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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Komiks Kongress

Pebrero 27, 2007 (Martes)
8:00 ng umaga (Pagbubukas ng eksibit)
10:00 ng umaga (Pagbubukas ng Kongreso)
1:00 ng hapon (Malayang talakayan)
NCCA Bldg., Intramuros, Manila

poster by: Randy Valiente

This is the event that will try to resolve the problems and things to do in order to revive a flourishing industry, It will be held at the National Commission on Culture and Arts and a group of old and young artist and publisher will be there to gather and see what we can do to bring back the color to the world of Filipino Comic books.

It will never be a Wakasan or a itutuloy or a not another yugto.
it will begin here and I just hope that the decision will be a good turn over to the next coming events.


I will be there to see whats up on the Congress and Im so happy that everyone is concerned about it. Thanks to Randy and Mar and also to the Mighty John Becaro hehehe for reserving me a seat for the Congress, Im not an artist or writer, but listening to member of the Congress might give a good input to a upcoming working solution, and also my input too.

i hope that the output will be a super crystal clear and not just a pure talkies.

see you all later!!!!!

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Attention to all Glass House Graphics artists/writers/CEO/ manager etc.

to all Glass House Graphics Artist.
in Asia/ USA/ Brazil and others.

This is to inform everyone that our website is unaccessible for about 18 hours and then I inquired in our host server about the situation and they said that they are going under major maintenance, then hours ago the server is up, but our website is still unaccessible.

then they told me that their secondary hard drive in their server had crashed and some of the websites are deleted accidentally due to the system crash. and that includes GHG website.

I will try to get a back up files from the previous webmaster of GHG
and we don't have all the files, coz I have files from Dec. 2006 - present only, a time frame when I started as a Web Admin for GHG.

I will work hard to bring back the website.

for those of you who are under the GHG, pls email me and re-send some portfolio and the 30 questions.
Im not sure if the FTP is working, just try to log on and you can upload all the files there. If it doesn't work, inform me so that I can give you a new FTP access.

we can restore again our homepage if we work together. Please inform other artists about the situation.

Thanks ,

Azrael Coladilla, Web Admin
Glass House Graphics, INC.
email :
YM: popazrael
mobile : 09275340309

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Thursday, February 22, 2007

John Beatty in Manila

Last Sunday it was the a big comic book signing event for Comic Odyssey and also a big event too for comic fans. The Secret Wars, Batman, Capt. America inker for comics - John Beatty, is in town doing a free comic book signing to everyone. I went there to take photo coverage and also video of the event, which will be uploaded here soon, just give me time to edit it.

I was there and surprise for a big crowd in Comic Odyssey, Robinsons Galeria branch in Ortigas city. As comic fans and also comic creators showed up in support to John Beatty and also to have a short greet and meet with the comic artist. I arrived at 2pm and it was hot that day but the day got hotter when It was the day that people will meet the John. heheheeh

I got a copy of Captain America, courtesy of Comic Odyssey, and its the comic cover that Im really impressed when I saw it in the internet, someone told me If I already know its story, I just told them honestly that I have'nt read it before and its my first time to have this in my collection, i told them that I have lots of Batman comics in Pasig but I don't have the time to go there to re-organize my old collection.

People lined up to get a free sketch from John Beatty, some people requested characters like Spider-man, Batman, Azrael, Joker and etc., Mine was Captain America hehhe and I was the last man to have his sketch and autograph, we chatted a little bit during the event, I asked him about his blog that I visited last month and he said that it was his blog and then I told him about his Sunday comic artist group and then it seems that we kinda get related on our conversation when I told him about my old Friday artists group hahahaha. He told me to leave a message there in his blog in to linked me up hehehehe.

Me and MC together with the TransFormers Philippines members gathered there also to have John's signature and sketch. Victor one of the member bought the Secret Wars 5-6 and the Batman HC. whoaaa go Victor.

Here are some of photos from the event. check out your photo here! hehehehe
leave me a message if you see yourself here.
more of his photo are now in THIS ALBUM

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