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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Azrael's Year ender blog post for 2008

I just noticed that everyone is writing their own year ender blog post and it will be great if I have my own year ender blog post. It will be from a good or bad post, hope you can appreciate this little flashback moments that I posted in my blogs.

It was good start for 2008, my pop culture blood is oozing and got excited in these movies like Cloverfield, I am legend, TDK, Aliens vs. Predators and many more. Comics news were booming and the local komiks scene is getting hot every week. Also I just can't forget the first vehicle accident we just experienced and thanks to God that we are okay and alive that year, if not, I may not meet you all for 2008.

It was the month of my early days of organizing the Toy Con 2008, massive updates for the comics and toys are been posting almost every day. Music events and movie premiere are healthy in my network, so I accept a lot of invitations whenever i receive one. Also met Happy Slip for the very first time, and my adventure in meeting her is the best, plus I got a chance to do a live streaming for her fans all over the world. Gadgets and Tech is the month of Feb. and viruses are on the loose and gave me too much problems. Also its Lace's day, did something for her birthday and also a funny video for Valentines day. NBN deal scandal is hot on this month, the cyber kids didn't let it loose made some photoshop fun on those who are involved. It is also the month were the Philippine Bricksters for LEGO is born.

Is the hottest month ever, and I'm refering to the weather and not the topics ahhaha. Met Gary Lising for the first time,and because that I love green jokes, we bought two of his books in Powerbooks. The month of my rest day, can't believe that I just got my own rest from all work and projects. Me and my pet cat Pulot, got immortalized in Andre Estillore's comic strip in Inquirer Libre, I'm very happy to discover it because my lovable pet cat is included in the comic strip, and it is very rare to see both master and pet in one comic strip. Just got a big gaming event project, it was my supposed to be 1st gaming event, but in the end the proposal didn't worked well with my middle agents. I created this funny video about breaking up with my girlfriend and it reaches a lot of issues, discussions and page views ahhaha. Got to meet Yeng Costantino for the first time and thanks again for for inviting that day, it was nice to meet her and eheheh cute!. The month also my Incubus mania, and I almost forgot the world in spinning after watching their 2nd concert in Araneta Coliseum, it was the best and miss the band after it.

Its the month of blog events, and this mark my 1st food blog event and met a lot of great bloggers in the field. I love our team and I miss them big time, due to the big team work and coordination to each other. I wrote a review here about the maiden issue of Playboy Magazine Philippines and I didnt expect that review will reach the publisher and it was okay and got a big thank you from them. Just attended the Guiness Book of World Record attempt for the largest Volkswagen parade, I learned many things in that event and it was a great inspiration for me, did a great coverage and from that coverage it landed in print, tv and internet. My first experience in attending the Animax Fashion Ability, such a great event and me with my sister and friends as VIP, thanks to Animax and it was nice to meet the people behind the anime cable channel, this event is one of the start of building our relationship to each other in future events and projects. Also a big revelation on what happend to me on this month... hahaha. I went with my relatives in a long trip and landed me in Hundred Island, it was the best beach escapade ever in my life, going to the beach after nth years.

Its free comic book day month, and just did another first in the history of comics events,by doing a live blogging, coverage, and video live streaming with chat for FCBD, and it was fun doing it connecting comics fans all over the world and witnessing on how we celebrate the FCBD here in the Philippines. And got to meet Kitchie Nadal again for this month, and it was great and got invited to her album launch at the Church of Union in Makati. This month is the hectic month of me, because the next month is the Toy Con and I'm going crazy already in the production and planning for the biggest convention in the Philippines. And been experiencing a lot of tantrums from a lot of people because of miscommunications and non-proper coordination with me. the month of big challenge. Also the month as I concentrate and be a band manager to Insanara, which kinda didn't work out well because of my busy schedule.

its the month of Toy Con, and it's the moment of truth in delivering another big event to everyone. And thanks to God again to have another succesful event. And also a big press release to all in having my last dance in being involved in this event. A massive food blog events and party for this month and I just can't believed that I attended it all. The focus of too much events organizing and tantrum made a big effect in my focus in my work, but just nailed it and convinced myself to have a rest and refresh, to have a big start in having a new life.

