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Saturday, September 13, 2008

chains, gods, demons, Hades and the Ghost of Sparta

God of War: Chains of Olympus ( PSP )

This is my first PSP game and super thanks to my lovely parents that they didn't forgot me if ever I'm going to ask something for my birthday hahaahha. the PSP they gave as a gift is a limited edition colored red PSP with a bundle of God of War: Chains of Olympus. You see that fell in love with this game, and my first encounter was last year when we were supposed to buy that Nintendo Wii in SM Appliance store, when Lace and her mom wait for the unit in the store, I grabbed a PS2 unit demo in the area and I started this game called God of War and after a few stunts and clicks, I just got hooked on the game and loved the style and the moves of a being a hack and slasher.

There are a lot of puzzles and obstacles that will require you think, not just the ordinary game you know, but I love these kind of games and because I'm too allergic to RPG games, I got easily hooked on the game. But then, after a few years , just dreamed of getting my own God of War game. And then kaboom! parents saved the day and now I have my own game with me and wow! PSP rocks!!!! (Read more of my story below)

The God of War : Chains of Olympus in PSP is one of the best for me, even that I haven't tried other games in PSP. This is already in my top list, as they say that the first one you got devirginized in gaming, it will be your most memorable game ever in your life. Kratos is the name of the character ( pic above) wields a weapon called Blade of chaos, you use it in killing all evil near you and that includes beasts, demons, warriors and you can use it to destroy things too.
The blade of chaos is one of the best weapon ever! hahahaha. fan boy mode! it has a blade on the end and Kratos use it to whip, spin and drag enemies out of the ground.
The game in PSP is the the prelude story of the whole God of War games, and since it is the new game for the PS family and 3rd installment of the game. I enjoy battling some gods and other demonic characters. Even I got a role to play a father.. awwwww which is the most touching part of the game.

The trick here for playing is that, you need to know more about on using that blade of chaos, there is also magic called the Efret, you release a demonic fire beast and kills everyone near it. And there's the Gauntlet of Zeus which you can charge it with energy and smash everything with big damage, and there's the Sun shield which is very effective to use to block enemy attacks and also use to charge it with the sun. There are others, but these are the weapon of choice I love for the game.

your mission is that you need to free Helios and return it to the sky, since the sun was gone and there's this god who rule the whole equation. All other gods were gone due to the power of the sun, so your task is to find the sun chariot and then defeat all evil entities that block your way. I just read the whole story in Wikipedia, and it matches the whole story in the game, but if you will play this game.I suggest that you must not read the story on the net, or try to use some of the those cheat tricks and codes found in the internet.

I just found some of those cheat tricks, but Im not sure if it works hahahaha

I just finished the game last Thursday night, and it was great.. Battling Atlas is one of my favorite scene.. wow! If you love hack and slash games, some Greek Mythology, I'm so sure that God of Wars: Chains of Olympus is the right game for you.

now my next mission is... to buy a PSP memory card. aahhah just to save all those games and mission. Since I don't have a memory card, I will play the game over again from the start.
because if you have finished the game,.there's a Hades challenge option after, were you will fight some enemies and do some task that will beat the Hades challenge.

and now, I'm excited to try other God of War games in PS.

here's a trailer of the game

And after watching the video above, there's an artist and concept designer named Carlo Arellano. I'm not sure if he is Filipino, but it is great if he really is !
hope I can get in touch with him via his blog at

Friday, September 12, 2008

Artist booth for OtakonEK now open

if you are an artist and want to have a booth at OtakonEK

we offer the table space for you, for FREE

just email me at with your

Items for exhibit/ sale :
contact number :
events attended:
website/blog :

we will contact you for the details of the booth space and the event.

kita kits sa OtakonEK

visit official website for updates -

Blog Entry OtakonEK Cosplay Registration update 1 Sep 11, '08 9:47 PM

here are some updates.

1. Got already 30 valid cosplay models who registered online. Also I got one invalid entry who had posted a non cosplay photo.

next time, make sure you submit a correct photo url. I'm informing everyone via email, if they have submitted an invalid photo url, or the costume is not accepted.

2. as of now, I haven't rejected any cosplay entries.

3. the debate if L of Death note, and other maid and school girl costumes are allowed.

