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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Live Video Streaming of the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards

This is one big exclusive video online live broadcast for all. And I will be having my own channel in streaming the awards night here in my blog. I'll be using a zoom powered handycam and also an audio jack plugged to the handycam just to get the clear and crisp audio of the awards night. All video stream will be recorded online and reposted automatically in my Youtube channel. The streaming technology is hosted by Ustream.

Watch the live video streaming of 2008 Philippine Blog Awards 2, the event is held in Esplanade. Manila, Philippines. ( near Mall of Asia )

The video streaming will start at 5:30pm of September 21, 2008.

you can also join the chat, just wait for the chat box to load and then type /nick yourname to have your own chat ID. ( click below to watch the live video stream and test broadcast today)

Webcam chat at Ustream

Also check out below some Live video streaming channel that will cover the awards night live in online video stream

About my recovery

Jehzlau’s uStream

Jon Uy’s uStream

Sexy Ryan’s Live Stream

Mrs. Tee’s uStream

The live streaming is sponsored by :


Blogging is the new texting!

The Philippines is the perfect case study for industry surprises. Remember, back in the early 2000's when texting became popular? Sooner or later the Philippines became known to the world as the texting capital - and it was no joke that Filipinos in the telco industry were granted expatriation elsewhere because they had the experiences of an industry that was five years ahead of everyone else.

Today, another industry surprise is taking place, not in the airwaves of telco towers and mobile phones, but on the Internet: Blogs are big in the Philippines. Not only are they big - but the Philippines is a world leader in the blogging industry.

According to a Universal McCann study on new media adoption, the Philippines has had the highest growth rate in blogging engagements in a span of only 3 years. What's interesting to note is that the Philippines has exceeded the global average for blog readership (72.8% in 2008) during this time, growing from 33% in September 2006 to 64% in June 2007 and 90.3% in May 2008.

Since 2005, the Philippine "blogosphere" has been active in promoting new careers in professional blogging, which is making a living through blogs, in the same way that writers and editors have professional jobs in the publishing industry. Since then, the blogging community has taken their online connections a step further into the real world, forming real communities of varied demographics. Since then, dozens of blog related events have sprouted. In the Philippines, there is at least one blog related event per week.

The Philippine Blog Awards was formed in 2007 in celebration of the Philippines as a leader in the blogging industry. The Philippine Blog Awards aims to recognize notable blogs in the Philippines based on content, community and design. The awards, similar to last year, will be judged by representatives from mainstream press, online media practitioners, and crossover media specialists.

The Philippine Blog Awards is the country's largest aggregation of Filipino bloggers. It is a non-stock, non-profit organization that is currently on its second year of awarding. In the previous year, Philippine Blog Awards gave away 15 awards for different categories. This year, the Philippine Blog Awards is giving away 36 awards, under 3 divisions and 15 categories. Since the start of nominations in Q2 2008, there have been over 600 nominations that total no less than 4.5 million

pageviews per month in online traffic. Apart from giving away more awards, the Philippine Blog Awards is also going to recognize notable online advocacy campaigns started by Filipinos.

There are over 3.7 million Filipinos who are actively engaged in online activities, and 90.3% are blog readers.

On September 21 2008, the Philippines will make its voice heard at One Esplanade to celebrate the second Philippine Blog Awards. Since the event recognizes the online efforts of Filipino bloggers in all parts of the globe, there will be a live stream and live blogging sponsored by SMART Bro, allowing Filipinos from all parts of the world to watch.

( source : 2008 Philippine Blog Awards Press Release )

Friday, September 19, 2008

Nokia connects the family

This is my Nokia video contest entry, and here is the idea how we got connect via mobile.

I just uploaded using the Ovi website, this is how I show that we became so close to each other via mobile. Even at the first minute of life... we all get connected.

many thanks to Jason of Insanara (the band I manage today) for allowing me to use their song "Bakit kaya".