it's my month, because the 1st day is my birthday hehhee. And it marked my 5th year in having an online birthday party which it was participated in big numbers and more hi tech than ever. Live video streaming and chat even if you don't have any YM accounts. I was invited to be a photographer for the taping of the Pops in Seoul in Manila, and I'm happy to be part of it and my contribution as a photographer to everyone, met VJ Isak and Evan, and I just can't believe it that they are here, and I'm glad that familiar in their show because I used to watch it sometimes whenever I switch channels. It is also my first time to join in a FHM autograph signing event with my friends and I just can't let go Diana Zubiri and want to meet her personally, it was a fun experience and it devirginizes me as an FHM event attendee. Also the month were I posted that Eraserheads reunion concert rumor, as I got the news from Gorgoro. Got busy too here in attending tv interviews and taping, and also my experience as press guy in attending Daughtry's press con and also concert c/o and Eastwood city. It was the best concert experience, been there covering the event for the blogosphere and for all fans from all over the world. The coverage reach a lot of views and comments from fans.

hahahaha I won the Coke video blog contest, and my first participation made me won the 1st place and I took home this Toshiba 32 inch LCD TV, and I carried it all the way home after the awarding event in SM MOA Taste Asia, then after that I event hop to take my 1st photography gig in covering the Godskitchen in A venue Hall. For the comics side, it was revealed in the comics that PGMA is a skrull ahaahha, it sparked a media interest and it was cleared by the artist Leinil Yu afterwards and explain on its appearance, before it reached some bad press about it. Got invited again in doing a live video streaming of a Guiness Book of World Record attempt by Levis 501 unbottoned, and it was a big success, because few months ago, it was declared that the giant billboard is a world record for having the biggest sticker in the world. This coverage landed on print and also on TV. Our first Eastwood City activitiy with the bloggers started off with the Gary Valenciano concert, it was great show and started to form this Eastwood City bloggers and photographers club, which I haven't started to launched it formally. Then the 4th Arts and Music festival kicks off in the Megatrade Hall, after our 2nd day production for the cosplay, me and Mark went off the grounds and troop to Global City to watch the Eraserheads reunion concert, it was the biggest online coverage, were I posted live plurk updates from my cellphone to this blog, which read by hundreds of viewers and then posted first the photos online minutes after the concert. Also my project otakon was revealed here in a partial appearance of its poster, and ROAM Magazine just published my coverage article and photo of the Volkswagen parade, were it marked my first magazine article with my own photos.

My month of busy scheds and many activities, It was the cramming month for me to organize this biggest otaku convention in Enchanted Kingdom, and my planning stage started here, and the launch of the event will be on the end of this month, it was my unbelievable stunt in organizing a convention for only 1 month. Just joined in a San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest bloggers team in covering the kick off, also for another world record attempt in having the longest beer bar in the world. This coverage made it on tv after my blog post months later, and its my 3rd world record moment. We watched the band Third Eye Blind at the kick off party, which we bloggers started the buzz online about the rumor and news about the concert of the band. Still the month composed of scandals and issues that revolves around the net, and also the fun in staying in Plurk hehhee.

Its the month were I got my total freedom, and because of that, my life runs through a lot of events, blog activities and parties, just did an exclusive interview with the director of Tekken video game and the interview circulated and now pirated in the Youtube hahahah. But it was great in being part of it and we just did our first coverage for our blog group and team - Pop Machine Media. Almost every week, I got so busy in writing and also putting this blog on heavy schedule

the line is same with the month of November, being busy on events and blog activities. Its my 2nd time to have a public talk about blogging, and this time I am no longer alone to do the talk, and I just invited my blogger friends to join with me. Then after the talk, we just went to the Sepultura concert to have a big coverage, it was great goose bump experience, and love how heavy metal rises again in our soil hehhe. sorry i am such a fan. Jay invited me as his photographer sidekick and its another gig experience for me to cover the Awit Awards in Eastwood City, then I invited my blogger friends and photographers to join with us in covering it for our blogs c/o Eastwood City. And also my 2nd time to appear in Andre Estillore's comic strip with my pet cat Pulot, and its funny because the comics strip spoofed me as the caveman years who started blogging haahaha. This month also marked me for being sick badly...