L of Death note, is from an anime and manga series, and since that other characters are in their ordinarty costume, we can say that it is a cosplay... but I'm working on standard format rule for this.

let's say, they just add some spice and style like make ups and props.

and for the french gothic maid costumes, we know that this style appears in anime, comics, manga and toys, for me..this is allowed

for the haruhi costumes in school girl outfit.. I allow it..because it is from the anime series..
and we know that many people cosplay this character.

as for the "L", I'm still working out with EK if we allow it or not.

4. for the bus rides... we didn't advertised it that the event is giving free bus rides for everyone. but I'm working on it with EK if we can have one way free bus ride.. I will post this once I got full confirmation.

5. just email us at if you have some questions and inquiries.


and kita kits tayo lahat sa OtakonEK

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

OtakonEK Convention 2008 finally launched in the Philippines

here it is.... my project otaking event is finally unveiled hahahaha.


OtakonEK convention 2008



Enchanted Kingdom to Hold OtakonEK 2008

OtakonEK 2008

Riding on this popularity, the country's first and only world-class theme park is giving a new twist to the popular anime convention by holding it this time at Enchanted Kingdom. "OtakonEK 2008" promises a colorful pop festival of anime, toys, manga, movies, video games, and music amid the park's exciting and spectacular rides and attractions.

Guaranteed to give spice to any anime convention are the cosplayers or costume players. Cosplaying originated in Japan in 1978 and is rapidly gaining popularity in the country. Aside from anime themes, fantasy and science-fiction movies have also become part of cosplaying, owing to the international success of films such as "The Matrix", "Star Wars", "Harry Potter" and "The Lord of the Rings".

Many otakus like to dress up in their favorite characters and even act the part! They prefer to do their own costumes although here in the Philippines, some are commissioned. Costume competitions are regularly held during these conventions.

"OtakonEK 2008" provides a perfect venue for cosplayers as they can come to the park for FREE this September 28, 2008 provided they come in their full costume. Characters from an animation, comics, toys, gaming, TV or movies are accepted.

A cosplayer may pre-register at before September 28, 2008 or register at the park gate near the Group Sales Office on the event day itself from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. EK reserves the right to refuse free entrance to those who do not meet the criteria and to those who do not meet the park's standards for wholesome and safe entertainment.

Who will you be on OtakonEK 2008? Unleash the "otaku" in you this September!

Be part of the excitement and come to Enchanted Kingdom where the magic stays with you!

For inquiries, you may call the Marketing Department at (632) 812-7232 or visit our website at

Event website :


For Booth exhibitors who would like to avail the FREE booth at the event
email us at with your :

Store / group / community / name:
events attended:
email :
website :

we will contact you this week via email with info about the booth layout and ingress details.

no need to pay anything to get inside the park or rent a space.

September 2008 music events at Eastwood City ( calendar list)


(click on the image above to enlarge the poster)
Eastwood City

on September 12, 2008 at 8:00pm
Eastwood Central Plaza

Enjoy a romantic dinner from Selected Eastwood City Restaurants
as you watch the live performance of M.Y.M.P. availing of the dining pass.

Free bottle of red wine for every two (2) dining passes purchased/

Dining Pass price Php 700.00
For Inquiries, pls. call 687-1499

check out the latest musical event at Eastwood City this Friday. As the part of their weekly musical event called Celebration! Partying a new old school style. A music party event that take place every Friday and Saturday at Eastwood Central Plaza, Eastwood City.

Also catch other Musical events on
September 13 - Eula Valdez
September 19 - Bayang Barrios
September 20 -Skechers Street Dance Battle Year 4
September 26 - Spongecola
September 27 - The Authority

event start at 8:00 PM at Eastwood Central Plaza

and don't miss other events every Monday - Thursday

Mondays - Lala
Tuesdays - Richard Poon
Wednesdays - The Bloomfields
Thursdays - Olivia

artist performs at 8:00 PM at Eastwood Fuente Circle

to know more about it, you can click this poster to view it

So if you feel like to listen some good music that will make you relax and comfortable and kick out all those stress in your weekday life in school and office, I like to suggest that you visit any of the upcoming events listed above. I just experienced the Gary V. event few weeks ago and for me it was a mind blowing experience. Come and cheer up! Music is the food to our hearts in Eastwood City.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Nuffnang is here in the Philippines , the 1st and largest blog advertising network in Asia is finally here in the Philippines. And this is for all of you bloggers and if you really want something different for blog, like monetize and have your own blog earnings in making some simple steps.

