X-Men Origins: Wolverine - trailer

This one just came in, and thanks to my super sis for sharing this awesome video trailer. The X-men Origins : Wolverine trailer is from the live release of it during the Comic Con San Diego 2008, and the best part of the event is that they feature for the first time in public the movie trailer of these cool comic icons we love, especially Wolverine.

Just viewed it two times and I see a lot of characters, there's Gambit, and rumored Maverick, Emma Frost, The Blob. And also you'll see on how Wolverine started and what is his big relationship with Creed aka Sabretooth, both of them as we know teamed up in an operation combat and after that they banded together in this project called Weapon X, you'll see some scenes of the Weapon X project when they embeded the adamatium metal to Wolverine's body, I know the movie will be nasty and full of killings, as we saw in comics, but I'm not sure if they will include some part of the story were they tell the whole beginning before Logan and Creed became...hmm...evolved.

more to come soon...

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Jon Uy said…
tnx for posting Az!
almostdvs said…
i think the guy with the swords is deadpool. which would make sense because he was also part of weapon x