This month has the biggest number of blog post, totalling to 76 blog post. My 2nd biggest blog post is 65 from the month of September. Life is still busy in all PR and blog events, and the biggest winning moment that we won a Sony Bravia LCD TV in Jollibee Food Corp. Xmas party. The pop culture updates didn't stop here, but the blog post will never end here, because it is the blog post that will start my January 2009, without it..the month and year will never be completed. As you see, in my year ender blog post, it seems like a blog summary in all months for the year 2008, but by reading this,you will begin to understand on what I just did and accomplished for 2008, and it means that I should do more and also work hard for this year 2009.

Thanks everyone for taking time reading this, and hope to see you all again this 2009.

- all the best,
Azrael Coladilla

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year !! Let's make 2009 the best year ever!

Happy New Year to you and to your Family!!!

2008 was the best for everyone and I like to greet all of you a Happy New Year and to have the best year again and ever for the year 2009.

Thanks for the team up/work/projects/gig/ event/ fun/ party with me for this year, and hope we can do more for 2009!


all the best,
Azrael Coladilla

Year ender concert and fireworks in Marikina Riverpark

After having a mall visit, food trip and movie screening in SM Marikina, me and my sister Misyel went to the Marikina River Park to check out this year ender event and fireworks display at the Marikina Amphitheater, I just go the info of this event from Iris' blog and we got a last minute plurk discussions on who will be there to watch, and it seems that everyone participated are from Marikina and near the area. And because that we live near Marikina, its a short walking distance from our place in Santolan and taking a quick under ground shortcut from SM Marikina, we arrived there in the riverbank in no time.

Then we saw a big number of people already formed in the whole riverbank and they are watching the live band concert in front of the floating stage by the river,and we approached the entrance area and we landed in the VIP section, Then I met Ada and Sabrina near us, and she told us that Carl is inside, after texting Carl, he showed up coming from behind, ahahah we thought that he's inside the VIP section taking photos, but he told me that he's hanging out with the TipidPC guys in a bar above the riverbank. Then Carl spearheaded a talk with the event committee and then we were surprised that we got in at the VIP and there we did the photo blog coverage for everyone! wow!!! thanks Carl, and look at it, we are seated at the Marikina official section, infront of the stage hahahha. ( read more below)

Periodico band was the last performing artist we saw that night, and then the Mayor of Paranaque came up on stage and did a song number for everyone, before the performance, I just heard that there were theater plays and drama, and also lots of dance number by students and performing groups from Marikina.

The attendance is estimated to a number of 60,000 people who came from Marikina, Pasig, Quezon City, Cainta, Antipolo and Manila. MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando was there also in support to his wife, Mayor Marides Fernando. Chairman Bayani went up on stage and reminded everyone not to throw their trash in the river and help them to clean it up and restore the river's life and environment, he also promoted the next project on having a major clean up of the whole river in the coming year.

After some short talks and program, the main event started with the live music intro by the Apo Hiking Society band and then followed by Buboy, Danny and Jim of the Apo Hiking Society, they perform the timeless classic music and hits, also some cover songs and new songs. It was a great experience for me to watch the APO live, and it was my first time to see them perform and it was the best! I'm glad that I saw them live and it is a mind blowing experience listening to Original Pilipino Music of OPM as it best. And after the 2 hour performance, Mayor Fernando went up on stage with the City officials to have a ceremomy and oath with the whole people in the venue, it was like an oath with list of city ordinance that they should follow always, and I got surprised on those ordinance and might be the reason why Marikina people are well organized and disciplined in terms for peace, order, and cleanliness.

