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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Thursday, February 22, 2007

John Beatty in Manila

Last Sunday it was the a big comic book signing event for Comic Odyssey and also a big event too for comic fans. The Secret Wars, Batman, Capt. America inker for comics - John Beatty, is in town doing a free comic book signing to everyone. I went there to take photo coverage and also video of the event, which will be uploaded here soon, just give me time to edit it.

I was there and surprise for a big crowd in Comic Odyssey, Robinsons Galeria branch in Ortigas city. As comic fans and also comic creators showed up in support to John Beatty and also to have a short greet and meet with the comic artist. I arrived at 2pm and it was hot that day but the day got hotter when It was the day that people will meet the John. heheheeh

I got a copy of Captain America, courtesy of Comic Odyssey, and its the comic cover that Im really impressed when I saw it in the internet, someone told me If I already know its story, I just told them honestly that I have'nt read it before and its my first time to have this in my collection, i told them that I have lots of Batman comics in Pasig but I don't have the time to go there to re-organize my old collection.

People lined up to get a free sketch from John Beatty, some people requested characters like Spider-man, Batman, Azrael, Joker and etc., Mine was Captain America hehhe and I was the last man to have his sketch and autograph, we chatted a little bit during the event, I asked him about his blog that I visited last month and he said that it was his blog and then I told him about his Sunday comic artist group and then it seems that we kinda get related on our conversation when I told him about my old Friday artists group hahahaha. He told me to leave a message there in his blog in to linked me up hehehehe.

Me and MC together with the TransFormers Philippines members gathered there also to have John's signature and sketch. Victor one of the member bought the Secret Wars 5-6 and the Batman HC. whoaaa go Victor.

Here are some of photos from the event. check out your photo here! hehehehe
leave me a message if you see yourself here.
more of his photo are now in THIS ALBUM

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Civil War 7

no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We totally lost! that means Im with Captain America.

I found a download of the comic and Im too and so much excited on what will happened on the last chapter of Civil War. Its a smackdown round 2 for Captain America and Iron Man, I downloaded that and can't wait for my comic order ready to pick up this saturday, I know that this will be sold just like CW 6.

Its like a royal rumble once again, but I just hope all the way from CW 1-5 that they should start that battle and debate on CW 6, but they didn't do that, instead they squeezed all materials to CW 7, oh geezzz. Im really glad that a decision has come to an end. and Im not sure what will happen to the Marvel Universe, and Im super glad that there are no other super villians emerging to conquer the Marvel U.

I didn't see anything on what happen to Captain Mar-vell, Im just pissed for a moment that they brought the guy to life, and also finally the Thor Clone found its end from Hercules' smash with Mjolnir. heheheh. The battle is one good end, Im just puzzled that why did Cloak brought the villains and heroes in the middle of NYC. The end there already. Capt. America did a great team work defeating Iron Man, but hayyyy..

Spider-man wears his black costume once again. I thought the appearance will come out here first and because that CW 7 is delayed, the spidey-black came now first on its own title.

I think I will stop here for CW 7, I heard that DC will have their own event this summer. I heard that its some kind of World War 3... While soon in Marvel U, A World War will be claimed again, when the big bad green Hulk arrives from Planet Hulk, geezz. Mr. Reed and Tony Stark will be in big water. My prediction will be that the super registration act will be cancelled when the Hulk arrives heheheheh. Can they imprison Hulk in the Negative Zone instead of Planet Hulk hmmmm???

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Simpsons movie trailer
this is it guys! the main trailer for the Simpsons movie hahahaha, when I was watching this I almost fell in my seat laughing hahaahhhaha, Its a power all star cast, its a thousand actors and a funny storyline.

oh yeah!! we want HOMER !!!

there it is...lets get ready for July 27th !!!!! wohohoho!!!!
Im starting to think that I must include The Simpsons in ToyCon 2007.

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Invincible Iron Man animated movie

I was waiting for this last month and after that I was amazed on the action packed movie of Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2, The Iron Man movie blows me last night when I watched it, too bad that the original DVD is not yet available to purchase here in our country, I managed to download some clips but failed and later on found a copy in St. Francis Square.

The origin is very different from the comic book, but I left the comic book for the moment just to watch this animated movie. They really did a good job on the animation, mixing some 3d and 2d animation, It is so action packed, punches, kicks, guns, and people die in some scenes.. I was really blown away.

I hope that they make a sequel for this like in Ultimate Avengers, which I recommend to all Marvel boys and girls, if you love the comicbook version, you will like also the animated movie version.

And yes I think this more cool than watching Ghost Rider movie hahahahha
but I will watch the rider movie maybe this saturday

The Invincible Iron Man is an origin story that follows billionaire inventor Tony Stark as he raises a long-buried city in China and awakens an unspeakable evil that only the armor-clad Iron Man can destroy in a battle of modern technology versus eastern mythology.
The third direct to DVD animated feature in the Marvel/Lionsgate partnership, the DVD features a "marvel-ous" host of bonus features including an alternate opening sequence, "The Origin of Iron Man" featurette, "The Hall of Iron Man Armor" featurette, a look at the upcoming Marvel Animated Feature, DR. STRANGE and more.

Az gag Video blog - TransFans PH review on Optimus Prime Classic toyline

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Here's our review on Optimus Prime from the Transformers Classic toy line, Mark Cerbo and me did a video review for the Classic Toy. Maybe we will put more toy reviews online, this is just an experimental move for everyone to see. We created one for Pinoy fans and since that there are no other pinoy in Youtube who do reviews for toys, so here we are on our very first attempt.
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