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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Dragon Ball movie - Trailer 1

Finally! the teaser trailer of the Dragon Ball live action movie. Looks nice, but I feel not so excited about this, I will try to remove these anime and manga vibes of the original Dragon Ball just to get the feel of the live action movie.

It feels like that I'm watching Dead or Alive movie or Mortal Kombat, but since the setting is far more different from the original series, I think they should change the name Goku, because it doesn't fit to the actor's appearance, or maybe they can explain it in the movie why he has an Asian name.

And I was surprise to see Mai in the movie!, but so sad that we won't see her two other friends like Pai and King Pilaf, or let's just hope that they have a special appearance.

how about you guys, what do you think ?

trailer source :

3rd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2008

From the organizers of the Philippine Toycon
Collectibles Unlimited
comes ...

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Santa Thanos is coming town! ahhahhaah

the 3rd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2008
Dec. 17-21, 2008
SM Megatrade Hall 3

for more info visit

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this is the real deal guys!!!! see you all in a few months :)

toys | booth sales | super discounts | exhibits | attractions | cosplay |
booth activities | toy show | raffles | auctions |

check out the previous xmas toycon event

Big toy sale and some tantrums

Yesterday , I went to Robinsons Galeria to meet one of my co-organizers of Toy Con and during that meeting, we discussed some plans for the December Toy con, also I just heard some news that there is this event who uses our event title that is similar to our event concept, or perhaps copied our event style and it is very obvious for copying our event and other segments, they use the title just to promote their own event, me and my team are not happy about this. And now we are a little bit worried that one of our sponsors might get it wrong and mistake that the event happening in Manila is one of our Toy Con event... Which is really NOT.

Then after the meeting I just heard again this news about there's this group poses that they are authorized in getting booth exhibitors for December Toy Con, and I was shocked to know about it, because the December Toy Con is not yet organized and now there's a poser group who are claiming that we authorized them. We like to inform everyone that the person who are authorized to give invitation for booth space is me, my team and the store attendant in Vtoyz Hobbyshop in Greenhills, which we made that store as our Toy Con registration venue for the past 7 years.

If you receive or hear any news that uses the Toy Con name or the Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention in our local scene, feel free to email me or contact me via comment board below.

After the meeting, I just saw this big toy sale in the atrium of the mall, and it's Toy's R US !!!
They have a big toy sale and there are swarm of people buying lots of toys in low and discounted prices. And there are lots of interesting stuff to buy there, like these super discounted Zoids toys, electronic toys, dolls, Power Ranger toys, and some old Marvel toys. I went around to see if there are any Transformers toys, but I just saw an empty rack and a label of "Transformers Classic P499 only" and after seeing the empty space, it means that it is already sold out hahahah.

I was tempted to buy this Myscene doll, hehehehe, It's just so cute and it looks like Lace, it is priced at P700, but after holding it in a few minutes, I immediately drop it and leave it there and I just remembered that there is another toy event in Manila today and I decided to buy toys there later ahahaha.

ok that's now our update. I'll try to visit the Toy Soldiers 1:18 booth later and do a feature of it here in my blog.

yo Joe!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Tiny Tony now in Komiks Present's Mars Ravelo tv series

I'm a big fan of Mars Ravelo and I just started way back in 2004 to get to know more of his works, and then I found this little super hero character called "Tiny Tony", I was amazed on its concept and because that the modern feel is very Filipino, it easily captured my attention and then began to like more the character, same goes to Darna, Flash Bomba and Captain Barbell.

I found these komiks scans from Gerry's blog 4 years ago, and I like to share it to you, get to know more the komiks character created by Mars Ravelo and Jim Fernandez. ( read more below)

click the image above to read the komiks.

A scientist working with his father in law, working and researching on a serum that can shrink, He tested the serum, and later bad guys tried to steal the serum and had killed his father in law, then he escapes, and shrinks himself because of the serum.He is small and tiny, and have super human abilities.

And now, after 42 years, the Tiny Tony character that appears in Pinoy Komiks in 1966 is now in ABS CBN live action tv series , Komiks Present's Mars Ravelo : Tiny Tony. The adventure of Tiny Tony, will be played by John Prats, will start this October 2008.


There’s a new superhero coming that Pinoy viewers will surely love!
He is Tiny Tony played by John Prats in Komiks Present’s Mars Ravelo, the leading Saturday afternoon fantaserye in ABS-CBN.

John is Tony, a simple guy who has the simplest dreams. A freak accident will cause a big change in his life. From a normal person, Tony literally becomes a tiny superhero.

It’s a dream come true for John to be playing the role of a superhero and ABS-CBN Production is unanimous that only John is perfect for the role.
Find out what adventures Tony will face and how he will use superpowers. Will his powers be enough to defeat the forces of evil?
From the direction of Dondon Santos, watch out for John as Tiny Tony this October. Joining John’s exciting adventures are Alex Gonzaga, Coco Martin, Mura, Susan Africa and Gerard Acao.
Watch out for Tiny Tony’s adventures this October on ABS-CBN.
For other updates, log on to and
- Press Release.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

GI JOE movie - trailer screen shot

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Snake Eyes in action, I think he just killed some Cobra trooper, maybe one of the scenes for the trailer of the movie.