This is my Nokia video contest entry for the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards : Nokia’s: Kaleidoscope of Connections Award

OtakonEK Convention 2008 production note 6

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I just came from our coordination meeting at the Enchanted Kingdom admin office this morning and there we discuss on how we work on the whole event with the help of the officers of the park. I was there with the EK people and discuss to them the flow of the whole program.

I guess the set up is all set and major updates will be posted in our networks who registered for the booth and for the cosplayers. I also updated the program schedule of the event and revised some rules of the contest.

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I really like to take a ride on some of those cool theme park rides, but my time is short so I went back here in Manila just to type in and deliver the message to all my crew, team and event participant on the updates I gathered after the coordination meeting. And really thanks to the people who wrote something about the event in their blogs, multiply, friendster, forums and plurk. It was great to see that the event is now invading the Plurkersphere and now that blogs are the most active in event discussions, now Plurk has got its own use for not just by micro blogging but it is now used for chatting ahhahaha.

and check out this great post in Scream Scape, its the ultimate guide for theme park in the world. The event OtakonEK is now having a world wide buzz and glad that they found about this and now it is the FIRST ever convention to be held inside a world class theme park like Enchanted Kingdom, and this is just the beginning.

icon_STOPPhilippines - (9/10/08) I’ve heard about a few special Cosplay themed events at theme parks in Japan, but now the trend is spreading to the Philippines with the announcement that Enchanted Kingdom will be holding a day-long event for anime fans, cosplayers, toy enthusiasts and gamers. For more information you can view the official OtakonEK 2008

thanks Scream Scape, read more here

and for the wonderful world of blogging, here's Jori's blog post about the OtakonEK

you may read his article here

Thanks Jori!!!!

Jollibee releases VOLTRON fast food toy

click the image to enlarge

I think this is the first time that Voltron was release as a fast food toy, I'm sure all those 80's fans will love to see this only available in Jollibee as their Kiddie Meal toy in their value meal. The toy is compose of 5 robot lion and once you complete all 5 lion, you can now combine them all and form the giant giant robot - Voltron the Defender of the Universe.

You know that Voltron animated series is now airing in HERO TV, and it is in Filipino dub, which didn't stop me watching it whenever I crashed to that channel whenever I surf on TV. And now toy collectors and fans will horde this for sure, because this toy is only exclusive here in the Philippines and many people outside the country will envy us once again. Well, I won't surprise to see this toy making a P500 bid in hahhaha.

I haven't bought my set yet, but give me til tomorrow and I will complete them all. The toy is nice and the quality looks good. The engineer design of transforming it might came from the classic die cast metal toy. And not resized and you can display it, play with it or just be your 80's trophy as being a kid again who loves giant robots.

The 3rd .MOV International Digital Film Festival - Wazak Trailers & Weather Report

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Digital Dekalogo 10x10.MOV

John Torres Trailer.MOV

Roxlee Eye Trailer.MOV

Roxlee Doggy Trailer.MOV

Blinding The Eye Of Real Storms

September 9, 2008 – Storm Marce came, we saw the flood rise up the streets of Manila, and still we conquered it with our own party to introduce the Silvershorts finalists at Mag:Net Katipunan. Last Tuesday, .MOV set out to blind the eye of the storm, and blind it we sure did.

Never mind the rain, never mind the traffic. We had our own cluster of stars shining inside Mag:Net, and no amount of gray cloud could dampen their brightness. Seen in the scene were Lav Diaz, Khavn De La Cruz, Raya Martin, Ruelo Lozendo, Alexis Tioseco, and John Torres.

But they weren’t the only folks to look out for. We also had the budding directors at hand to introduce and give certificates to as the finalists for .MOV’s Silvershorts Short Film Competition. Student finalists Minco Fabregas, Jedd Chris Dumaguina, Aissa Penafiel, Mel Rose Aguilar, Arbi Mari Larano and Juan Alcazaren braved the rain to join in on the fun, while four other finalists for the Open Category, two of which had representatives, also arrived despite the terrible traffic in the Metro: Richard Legaspi, Jose Maria Basa, J.I.E. Teodoro, and Ray Gibraltar.