After a few minutes, and 30 minutes early before 12 midnight, the fireworks lit up the sky, and stayed on my seat, almost lying and staring up the sky, as my companions are busy taking photos and video, nice to hear everyone shouted "wow" everytime a big fireworks explodes in the sky, and after that a big happy new year shout and hugs from everyone.

Video of the fireworks display

it was an early New Year Celebration for us for 2009. and glad that we were there to post this blog coverage for all.

wohohohohh...Happy New Year everyone!!!!! we come!

more photos in Year ender concert and fireworks in Marikina Riverpark

check out Ada's photo coverage
Ada, Carl and me
with Mayor Fernando
Apo Hiking Society

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dayo sa mundo ng Elementalia receives 4 awards at the MMFF 2008

I just received a call from Jinky Salvador of Cutting Edge Productions, and the entire team like to thanks all bloggers and supporters for Dayo, and for this she told me that they are now preparing for the DVD and soon to be merchandise of the animated movie. Congratulations to Dayo and Cutting Edge Prod.

Also Dayo sa mundo ng Elementalia receives 4 awards from the Metro Manila Film Festival 2008, and I just got a big update few days ago during the awards night and thanks to Carl Valenzona for informing via text and just plurked the news for our online friends.

Here are the list of awards that Dayo received.

Best Sound by Whannie Dellosa and Albert Michael Idioma

Best Visual Effects by Robert Quilao

Best Musical Score by Jessie Lasaten

Best Theme Song : "Lipad"

Comiket 75 ( Comic Market, Japan)

Comiket 75 ( December 28-30, 2008)

Today is the annual Comiket 75 or Comic Market 75 in Japan, and its the biggest convention and the mother breeding group for manga artist, previews and release of anime figures, merchandise, games and videos.

I have a friend who has a booth there and I haven't got a chat with him for this year, and I also forgot to pick up my Hobby magazine that I requested from him last year. He offered this anime pantsu ( or panty) but I told him that I'm not interested on hentai stuff ahahhaha.

Read more below to see some interesting anime figures that was displayed at their 3 day convention.

there are more coverages and figure previews at : Part 1: Max Factory, Good Smile Company, Gift, and Native : Part 2: Kotobukiya, Yujin, Toranoana, Volks, and more!

photos are courtesy of

top photo of Comiket 75 poster is courtesy of

Monday, December 29, 2008

two days more before the year end

I'm not sure to myself and why is it that I'm not that excited for the year 2009. ehehee.

I feel that I must bring all of my luck and happy joy joy times with me for the year 2009, and Leave the bad stuff and negative side on 2008. I still have a lot of plans for 2009 and I'm staying away first writing and organizing things for the upcoming year, that includes the short and long term plans. And I can see that 2009 is big compare to 2008, because lot of things had developed for this year and will grow more and more for the coming year. That includes work and projects, also for the personal side. But the big hit for 2009 is that it will be more expensive for me to live and now I must have a very organized plan in how will I survive the 2009 events.

The first week of January will be the start of my busy schedule, performing a lot of duties in online and offline, attending some events and activities, blogging stuff, work, family and many more. I'm lost at the near end of 2008, and the big search for what will be my purpose and reason to exist will be revealed for 2009.

I just met my old friends few days ago in Eastwood City, and it was great seeing them good and well, as you know they call me in my name that I haven't used it for many many years and its fun that the 2008 is great for them and as we talk that night we see what will be the next big thing for 2009.

Now I'm beginning to write my the best of 2008 here, and just give me some time to recover and also give a big push to write more here in my blog. To all my blog readers thanks so much for the big support and hope you still stay here and read my blog. For past 7 years in blogging, 2008 is the big best for me in the world of blogging.

oh yeah!!!

