I just experienced a precision driving stunt with Russell Swift at the Manila International Auto Show 2009

I just experienced something that is more fun than a roller coaster, and thats riding with Russel Swift in a Subaru car, performing precision driving and stunt. Russ Swift is a 3 time Guiness World Record holder for precision driving, he got the title for having the fastest donut spin, tightest J-turn, and speediest parallel parking ( 2 seconds flat). He is considered as the "driving hero of enthusiats and motoring professionals alike. And now he is back again for the third (and last ) time here at the Manila International Auto Show 2009, happening in World Trade Center from April 2-5, 2009.

I'm not familiar with Russ Swift before and I got invited as media to cover the event, thanks to Geiser Maclang for the awesome gig in events. And then I learned that precision driving stunt will be performed by Russ, then thats where my brain work and began to visualize and analyze, I said to myself "omg whoaaa wow! I must see this" and because that I am so excited to watch it, they even told me if I like to volunteer sitting with Russ and perform that 2 tire wheeling stunt, ahhahahaa. Then I remember those car scenes and stunts in Fast and Furious part 4 movie, I got the cheapy answer and raised my hands.

but then later on..I chickened out

We were told to proceed to the loading bay, thats behind the World Trade Convention Center, and I just saw a big set up of the driving arena and noticed that many audience are already in there. I took some photos near the speaker set and I just saw Russ's J turn and parallel parking stunt. It was great to see it in live! and that Subaru Impreza Sedan survived the stunt without any scratch.

then.. they called my name and there I am riding inside a Subaru WRX STI, and you know that I fall in love to a Subaru car after watching Fast and Furious, and here I am riding in one of the car model that is a same model used in the movie.

here's my video inside the car

I got inside the car with my camera phone rolling and taking video, I want to video document this, because this will be an awesome video coverage taken at Manila International Auto Show 2009, the announcer told us to buckle up, and then we got in the car, but Russ became so disoriented and having trouble staring the car, he went out of the car and asked a Subaru car attendant to start and run it a few feet, the announcer said that if ever I touched any buttons inside, I told them "no I didn't move an inch inside hahahaa", then Russ went back and began to roll. He used some sort of break force in the car, and I told him, "hey Russ, are you trying to have a warm up" then he just smiled and stroll the car around. He said to me "give the audience a wave", so I wave my hand outside the car and smiled to the watching audience, then he immediately turn aroun performing donut spin. hahhahha.

here's a video from the audience area, thanks Pinayads.com

the the donut spin didn't stop and It felt like that I'm riding a roller coaster, I can feel the g-force in my face and begins to warp hahahaa. The donut spin lasted for 3 mins and I'm not sure how many turns Russ made with the Subaru, but the Yokohoma tire went into smoke and I rode like a cowboy waving my hat outside like in a rodeo. hahahaa.

We went out of the car both dizy and the world went upside down. Got a big hand shake with Russ and an ultimate experience to share with everyone. Thanks Russ!

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