I just joined the network after hearing the news from our blogger friends and many of them joined and tried this new blog advertising network, for me being a member of a blog advertising network really helps in earning some money and it gives benefit to us bloggers, especially if we need to earn from our blog and use our blog earnings in making our blog alive and lovely. At this point, we get more energy from our readers and subscribers in blogging new content and entries, and today we now powered up by advertisers in our blogs via the blog advertising networks, a little addition of blogging energy for us to deliver great entries to all our blog readers.

In joining, all you need to do is sign up in their website, after signing up you have to choose and add your blog to their network, and then choose the right banner ads for your blog and paste the script in any section of the body of your blog. There's a diagram in that section explaining the good spot where you can place those ads. The script will be generated by Nuffnang and will power it up by placing ads that you prefer during the sign up.

that's the simple way of becoming one of the nuffies, Also the great part as a member of Nuffnang is that they have this exclusive membership to all bloggers who don't have any local blog networks. Being a Gliterrati member will give you more benefit like being invited to exclusive events, trips and special offers from advertisers and from sponsors.

The good part in is that it can give reports on the status of your blog, via its traffic and also supply you daily reports on referral links and other searchable keywords that directs the visitors to your blog.

Its not only a blog advertising network but its also a analytics tool for your blog if you really want a good report of your blog site hits and statistics.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Taiwan's Beef Noodle King "Chef Liu Zheng Hsiung" / meet and greet / shares secret recipe to Chowking

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I just witness the launch of the new product line of Chowking and also the joint venture of Chowking and Lao Dong, one of the oldest chain of restaurants in Taipei. World's beef noodle king is in Manila and was here to share his secret recipe to all chefs and cooks of Chowking Foods Corporation. I just saw and hear what Chef Liu Zheng Hsiung shared to us in how to have the tastiest beef noodle in town and in their restaurant in Taipei, they used to boil the fresh beef for 24 hours and add some Chinese seasong in order to make it more delicious. And here in Manila, he went to some local market just to get the similar ingredients just to make the best beef noodle for us during the cooking demo.

Chef Liu showed on how to prepare the beef noodle to some food bloggers who volunteered during the cooking demo, and he added 2 kinds of soup for the noodles and then sliced some beef, then added to the noodles. As for the volunteers tasted the meal, they raised two thumbs up. There are two kinds of beef noodles, one of them are look like a spicy beef and the other one is a tendon beef, some say that it taste like "bulalo", but the taste is very different and when I tasted it too after the demo, there's something different on the taste, I grew up eating noodles and ramen, but for this I had just tasted something I haven't tasted before and for that I'll just grab it in Chowking and no need for me to go to Taiwan or Hong Kong just eat the tastiest noodles in town. ( READ MORE BELOW After the link)
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Chef Liu is the 2nd generation owner of the Lao Dong Restaurant chain, which was established in 1950 by his father. The restaurant chain is known for its delicious beef noodles prepared and boilded for 24 hours. In 2006, Chef Liu won the 1st prize in the Traditional Beef Noodle Corporation during the Taipei Beef Noodle Festival.

Chef Liu went here in Manila and has shared the secret recipe to Chowking, and visited us here after a 3 month joint venture agreement between Lao Dong and Jollibee Group, Chowking's parent company . The joint venutre and exchange of technology is a part of Jollibee Group's global expansion strategy to increase its presence abroad.

Chowking generated more than P10 billion in annual sales in 2007, and it is a 13% highger than the previous year and now maintains a 382 stores in the Philippines, 12 in the USA, 10 in UAE, and 5 in Indonesia.

more photos at Taiwan's Beef Noodle King "Chef Liu Zheng Hsiung" / meet and greet / shares recipe to Chowking

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4th Backdoor Ventures Arts and Music Festival - blog coverage

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The big gathering was held in the big venue of Megatrade Hall 3, the finest and best of all pinoy art and music talents got into a big assembly for a 3 days of art and music performance. I was there for 2 days only and I got tired already on Day 2 after attending some other events, but the event really boost up on Day 3 which I really missed it, but the good change for me is that I survived my two day attendance and will prepare more for next year in the biggest arts and music festival that I attended here in the Philippines.

day 1 and day 2
I got early in the venue and it was like I'm inside the video game Silent Hill, I was laughing because I went there during the ingress time, just to fix the booths of Glass House Graphics and DA Meat, then most of the people inside the venue are booth contractors and sounds people. The smoke already filled the entire venue and if you are familiar with Silent Hill, you will get my point hahah, I just immediately boot up my laptop and surf the web and promote the event in my last minute and invite everyone to come and celebrate with us the arts and music.