Hosted by Nerissa Guevarra, we were given a treat with the screenings of the following flicks:

• "A Date With Jao Mapa" by QUARK HENARES
• "Bisitasyon" by ATO BAUTISTA
• "Bloodbank" by PAM MIRAS
• "Sulyap" by MO ZEE

After the popcorn has ran out, and after the lights were turned back on, it was then time to pump up the music, courtesy of Chilitees, Khavn De la Cruz and Jesus Mafia (featuring Norman Wilwayco, Palanca Grand Prize for Novel, 2002 and 2008).

Marce definitely was no match for the Signal number 3 raised at the .MOV Silvershorts Finalists party. To check out what else went down, some of the photos from the event can be viewed at

And if you missed last Tuesday’s event, there’s no reason to fret, cause we can assure you this is but a taste of more great parties to come from .MOV. The scene to be seen at from October 1 to October 3 is at the Cubao X compound area, with ground zero at MOGWAI Cinematheque. This is what’s shaking up the heart of old Manila on those nights (because we do know how to cook up a partaaaaay):

So keep your eyes peeled for more information and details, and keep it posted at our official website, ( READ MORE BELOW )

About .MOV

.MOV (pronounced “dot-mov”), the first digital filmfest in the Philippines which jumpstarted the digital revolution in the country back in 2002, will have its third edition in Robinsons Galleria Cinema from September 30 to October 7, 2008. The Opening Night will be on September 30, Tuesday, and the Closing & Awards Night will be on October 4, Saturday. Parallel screenings in the cities of Bacolod , Dumaguete, and Iloilo will be held from September 24 to October 7.

For group screenings, workshops, tickets and other related inquiries and information, contact dotmov@gmail. com,

The 3rd .MOV International Digital Film Festival is presented by Filmless Films in cooperation with Robinsons Movieworld, Geiser Maclang Communications, Inc., Parco, Indiesine, Swiftsure Group, Inc., Click the City, Brown Monkeys, MTV, Terno Recordings, FHM, Swim Interactive, Backdoor Ventures, Dakila, & Mogwai Cinematheque.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

PETster : Responsible Pet Ownership event @ Eastwood City part 2

To pursue the Petster Mission the following are the subsequent events integral to advancing information dissemination on responsible pet ownership:

Sept.21, 2008 : 5PM
- Know the Breed standards Part I
- Basic Dog Grooming tips
- Feeding your dog
- Pet Registration Day ( c/o PCCI )

Sept. 28, 2008 : 5 PM
- Know the Breed standards Part II
- Forum on showing dogs
- Awarding of Champion dogs
- Registration for Eastwood City Pet Blessing 2008

October 5, 2008 : 5 PM

Venue for all these events will be at the Eastwood Central Plaza

OtakonEK Convention 2008 production note 5

Time now for a production note for my event with Enchanted Kingdom. Funny that this event is now creating a big buzz in the internet and I'm happy with the tons of email flowing of inquiries and others are asking about if we will provide free transportation going to the theme park. I said that the free transportation is not provided, but there is a bus service in Glorietta that goes to Enchanted Kingdom. Although some say that the bus service is pricey, I recommend that you should try riding some buses passing by in Edsa or in some bus terminal in Kamias that has a Sta. Rosa sign board. Once your'e in Sta. Rosa city, just take a tricycle going to EK.

I'm finalizing the booth layout today, and glad that the response is good, now I'm having some problems because there are a lot of people who want to get the free booth we offer, now that the event looks really nice because of the booth exhibitors. The event will held inside the Eldar's tent located infront of the giant ferris wheel and the space shuttle ride. An airconditioned tent that will contain a total of 400 people in one venue, but for a big large number, we are expecting at around 5,000 people on that day to come and celebrate with us for the OtakonEK, as they say this is the grand otaku convention.

