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Friday, June 22, 2007

Transformers movie - Transform and Roll out, the merchandise launch

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Be Transformed and live up the Transformers legacy
with the exclusive and authentic Transformers movie merchandise in a must see event yo wouldn't want to miss...

June 29, 2007
Event Center SM Megamall
Mega A, ground floor, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong


As the world eagerly awaits for the biggest and much talked about movie debut of Transformers on June 28, millions of Transformers fanatics from practically all walks of life can only be fortunate to have their favorite league of transfiguring robots loaded with exciting and explosive line-up of events, fun-filled activities, trailblazing merchandises and other great surprises to celebrate the comeback and the undying legacy that is Transformers.

In the recently concluded MTV Movie Awards, the world’s largest television network had given Transformers a stump of approval after being chosen as the Best Summer Movie You Haven’t Seen for 2007, placing Pirates of the Caribbean and Bourne Automatic behind the pack. The Transformers live action movie brings the battle of the two warring robots of Cybertron, the Autobots and the Decepticons to Earth leaving the future of humankind hanging in balance.

Transformers originally featured the heroic Autobots headed by Optimus Prime and their main opponents, the Decepticons with Megatron as the leader. Transformers are best known as an intelligent machines that are able to transform and reconfigure itself into innocuous form such as car, aircraft or animal. There have been a number of popular spin-offs based on the original Hasbro toy line including the widely read Transformers Marvel Comics series and animated TV programs that began airing in 1984.

Consequently, the equally awaited market release of Transformers licensed products will be officially launched on June 29th at Event Center of SM Megamall Bldg. A. The whole day event aptly dubbed as The Transformers : Transform and Roll Out! the Movie Merchandise Launch will feature an art exhibit, drawing & trivia contest, video game demo, panel discussion for hobbyist and Transformers collectors, stage performances, movie promotion and a whole lot more! The Transformers thrilling live action movie is directed by Michael Bay with Steven Spielberg as executive producer.

for more details on the event visit the event website at

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Toy fans ‘transform and roll out’ to ToyCon 2007

By Alex Villafania, hackenslash Reporter

toycon-4.JPGWITH only two weeks left before the opening of the highly anticipated “Transformers” movie, comic fans, collectible fanatics, hobbyists and casual geeks were treated to the year’s biggest toy and hobby fare, the Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2007 (ToyCon).

This year’s ToyCon at the SM Megamall saw the biggest number of exhibitors and sponsors, many of whom are involved in the preparation for the opening of the live action flick “Transformers,” which will be shown on June 28 in the Philippines, almost a week before the worldwide premier showing.

The ToyCon website even offers video streaming to highlight this year’s activities.

“It’s more of a Transformers event than anything else but that’s OK because everyone loved the cartoon series and the toys that came with it. Many of the hobby shops that sold Transformers merchandise already ran out of some stock,” according to Azrael Coladilla, head of the organizing committee for ToyCon.


E'heads Marcus Adoro is back

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Just saw this post at Aldus's multiply and got curious to read over his article in about the backside and frontside story of E'heads guitarman Marco Adoro, he was gone as we know, and yes all fans are wondering what happened to him, as I know he's into surfing but I didn't know that he want to create comic books, and to fight piracy. Having 2nd thoughts on using Friendster and Myspace and now tries to go blogging.

its good to hear that his back! and still I blame myself for not going to Marooned at Millenia, or If I remember I was there and went home early. drat!!!!

but save it for the next blame and check out for a great feature on the lost E'heads at

So, gumawa ako ng comic-book. Walang [speech] balloons, walang usapan; ang k’wento niya is, nandu’n sa sound—sana ganu’n, ‘di ba? Tapos, may kasamang video. So, ‘di ba, makuha mo man ‘yung dalawang CD, hindi mo makukuha ‘yung collectible na comic-book. So, ‘yun nga, ‘yun ‘yung sagot ko sa piracy. Sana, collector’s [item] din ‘yung—ano’ng tawag du’n?—‘yung inlay,” he explained further. Adoro may have many qualities, but one of them is not a simple, stoic mind. When the Eraserheads disbanded, he could have easily hitched on its cloud and made catchy, tongue-in-cheek rock tunes, which he proved he was capable of doing in his humble songwriting discography for the Pinoy Fab Four. Instead, he shot non-sequitur videos, conceptualized a non-talking comic-book, and made sound collages from AM newsbits.


Monday, June 18, 2007

The 6th Philippine, Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2007
production note 20

Im still having a big hang over and I know experience the same too, I think my work will resume tomorrow and whew!, I still have one more event this month and Now Im making big preparations for the big invasion of the TransFormers.

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our booth for ToyCon, for now on this will be the name of my booth every year

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the amazing ToyCon exhibits a lifesize action figures! I liked the Brandon Routh Superman returns and the Eric Bana Hulk. I just wish that we can have a toy and comic museum here in Manila.

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The booth ! Kai and my sister Misyel, got a load of items for sale

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hey! thats my postcard!

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this is me on the day 1 of the event, jumping with excitement, because of im already late and Im printing Mr. Floro Dery's caricature that I found on the net for the exhibit.

more photos at

Sunday, June 17, 2007

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