Alodia mini Fans day production note 4

I just got a text from RG and he just told me that the Alodia and her sister Ashley will be performing live on stage tomorrow at Alodia Gosiengfiao's mini fans day at E-games Domination III event at SMX Convention Center. I immediately relay the message to the organizing team and everyone is adding this activity on the program schedule. I think the performance will be between 2pm and 3pm. I just heard that the Gosiengfiao sisters will be singing and play musical instruments. I just watched their video of their band years ago, and I think this will definitely a rock song..hmmm..

I also saw the floor layout of the venue, and I can't tell how big is a 24 sqm. room for a mini fans day or maybe there's something wrong on the label of the floor plan. Okay, I'll just remove that measurement and describe what I saw in the floor layout. Upon entering the fans day venue, you'll see the Maxi Collector booth on the left side and a booth on the right side, on the upper left side is the Alodia fan art gallery exhibit, contest exhibit and photo exhibit area. Infront is the platform stage with 30 chairs. Looks like the venue can really accomodate 50 VIP person, great work E-games!

tomorrow I'll be there early, maybe at 9am to check out and prepare the show.
see you all there!