I';m still trying to apply some activities for the event, you know me already when it comes to innovating some cool ideas and materialize it in the event, just like I did to Toy Con. But here some parts are similar to the Toy Con, but some parts are new like the anime guitar god contest, and other booth activities that everyone will surely love, like make an animation.

Tomorrow I'll join the EK team for a coordination meeting and we will be at the EK site at 10am. we will be there to make a run down of the activities and the convention itself. I do the coordination meeting sometimes in some of my events, but the difference is that we do the meeting outside the venue and not inside of it. And then in creating the program of the event, I try to imagine and focus my self trying to be at the event and visualizes on how the event flows. Yup that's one of my biggest secret in making a great convention.

After OtakonEK I'm not sure what will be the next event. I'm helping a friend organize this event with magicians and mentalist, and then I'm creating a bloggers event for November 29th at SMX, and i heard that the Philippines will launched its first Friendster EB at the same venue.

And then I'm trying to decide if I'm going to have the 2nd COMICS and MANGA Day 2008 for October, since many are having a lot of cons next month, I'm thinking if I'll organize the 2nd Comics and Manga Day in Megamall again. But I might try to pitch the event to other venues..

And oh btw... I' m working on already this GI JOE Convention 2009, the 1st Philippine GI JOE Convention.. yeah! I just want to have this event project with our fellow Toy Soldier 1:18 - toy soldier and GI JOE fan and collectors club here in the Philippines, and now I have a targeted venue, a great marketer of the event. The next step is get a date, book the venue and get sponsors, and get booth exhibitors. More ideas will be revealed after this OtakonEK

ok..see you on the next update!!!

OtakonEK meme (tagged by Son Goku)

I'm having this OtakonEK meme and I'm really happy that many people followed and did the meme in Multiply. haahahaha . thanks guys! spread the OtakonEK virus.

here's a crazy idea... just for the OtakonEK event , Enchanted Kingdom and being a fan or Otaku. This is my otakuness answers ever in my life.. still great to feel like a 18 yr old again ahahaha.

here's the crazy rule.
answer all the questions and then post it in your blog. then TAG any of your friends and tell them to copy the questions and rules here,... and then TAG others too.

use the official title of this meme, just copy the title of this post, and edit out all my answers and replace it with your answer.. and then post it in your blog.
if you have posted it in your blog, feel free to share your post here in the comments box in order for us to see your answers... just a link love and sharing :)

OtakonEK Questions

1. Your first Anime
Mazinger Z.... sabi ng mom ko...i use to watch that during my youngling years. Pero namulat na ako kay Voltes V and Daimos during the 80s.

2. First convention attended
Collection : 1st Philippine Collectibles Convention 1998 at Conference Center, Megatrade Hall

3. Favorite character
for comics - Apocalypse
for anime - Vegeta
mahilig ako sa bad guys

4. Your first cosplay
secret.... pero marami na din nakakalam nito... pero di ko pwede ipagkalat.
last cosplay ko was last month.... no kidding!

5. What character you want to cosplay
Bosk of Star Wars

6. Have you been to Enchanted Kingdom ? How many times?
Yes.. i think 3 times

7. First theme ride you want to go at OtakonEK in Enchanted Kingdom
Roller skater

8. The theme park ride you love and hate
yung swing na nakabitin kayo....i freak out when I tried it.
I love the Anchors Away eehehhee

9. Have you visited our website ?
What can you say about the event audio ad? hehehehe

Oo...sympre ako gumawa nung site e... last minute layout hahahaha
ganda ng audio ad.. the best ad ever sa mga convention na nagawa ko.
galing nung ad agency na tumira nito.

10. Character you want to see in real life.
Sponge bob... ahahaha para i suck nya yung mga polluted rivers dito.
nagagawa nya sa cartoons yun e

11. Comics or Animation ?
COMICS !!!!!!

12. Swords or Guns?
guns... Big guns!!.. and add chicks or babes with big GUNS

13. Cute Big eyes or Evil Small eyes
Evil small eyes.... nakakasakit ng ngipin kasi yung cute big eyes

14. Soft Cell or Pink Pineapple ?
Soft Cell.. da best !!!!

15. Manga translated into english or not ?
Pure japanese manga.... wala lang.. i just try to translate those katakana words, one word-letter per hour ahhaha

16. English dub or Japanese dub with English subtitles?
Japanese dub with eng sub..... orig is the best , feel na feel ang... kurose!!!!!!!