At the booth, got in touch at last with Khavn Dela Cruz, we haven't seen each other for a long time and the only time we got to talk to each other was via sms and email, and here I just heard about his .MOV 3rd Digital Film Festival and I'm very happy to know about it, because I was part of the 1st .MOV and I was there during the moment it was born for digital film making. There I just showed him my works and my winning entry of the Buhay Coke video, and wow I got a great review from an award winning film maker. Then we just discussed some parts on what I can do to boost up the 3rd .MOV

read my whole story below

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Then after that, the opening of the festival had just started, and people are starting to come inside the festival venue as they line up outside and finishes off the festival ritual of the ribbon cutting. I got to coordinate with my people who came one by one, and then the DA Meat booth was in progress of building the designs and decor, and also for GHG went in and posted the drawings of the comic artist under their rosters.

The opening performance on stage was a blast! never seen a massive act of ethnic music, rock music, theater dance and symphonic sounds. The music was composed by Jay Virina, the festival director and he just relayed the music to the band and this is what the festival will reflect into a real Arts and Music as a festival , the music, the art and the celebration.

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I just met a lot of people, and one of them are our neighboring booth which is Musik Lokal, they had placed a gaming hub in their booth and a photo op booth for artist, we played Nintendo Wii games and Playstation 3 games. Soul Caliber 4 in PS3 is the main attraction, and It was my first time to play the Darth Vader and Apprentice character in the game.

Bands played one by one, I haven't seen other bands, but the show is filled with lots of band performance minutes after minutes, hours after hours, the crowd seem to get busy, instead of clapping or cheering, they are busy taking photos and videos of the band performance, ahahah this is the new audience every music and concert events and yes... I am one of those people who are busy in taking photos.

Ulysses Veloso did sculpting lecture for all, and he discussing how you can start sculpting, and he shared by passing on some clay to the audience,and then he showed a demo sculpt of a troll creature live on stage. Many artist went there to watch the lecture as they learn more about the artistic side of sculpting from a professional sculptor. I am surprise to see that Ulysses is young and I was expecting an old artist. But from his lecture. it was a big start for the festival.

Booths becomes busy as people come inside, I just got to play this Guitar Hero 3 for the first time in my life at the booth, and friends were there watching me play, as we proceed there after some Fotoloco photo snap shots, I just tried this game and played a Rage Against the Machine's Bulls on Parade song, and I got carried away playing, and since it was my first time, the people were shock to see me perform using the Guitar Hero controller guitar. And because that I know the song, I just got no problem in playing and it just look like that I'm playing an ordinary guitar. Then they asked me for a challenged, they let me play this guitar hero music that runs in 20 mins. they say that many people haven't survived the whole 20 min track, so for my big challenge .. I tried it. and the keys are so crazy, I just lasted at around15 minutes, and I got lost in some part of the track, after that my hands and fingers got numb. hahahaha.

Tanduay serve a free tasting of their vodka and rhum, This it the best part of the festival, even that booze is not allowed inside,but having a free taste is the best. I love the taste of this mango shake with vodka and the cookies and cream shake with vodka, it tickels and had a few kicks, Many free drinkers got the advantage of it and most of them got drunk through out the festival ahahahaa.

Argon Laser did another nice performance, but instead of having a lot of dancers, they got 2 dancers only for the festival, but still the performance was great, the music is like from the soundtrack of the movie The Matrix and it was remixed and the laser light dances around striking to the body of t he reflected costumes of the dancers and it bounces back, the laser dancers perform this every hour of the event, and it was such a great sight.

There are a lot of bands, here are some bands that I got lucky to caught on stage.

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FMD rock the event on day 1, and it was fun to see them perform with original music, their face were painted and It was like our pinoy version of the KISS, and they just got the crowd went wild when they joked about being an EMO.

Insanara played at the festival and as their semi manager for the band, I got all the coverage in video, glad that they made it on time and the nice part for them being at the festival is that they are very prepared and professional whenever they will be on stage, I'm proud of them as they got exposure from the festival and got treated as a real super star rock star.

