Nuffnang is here in the Philippines , the 1st and largest blog advertising network in Asia is finally here in the Philippines. And this is for all of you bloggers and if you really want something different for blog, like monetize and have your own blog earnings in making some simple steps.

I just joined the network after hearing the news from our blogger friends and many of them joined and tried this new blog advertising network, for me being a member of a blog advertising network really helps in earning some money and it gives benefit to us bloggers, especially if we need to earn from our blog and use our blog earnings in making our blog alive and lovely. At this point, we get more energy from our readers and subscribers in blogging new content and entries, and today we now powered up by advertisers in our blogs via the blog advertising networks, a little addition of blogging energy for us to deliver great entries to all our blog readers.

In joining, all you need to do is sign up in their website, after signing up you have to choose and add your blog to their network, and then choose the right banner ads for your blog and paste the script in any section of the body of your blog. There's a diagram in that section explaining the good spot where you can place those ads. The script will be generated by Nuffnang and will power it up by placing ads that you prefer during the sign up.

that's the simple way of becoming one of the nuffies, Also the great part as a member of Nuffnang is that they have this exclusive membership to all bloggers who don't have any local blog networks. Being a Gliterrati member will give you more benefit like being invited to exclusive events, trips and special offers from advertisers and from sponsors.

The good part in is that it can give reports on the status of your blog, via its traffic and also supply you daily reports on referral links and other searchable keywords that directs the visitors to your blog.

Its not only a blog advertising network but its also a analytics tool for your blog if you really want a good report of your blog site hits and statistics.

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Congrats sa my friend! We won!! the chosen 68!
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Congrats us being included in the chosen 68! :)
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