17. Favorite moment in comics or animation.
Superman vs. Doomsday... muntik na ko maiyak nung HS ako

18. Have you own before any comics and anime notebooks?
WALA !!! kasi notebook ko noon puros Vina Morales hahahaha nung HS

19. Did you collect that anime laminated photo card ?
konti lang meron ako...puros hingi pa. karamihan meron ako ay Rurouni Kenshin at Fushigi Yuugi

20. Now tag your friend and tell them to repost and answer the questions hehehee.

See you all in OtakonEK on Sept. 28.

Embrace Change Philippines

Here's our own local premiere of the Embrace change tv campaign, this was aired last night in ESPN 2 and it will air here online in my blog. Glad that they made it online and now the world is facing a big change.......

so shall we embrace it.

The TVC is freaky, I just can't imagine if our country will be invaded by Pinoy Skrulls.
but if ever they are here... will there be really change in our country ? hmmm Ramdan ng Skrull ang Kaunlaran...

watch the video below of Embrace Change

visit for more info

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest 120 Na! Bloggers party

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What: Oktoberfest 120 Na!
When: September 26, 2008, Friday, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Taste Asia, Mall of Asia (beside SM Hypermarket)
Why: Parteeh!

read more info and sign up here at

check out my other blog post and event coverage of the San Miguel Oktoberfest 120 Na.

Sony BMG Philippines releases 2 video preview of the Eraserheads Reunion concert DVD

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I just found this info from Therese, my friend who posted a shout out in Friendster's bulletin board, and at first I thought that it might be another bootleg video copy,but when I clicked the button, I was directed to this page that contains the 2 video preview and teaser of Song BMG DVD of the Eraserheads reunion concert.

The video preview contains full song of Alapaap and Ligaya, it was nicely edited and my heart keeps on pumping when I flashback my memories back standing in the middle of the crowd shouting and singing with the Eraserheads and the audience. The point of view shot for Raymund Marasigan is great, you'll see him in all drum action hitting those cymbals and head banging, a close look of Ely Buendia singing the songs and playing the guitar and I know most of you will notice some sadness embedded on his face, but some no reaction and too serious singing, but don't worry there will be more funny scenes during in the middle of the show, you'll see also Buddy Zabala smiling while doing some bass tunes and Marcus Adoro comfortably swinging and playing lots of guitar riffs. The videos contains some familiar faces of the audience, an over head shot of the area, a multiple camera switching from all side of the band location.

what I want to see in the upcoming DVD release are some behind the scenes and moment of the concert and also some scenes before and after the concert, I know this part will be the most anticipated part of the DVD and everyone want to see it. And hope they can add all music videos of Eraserheads, this will be a one great collectible for all.

Also, I got this weird note and it says "1230", now I'm trying to guess that if this is the schedule and date of the 2nd set of Eraserheads concert or a the DVD release. It can be 12:30pm or December 12, 2008. I can't confirm it now, but maybe that's some idea.. that the concert will open up for a DVD launching event ahahahaa.

check out below the videos of Alapaap and Ligaya,
thanks to Sony BMG for sharing this to everyone, if you're going to view the video, just press pause on the second video to prevent them playing together. I just can't disable the auto play of the video hehehehe.



videos are (C) 2008 SONY BMG Music Entertainment (Philippines), Inc.
source :

[EVENT] Level Up! Live 2008: Rise of The Gaming Gods ( 2nd poster )


The gaming gods are coming next month! The LEVEL UP! LIVE 2008 will be on October 18-19, 2008 at World Trade Center, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City

and now.. the real gaming god pls.. stand up!
The good thing here is that, the real gaming tourney really starts here. I'm super excited for this big gaming event of the year. Gaming gods should be treated like superstar celebrities and I want to see that to happen here in the Philippines. oh yeah! let's ROCK on! fight fight!

more info at the event website

Comic book signings, launching and event ( Manila, Philippines)

check out this schedules and mark your calendar.. time now for another meet and greet with our comic creators.

