Swordfish.

I dont know him but im very much familiar to the movies, and all I say is that every film with VFX are cool! I was there online reading his answers from members of (includes me) and all of it are very inspiring and also he gave us a short talk about their process of scanning big objects like plane, scanning it and he said that he takes 3 months off after completion of a project. He just mentioned about teamwork and the tiring 24/7 nature of work but it pays off when you see the final product.

They discuss some technical part which Im not so familiar, but with that chat I began to know its process in VFX. and he said that his philosophy in doing special effects in movies, is shooting stars and ultimately settling for the moon. ......

funny thing is that when this chat session started, I entered the wrong room first hahhaaha
and the only word that I say to him was... Thanks Boyd.

ahhahaa I'll prepare next time!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Heroes 1x15

Click to view full size image

The battle of the Heroes starts here, also Sylar did something bad again and fools Mohinder Suresh, Everytime we watch an episode with Sylar appearances we always criticize and labels Sylar is a born wanna be, its funny to see him always like that. Also a new Heroes was shown here with a different power, he can melt metal.

Also the real father of Claire demonstrate his not-so-being-responsible duty, he confronts Claire's real mother and talk about something about their future. geez. its hard coz This is already a spoiler. you should watch this episode.

Also the next a preview. Sylar always whispers, "someone will die:
my bet will be Claire's foster mother :)

also check out today's episode of Late night with Conan O' Brien, the undestructible cheer leader Claire ( Hayden Panettiere ) is their guest tonight.

Crazy with Billboards

It was early for office work while ago so we decided to pose around these big billboards in Robinsons Pioneer
we just into Music and Lyrics lately after we watch it in a premiere last monday, and now my hunt for the OST starts yesterday

Lace with Music And Lyrics billboard
and my pick.... GHOST RIDER, oh yeah! Im excited to watch it this saturday

and now our pose with the PLDT superhero character hehhehhe

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

For Senator

its a joke! Im not running for Senator. This me for the first time ever for 13 years, finallly...
more photos of this and a video footage me and my classmate fools around in the studio hahhah

V-day 2007

its not Vooms day.. hahahah its Valentines Day
its Valentines day today and Im here at home working for the website of Glass House Graphics and Lace is in her new work in Globe Telecom building in Pioneer. We chat all day while working and I think we will not be watching movie today... ohhhhh Ghost Rider is here already. But I told her that we watch it after her bday party this saturday, my sis, her friend Mariel and the Ultimate Decepticon hater Mark Cerbo will be here too for a jolly party for Lace.

Music and Lyrics
I was about to walk out when we are in theaters, coz Im not a fan of romantic and comedy movies, but When I heard trailers of the latest movie, My pants was glued down for a moment and waited to see again the movie 300 trailer. Also Magic 89.9 announced that they will be the first ever to get the premiere night for 300. My memory bank saved it and hope that I can get an invitation to watch 300.

The premiere night for Music And Lyrics is a very cold night, heheheh the cinema 3 of Glorietta 4 froze us for a 45 minute wait. People went in late, (again) they are always late and I thought that they will start on time, or maybe they are just waiting for the big people who sponsored the event. ehhehehe

Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant in Warner Bros. Pictures' Music and Lyrics
ahhhhh ohhhhh lalalaalala !

it was pure laughter, seeing Hugh Grant in his New Wave mode and everything was all about music. damn... one of the scene seems to happend to me before and I was laughing hahahaha, It was Lace who wrote a song for me for my Literature class, inspired from a classic poem.

The movie is a great movie to all lovers out there, and its not very mushy or romantic, it was a very good comedy movie match with music... also I may say that this movie is for guys hahahah
check out that pop singer in the movie, called herself Cora, they say it tops Britney and Auguilera hahahahaha.

And to those who plans to watch it... I can say that you should bring your guy and observe which part of the movie he will stop laughing and look on the corner side of the screen hahahah

Scott Porter and Hugh Grant in Warner Bros. Pictures' Music and Lyrics
Pop goes my heart.

Lace want a mp3 of Pop hahahahah, geez I must find out before she comes home

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Az gag Video Blog - fearless factor Lace and Az

kids....dont try this at home.

Feb 7, 2007
Chef donatello, megamall

its our own version of Fear factor

Lace will be celebrating her 22nd birthday this Feb. 17th
you can greet and bug her at

Monday, February 12, 2007

Music and Lyrics

thanks to for the premiere ticket for tonight. Lace is now having a good time in her 1st day of work while me Im here at home preparing for the big night ehhehhehe

This week is a Lace week theme! hahhahaaa its her birthday this saturday and Im researching on how will we celebrate her bday this weekend
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