I just saw these photos fo the GI JOE movie at SSH and it is so cool that I'm starting to wet over my Cobra labeled underwear.

more photos below

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Snake Eyes on top of a vehicle

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the Baroness, with Cobra trooper escort

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a Snow mobile, I forgot what it was called.

Az Video Blog - Wanders show in PAGCOR

Here's my video blog coverage from our trip last night in PAGCOR and watching the circus style show of Wanders, the show is held inside the theater of PAGCOR in Paranaque. And I'm with Lace's family having a good night time with the kids and enjoyed the heart pumping show.

I've been hearing this show from some bloggers and I hear it too in some radio ads and I think from a tv commercial too. But I know that the show is like a circus with singing and some acrobatic stunts that serves as the attraction of the show to the audience. Its a one big production made by PAGCOR for all and the show already started last July and we just caught the 191st show last Wednesday, and because that time was a holiday, many people rushed to fall in line and buy tickets for the show with their friends and family.

The show is composed of Filipino entertainers, acrobats and singers. They were joined by Russian and Chinese dancers and acrobats just for the show. The show is a world class show theme aimed for promoting tourism in our country. The show is a one big of a ride with breath taking stunts, visuals, music and never before seen stunts performed live on stage.

I'm really glad that we already now have our own world class enterntainment, and it is operated by Filipinos, so it means that we are no longer need to rent or get talents and show to perform here in our country. I'm giving 5 stars review to the organizers and producers of the show, because of this, we are no longer required to go to other countries just to watch a circus entertainment show.

for more info of Wanders, visit

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dayo animated movie - Bloggers party


Join us on Saturday, October 4, at 12nn for a Bloggers’ party here at the Cutting Edge Productions office, Unit 502 Greenbelt Mansion Perea St., Legaspi Village, Makati City.

Have lunch with us while we talk about all the fun and exciting stuff about Dayo and let us tickle your imagination as we enter the world of Elementalia.

email with these info

Blog address:
Contact Number:
Email address:

About Dayo
At Elementalia, Bubuy meets Anna Manananggirl (voiced by Katrina Legaspi), a hyperactive teener with a special affection for all things human–but not of the tummy-filling kind. Their adventure takes them from massive falls teeming with gravity-defying merfolk to crystal caves housing swarms of alitubi; and from a grand old tree, home to a motherly kapre, to a majestic mountain guarded by a pack of hungry aswang.

Directed by Robert Quilao, Dayo also features the voice talents of Laurice Guillen, Peque Gallaga, Nova Villa, Noel Trinidad, Pokwang, and Michael V. Gerard Salonga does the film score, with Lea Salonga performing the theme. -

Blog Entry Azrael's Adventure in Merryland video game in AniCON 2008

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since the convention is more about gaming, I will feature this once again in AniCon this Sunday

also, if you want a copy of the game, just bring a Blank CD or a Usb flash drive

this game was developed last 2004.
Story conceptualized by me
Video game character design and programming by Ronald "RG" Guanzon
First exhibited at the 1st UGOTGAME 2004 in PTTC
First TV appearance in Breakfast of Studio 23.

complete 1 stage
4 levels
and 1 big boss

cover design by Nelz Yumul

here's a video demo test during those early developments

Congratulations to everyone!! OtakonEK convention is a......

(pic from Alvin Balce, the otaku anime singer winner "Kamen RIder Black")

BLAST !!! and THE BEST !!! OTAKU event.......

thanks everyone !!!

sa lahat ng tumulong!
sa nagpunta
sa nagpost sa mga blogs
sa forums
sa friendster
sa multiply
sa facebook
sa ym
sa plurk
sa twitter
ano pa?
dami ahahaaha

marami salamat talaga!
grabe..lupit ng event..

post ko pics later..

galit galit muna... magpapahinga muna ko for a day hahahahaha

mahal ko kayo lahat!!!

kita kits sa OtakonEK 2009

me with Arjay ( Otaking! Best Male cosplayer "Hyuga Neji of Naruto)
photo from Julzz

more at
Congratulations to everyone!! OtakonEK convention is a......

OtakonEK Convention 2008 - photos ( Az camera)

If OtakonEK is my thesis.... and you are my panelist..what will be its rate?

Az video blog - OtakonEK 2008 special video blog ( 23 min coverage)

Pics and coverage here at

OtakonEK 2008 blog, photos and video coverage

Bakeman - original pinoy tokusatsu in Philippine TV commercial

I was thinking it was more than Guyver and Masked Rider.

I'm now wishing that this tv ad spot make it in our local TV, and hope it erases that Zaido nightmare.


nice one Budjette!!

every now and again, we get the chance to really play
around with an ad campaign and was really happy that
client allowed us to do this...

our way of paying homage to Star Rangers, Bioman,
Shaider, and Power Rangers!!!

click link below to watch...
- Budjette Tan

Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen news : Cullen is back

also posted at TFPH

Peter Cullen, the voice behind Optimus Prime is now back in the 2nd film of Transformer, I just read this good news here in the internet and I like to share it to everyone for the big good news.

Also, new updates are now coming up. It was confirmed that Ravage, Sideswipe and Devastator will be in the film. Looks like that Jazz won't be showing up and it will stay dead forever in the movie.

Read the news about Peter Cullen HERE

and the other robots news HERE

Sunday, September 28, 2008

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