Book Launch: Private Iris #2 by Jamie Bautista and Arnold Arre

Start: Sep 20, ‘08 5:00p
Location: Powerbooks Megamall

September 20, 2008 2:00 to 5:00PM: Powerbooks Megamall
September 27, 2008 2:00 to 5:00PM: Powerbooks Mall of Asia

Private Iris #2: The Spirit of the Shoemaker is out! Glowing slime. Floating objects. Mysterious messages appearing on walls. Kids are willing to pay any price to get rid of this unwanted ghost. But Private Iris and Danton think that it’s a big hoax to trick the kids out of their money. Find out how they will solve this mystery in the latest copy of Private Iris. Fun games and activities await kids during the book launch!

Book Signing with Pol Medina Jr.

tart: Sep 27, ‘08 4:00p
Location: Powerbooks Greenbelt

September 27, 2008 4:00PM: Powerbooks Greenbelt

Favorite Filipino cartoonist and Powerbooks Filipino Author of the Month Pol Medina Jr. will head to Powerbooks again to sign your Pugad Baboy collection! Make sure to grab a copy of his latest book, Pugad Baboy 20 at Powerbooks.


COMIC BOOK SIGNING @ Planet X Grand Opening
Glorietta, Makati

September 27, 2008


source :

Christian Voltar Alcala meets Stan Lee

Christian Voltar Alcala, son of the late Filipino master comics illustrator Alfredo Alcala, is here having a big meeting with the legendary Stan Lee, co-creator and writer of famous comic books such as Captain America, Spider-Man Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk and the X-Men.

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By: Christian Voltar Alcala

Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA

On May 4, 2008, my mom along with my wife and I drove from Vallejo to Los Angeles to attend a comic book convention where Stan Lee is a special guest.

It was a great experience meeting the legendary Stan Lee and my heart leaped with gladness upon having the honor of meeting this great man with such splendor and strength.

Here is Stan Lee’s reminiscence on my dad’s artworks, as I carry on the torch of my father’s legacy:

“Dear Christian,

I am highly honored that you would want me to write a few words about your father's wonderful artwork-- and about yours.

Rarely does a son manage to carry on a glorious tradition as splendidly as you have carried on your father's.

I remember Alfredo's illustrations well. They were almost poetic in their beauty. He was indeed a master illustrator who put so much of himself and his imagination in every drawing. We at Marvel are proud to have worked with such a gifted artist and such a true gentleman.

I wish you every success as you so capably follow in his fabled footsteps.

Stan Lee

”I respect this noble and righteous man for his achievements, as much as I love and respected my father. He is true to his word, the qualities of a great knight in shining armor which shines with honor throughout the entire Kingdom of Camelot.

In 2006, Roy Thomas and Stan Lee had a project on Marvel and it was an honor when Roy and Stan acknowledged me their book-“Stan Lee’s Amazing Marvel Universe”.

I shall always treasure this book as I have treasured my father’s legacy.


© 2008 Christian Voltar Alcala

Christian Voltar Alcala
The Alcala Legacy
cell: (415) 902-8218

more photos below after the link

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Enchanted Kingdom to Hold OtakonEK 2008

Animé’s popularity has exposed more Westerners to Japan as evidenced by “Astro Boy” and Nintendo’s multi-billion dollar “Pokémon” franchise. It has also created an increased awareness and interest in the Japanese language and its culture.

A lot of Western animators and filmmakers have emulated the visual style of anime, citing this method as their source of inspiration.

An Overview of Animé
Animé, a Japanese style of motion picture animation, dates back in the early 20th century when Japanese filmmakers toyed with the animation techniques being used in France, Russia, Germany and the United States.