- azrael 12/29/08

im writing this as fast as i can...coz we are leaving the house ahhahaha

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Red Letter Night - A Benefit Concert for the Philippine National Red Cross

Sunday, January 4, 2009 at 8:00pm
Fiamma Bar and Restaurant, Jupiter St, Makati, Philippines

The Philippine National Red Cross is about always being first, always being ready, and always being there. With contributions made by donors, the Red Cross is able to respond to emergencies fast and efficiently. But one aspect that is often overlooked is the fact that donations are needed even before disaster strikes. If the Red Cross had the proper preemptive funding, they could attend to victims of disaster before their situations get worse.

Let us make a good start in 2009 by helping the Philippine National Red Cross attain its commitment to provide quality life-saving services which protect the life and dignity of indigent Filipinos in vulnerable situations.

This January 2009, catch the Philippines’ formidable talents as they gather in one-night event to serenade and give breathtaking performances for the good of PNRC and its beneficiaries.

The event, dubbed as “RED LETTER NIGHT“, features Awit Award winner R&B singer Thor, Awit-nominated band 3rd Avenue, Miguel Escueta, 2008 Awit Award-winner Soul Child Julianne, The Out of Body Special, many other bands, and surprise celebrity guests. It will be held on January 4, Sunday night at Fiamma along Jupiter St. in Makati. Tickets are available now only at P350 each.

For ticket orders, you can e-mail us at
or contact 09178711878.

you may also RSVP via Facebook for updates

TV5 Live Caravan

Hi there everyone!!! TV5 is inviting everyone for their TV5 live Caravan event on Jan. 3, 2008, for requirements on how to enter and join the event, just visit to know more about the mechanics on how to join. Also they have a promo contest which you can win a free passes for the event, go and join Give Me Five Picture

We bloggers will be there too to join the party! launching event and Spa-rty

I got invited by Maan Tolentino to their website launching and community eyeball of their online blog-magazine-forum community for Filipinas, which is called, the event was held inside The Spa, Bonifacio High Street. The event seems to be for females only, but glad that I got invited from the organizers and did some photo snap shot activity for their web launching, and its nice that I did something good for their promotion of their website and event, hahaha didn't know that it was viral marketing :) (read more below)

I was there with Lace, my friends in the blogosphere, multiply and plurks, also my sister is there too. And I've met new friends and people from the different kind of industry, also Mike Abundo was there as to be the host of the show with Tintin Bersola-Babao. During the program, we were treated by cocktails by C3, and a flavored lambanog by Dory's Lambanog (of Candelaria, Quezon), and a shoulder and neck massage by The Spa. Then in the middle of the program, Fitness First conducted this dance exercise on the floor with the event attendees, saw some people dance gracefully, and I just laugh at myself because I'm not that good in dancing, so I declined some invitation to join with them hahaha, sorry guys. Then they raffled off cool items frm Intel, Lenovo, Island Roses, hotel GC, Spa GC, Mich Calica's designer bags and many more. Everyone at the event receive long stem pink roses, and it was given by the host of the event Mike Abundo, and also everyone took home a voucher and discount coupons of the Spa. Also Ms. Lella gave to all attendees a hand custom made bracelet accessory.

The event is great to meet and get to know the people inside the website of ProudlyFilipina, and also serves as a ground for newbies of the site to interact and go networking with fellow bloggers and internet users. The main website goal and mission is very simple "To bring together and unite Filipinas from all over the world where they can all learn and laugh, improve talents, meet new Filipinas, and collectively, guide each other to reach their goals and dreams." as it says in their about us page. And I didn't know that they have a very big number community not only here in the Philippines, but also participated by Filipinas in every part of the world.

The website has very nice content, and in blog platform, it is very easy to read it and post comments, and also interact with other readers, the website is also like a social networking site, that you can add your buddy list, do blogging, post photos and organize a group of online friends. There is also the forum, were you can post something on each Filipina related categories of Health, Beauty, Parenting tips, travel, hobbies and many more. Everyone can join, all you have to do is register and sign up your account and confirm it with your valid email address.

Being in online or offline, a new community emerges and is a perfect to start off the year 2009.

congrats to Maan and her team for putting up this new virtual hub for all Pinays!

more photos in my album at Spa-rty

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