Alamid played and everyone went on stage to watch them live. I was infront taking photos and videos, which I will upload it soon. The Alamid band from the 90's really rock the event performing their super hit songs like China Eyes and Your Love. Everyone got a nostalgic dose from the 90's band and people thought that the band died years ago, but they got a big mistake that the band is still here performing alive and kicking.. and they have now their own site.

Urbandub was the most high energetic crowd, people aim their cameras and never seem to stop. People with Tanduay sample drinks sat infront and enjoy the heaviness of the music, I love to see them perform and I like all their music. One of the best band we have here and also they announces that they are the new endorser for JB music.

Mike Pepito performs Filipino rap lyric and poetic music, I just this guy in some music social networking site and he stated promoting it online and he got me as a semi fan of his style in rap music. Brigada in a massive performance and it was a big samba tune on stage, I was dancing in our booth as we hear them, and also people playing the PS3 game got a chance to dance too in the floor while playing hahaahha. Marco de leon of Paramita with his bassist did a Bosse sound demo with their units, he played live impromptu guitar riffs while listening to some electronic beats, Freestyle performed too for all pop music lovers and listeners, I haven't seen them for years , but I know they are well active in their gigs in some venues. Many people looked for them after the performance to have a photo op, but after that we didn't see them going to the backstage hahhaa. Also club music performed by top DJ's of Science of Sounds, their style of having a music played and a visual image showing on the screen.

Wilson Tortosa and Ernest Jocson was there on day 2 for the comics creation lecture and talk to all people who are very curious on how comics are being created, Wilson and Ernest shares some points on how creative pinoys are in the field of comics, we showed some samples on the screen and after that Wilson did a live drawing of Wolverine in manga version, he also promoted that the he now pencil the upcoming manga comics of Wolverine that will be release next year. They represent Glass house Graphics and many artists from their roster arrived later on and met with the fans and did some sketching for free. Super star artist like Carlo Pagulayan, Ariel Padilla, Wilson Tortosa, Ernest Jocson, Dan Bargonos and many others went there at the festival to join the celebration and also represent the studio that got them the comic gig. This was my last gig for GHG and now as their former web master and events organizer, I still support them since I love comics and I support our local talents.

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I was surprise to see the large number of cosplayers that participated this year's festival. I'm very happy that everyone enjoyed the event and since that this is not contest and mainly a fashion show, many people loved the style of having a catwalk one by one while a live anime garage band , and original songs performed by the Ducklings. Outside the venue, it looks like that I am inside the Toy Con event, I was joking to Jay and Joann Virina in congratulating them for the success of their Toy Con ahahah, I got a photo op with "V" of V for Vendetta and it was cool to see him at the festival, there were cosplay models of Conan, Jokers, Batman, Supergirl and many anime and gaming characters who went there to support and celebrated that cosplay is a form of art. It was the biggest and successful cosplay gathering on that day. Now I got an idea what If I organize a cosplay gathering event hahahaha.

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I still missed a lot of the actions of Day 3 and also the end of Day 1 and 2, but there still be next year festival and I know that it will evolve more and hopefully have a bigger venue. And I enjoy my part as for helping the event and hosting the cosplay fashion show, for the 2nd time around for my participation. I am now excited on the next year's installment.

For more information of the event, visit

here are photos of Day 1 and Day 2 in my album

2nd Cosplay Fashion Art Show @ DAY 2 of the 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC Festival
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Ducklings @ DAY 2 of the 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC Festival
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Wilson Tortosa and Ernest Jocson at Creating Comics lecture @ DAY 2 of the 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC Festival
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Cosplay Fashion Art Show behind the scenes @ DAY 2 of the 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC Festival
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Marco at the Bosse stage demo @ DAY 2 of the 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC Festival
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the people / artist - DAY 2 of the 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC Festival
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Insanara @ DAY 1 of 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC Festival
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FMD @ DAY 1 of the 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC Festival
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Booth action @ Day 1 of the 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC Festival
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Argon Laser light show @ Day 1 of the 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC Festival
7 Photos
Ulyses Veloso 's Sculpting lecture @ Day 1 of the 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC Festival
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Tanduay @ Day 1 of th 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC Festival
9 Photos
the people / artist - DAY 1 of the 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC Festival
37 Photos, 1 comment
Intro - DAY 1 of 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC Festival
34 Photos

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