Like the signature use of anamorphic lens in Chinese films, animé became an economical alternative for the underdeveloped live-action industry in Japan. Unlike in the United States, the Japanese film industry remained a small market and suffered from budgeting, location and costing restrictions. Animation allowed artists to create just about any settings and characters.

The oldest known animé was the two-minute footage of a samurai trying to test a new sword on his target, only to experience defeat. This was screened in 1917.

The success of Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” was pivotal to Japanese animators. Mr. Osamu Tezuka a.k.a. the “God of Manga” simplified many of Disney’s animation techniques to minimize costs and number of frames in production.

Today, the robot genre is still one of the most common worldwide. From its mainstream acceptance in Japan in the 1980’s (“Gundam” and “Macross”), anime gained international acceptance on the 1990’s, surging even more in the 2000’s.

read more below after the link

Animé and Its Characteristics
The characteristic designs of anime are easily-recognized with the common large eyes inspired by Betty Boop, Bambi and Mickey Mouse. Large eyes allowed characters to show clear-cut emotions.

Facial expressions on the other hand are also distinct in animé compared to western animation. The characters will perform a “fault face” to express shock or surprise. A “stress mark” or a “bulging vein” in the forehead in the form of lines is used to convey anger while upset women will suddenly have a sledge hammer from nowhere and strike someone with it. Massive sweating meant embarrassment.

A Pop Culture on the Rise
With anime came the emergence of “otakus” or people who have obsessive interests, particularly anime or manga. From this, the “otakon” or “otaku convention” was born in the early 1990’s during the Anime Boom, starting with “Anime Expo”, “Animethon”, “Otakon” and “JACON”. These conventions continue to enjoy a large number of attendances until today.

Currently, anime conventions are held regularly in cities across the United States, Asia and Europe. These multi-day events are normally held at convention centers, hotels or campuses.

OtakonEK 2008
Riding on this popularity, the country’s first and only world-class theme park is giving a new twist to the popular anime convention by holding it this time at Enchanted Kingdom. “OtakonEK 2008” promises a colorful pop festival of anime, toys, manga, movies, video games, and music amid the park’s exciting and spectacular rides and attractions.

Guaranteed to give spice to any anime convention are the cosplayers or costume players. Cosplaying originated in Japan in 1978 and is rapidly gaining popularity in the country. Aside from anime themes, fantasy and science-fiction movies have also become part of cosplaying, owing to the international success of films such as “The Matrix”, “Star Wars”, “Harry Potter” and “The Lord of the Rings”.

Many otakus like to dress up in their favorite characters and even act the part! They prefer to do their own costumes although here in the Philippines, some are commissioned. Costume competitions are regularly held during these conventions.

“OtakonEK 2008” provides a perfect venue for cosplayers as they can come to the park for FREE this September 28, 2008 provided they come in their full costume. Characters from an animation, comics, toys, gaming, TV or movies are accepted. A cosplayer may pre-register at before September 28, 2008 or register at the park gate near the Group Sales Office on the event day itself from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. EK reserves the right to refuse free entrance to those who do not meet the criteria and to those who do not meet the park’s standards for wholesome and safe entertainment.

Who will you be on OtakonEK 2008? Unleash the “otaku” in you this September!
Be part of the excitement and come to Enchanted Kingdom where the magic stays with you!

For inquiries, you may call the Marketing Department at (632) 812-7232 or visit our website at

Or email the event organizer Azrael Coladilla at

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I vote Mike Villar for the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards - Best Bloggers' Choice Award

Before I end my day, Let me share to you my vote for the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards - Bloggers Choice Award. And my vote goes to Mike F*$*$ Villar.

