Dayo sa mundo ng Elementalia receives 4 awards at the MMFF 2008

I just received a call from Jinky Salvador of Cutting Edge Productions, and the entire team like to thanks all bloggers and supporters for Dayo, and for this she told me that they are now preparing for the DVD and soon to be merchandise of the animated movie. Congratulations to Dayo and Cutting Edge Prod.

Also Dayo sa mundo ng Elementalia receives 4 awards from the Metro Manila Film Festival 2008, and I just got a big update few days ago during the awards night and thanks to Carl Valenzona for informing via text and just plurked the news for our online friends.

Here are the list of awards that Dayo received.

Best Sound by Whannie Dellosa and Albert Michael Idioma

Best Visual Effects by Robert Quilao

Best Musical Score by Jessie Lasaten

Best Theme Song : "Lipad"