Sige..since the voting process requires to be a Filipino blogger, I will write this blog post vost in Filipino.,

Ayun! natripan ko si Mike ang i-vote ko para sa Blogger Choice Awards, kasi trip ko lang na mabigyan sya ng award sa dami dami ng mga nagawa nyang blog post sa panahon na ito. Nakilala ko sya noon pa sa isang office at isa sya sa mga tao na nagpapatakbo at empleyado na related sa pag blog. At laking gulat ko na nagbabasa sya ng blog ko at ako naman ay nagbabasa ng blog nya. Yun ang pinaka astig na nakaraan para sa akin na makakilala ng isa sa mga astigin na blogger.

syempre nakilala ko ang blog nya dahil sa sikat na blog post nya na naging controversial, yun ang The Atrocities of Friendster, nakakatawa talaga at lakas ng trip talaga dito. Medyo madami din naasar dito dahil nga dun, siguro hindi pa handa ang bansa natin noon sa pagiging mapanglait sa mga pinoy na may nakakatawang profile pic sa Friendster. At sympre.. di ko alam na nung nakausap ko sya ay yun na pala ang mga huling chapter ng post na yun.. Nag request pa naman ako sa kanya na i feature nya ang Friendster ko ahhahaha. At nagulat sya na nag volunteer ako, sympre wala lang, wala lang ako magawa nung mga panahon na yun.

At sa mga nakaraan buwan ay nalaman ko na nag dot com na sya. Astig di ba. At binuo nya yung Man blog, na kung saan ay naging mas malaya na ang pag popost sa mga tungkol sa mga ka lakas ng trip at sa pawang katotohanan na meron sense, mga totoong kwento ng buhay ika nga haahaha.

so ayun! yan na ang boto ko para sa Bloggers' Choice Award ng 2008 Philippine Blog Awards.
and sympre. Pasalamatan natin ang mga sponsor at partner ng blog event na ito. Dahil sa kanila naging matagumpay ang awarding na ito para sa ating lahat.

Level Up! Games
Blog Bank
Smart Communications
Josiah’s Catering
Geiser Maclang

Gold Sponsors
Rsun My Technology Store
Belo Medical Group
XFM 92.3
Buddy Gancencia Reality TV
Ultravision Photo and Video
Click Booth
Aloha Board Sports
Sheero Media Solutions
Red Box
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
California Pizza Kitchen
David and Goliath

Media Partners
ROAM Magazine
flippish tv

to know more about the event, pls visit
Event is on September 21, 2008 at Esplanade, near SM MOA, event will start at 5:30 PM

You need to register first HERE, get an online ticket via online registration before you enter the event.

Its too early for a Halloween
I like this mask..I look like one of those Uruk Hai's from the Lord of the Ring
I went to SM while ago and to Toy Kingdom too. And I saw lots of Halloween decor and costumes being sold in their store. So here I am as always..every year trying out those masks and funny scary props. I haven't attended a Halloween party for years, and maybe this year. hmmm I smell that someone is organizing a bloggers halloween party hahaha. ( just a big guess)

I just uploaded some photos of Halloween stuff in my Flicker. ( yeah! finally uploaded some pics)

more photos below





Monday, September 15, 2008

OtakonEK Convention 2008 production note 4

I just finished the layout and booth placement for the OtakonEK event and as you can see here, I've filled the whole area with booth tables for all our booth exhibitors and retailers. The venue will be inside Eldar's tent inside Enchanted Kingdom, its a white big tent with air conditioned and equipped with sounds and lights. And a big stage is found here inside. I think the stage is at around 4 feet high.

On the middle will be our sponsors booth and the toy show booths. Lots of toys in all kinds will be exhibited by our local toy groups and collectors for the event. And also jrock and anime bands will be performing live on stage. Other booths will be busy for orgs, clubs and artist booth.

hopefully, we can finish the booth placement with our exhibitors before the week ends. And on the 19th, I'll be having a event site meeting and running on the flow of the program

visit the event website for more info about this event 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

2nd Cosplay Fashion Art Show - feat. in TV 5 MP3 show [ VIDEO ]

thanks Tv 5

Congratulations to everyone!!!
Cosplay models
Backdoor Ventures
my crew
to RG
and to all who went and supported the event!

kita kits sa 3rd Cosplay Fashion Art Show in 2009
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