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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Top 10 best comics shop in the Philippines this 2009

update: October 15, 2013
I'm going to update this blog post and come up a new list for 2013 for the Top 10 best comic shops here in the Philippines. So watch out for my updated blog post.

I just searched on the net and there's no listing or complete directory of local comic book shop or stores that sells comics here in the Philippines. I'm now on a writing project listing the top comic book shop that is known to everyone. I'm still searching for others, as I know that there are shops outside Manila and Luzon, and even I just encountered this comics shop in Baguio 10 years ago.

So start off the listing in no particular order. I might update this once I got to discover new shops. The description of each store is based on my experience only.

1. Comics Quest
Been buying comics from them since when I'm in my senior high school up to college. I started to collect my comics and learned that they can reserved you a copy, (depends if the store attendant knows you). I usually bought my comics in SM CityNorth Edsa, and completed my first mini series - Kingdom Come, which makes me come back to collect and read comics after my elementary years (thanks to that P500 I found in school campus).

They offer comics reservation today on some titles that are hot and in demand, it now requires a down payment. I haven't tried the service yet but I know it is convenient to comic book readers and collectors if they want to get a hold of those copies in one hit or in one set or have no trouble of thinking to be sold out. They also sells tradepaper backs, back issues of comics, sci fi books, magazines, action figures, t-shirts and guide to draw comics and manga books. They also have a blog website and a mailing list were they send a list of comics coming in every week.

their branches are at
SM Megamall
SM City North Edsa
Festival Mall

Phone: 634-1291

2. Filbar's
Filbar's is the oldest store that sells comics, and now the store evolves and turns into a magazine store, but they still carry the comics line in some of the branches. There are lots of branches of Filbar's in all over metro, but the descent branch can be found in SM Megamall. I buy my comics here if ever that I ran out of stocks in Comic Quest, it serve as my 2nd savior in comics collecting (during the 90s). They still have stocks of back issues and a regular sales of comics every week.

The store is known to be having a 10-20% off comics sales in some seasons, and its a big help for some collectors for hunting back issues and even new issues.

their branches at
SM City North Edsa
SM Megamall
SM City Fairview
Robinsons Galeria
SM Mall of Asia
Greenbelt 1

Main office:
53 Ermin Garcia St Brgy Pinagkaisahan Cubao Quezon City Philippines
Phone: 632 584 9229

3. Comic Odyssey
The booming comic shop here in the Philippines and makes comic collecting and the hobby more fun than ever. I've been buying comics here in the early 2000 and one of their earliest branch was in Robinsons Manila and in Market Place, Kalentong (now closed). The shop just expanded in the year of 2007 after the owner Sandy Sansolis went back to our mother land and focus in delivering good service and business for the comics market. It's such a big transformation for Comic Odyssey after launching their main branch in Robinsons Galeria, they now hold a series of comic book launching, signings, and artists meet and greet for local and international comic book artist. They had united the local comic book artists and fans in one venue and this is done when theres a Free comic book day event or comic book launches.

Its a big ground if you want to start your comic collecting, they sell a wide range of titles and trade paper backs, vintage comics, collectible variants, toys, action figures, statues, CCG and many more. You can also reserve your comics daily/weekly/monthly (if the attendant knows you well) they reserve your comics and keep it in a special box for you, just make sure you pick it up on the right time and don't let your box be full of unclaimed reserved comics. You can also pre-order some titles and even order hard to find items that can be bought in the US. You can also order comics online via their website and comics be delivered to your door steps.

Sandy, the owner of the store usually stays in the shop every Saturday entertaining costumers and comics book fans, he is also a comic collector and fans so there's no problem in talking to him and ask an inquiry. The store knows their product well and its fun to see the owner runs the store well for everyone. Good service at its best.

Their branches
Robinsons Galeria (main )
Robinsons Place Manila
Eastwood City Cybermall

website :
Phone : 632) 914-0040

4. Planet X Comics
A sister store of Comic Odyssey and now has two branches in Manila. The first store opens in TriNoma mall and the 2nd is at Glorietta 3 mall. The set up and style is same with Comic Odyssey, the store is owned by Eric Baga, who I know was the former manager of Comic Odyssey in Manila. Quality of service is the same with Comic Odyssey, and I'm glad that they opened in Glorietta ( which I usually hang out if ever I'm in Makati)

their branches at:
TriNoma Mall
Glorietta 3, Makati

Phone : (632)915-2744
5. Druid's Keep
This store is a living legend to comic collectors, because it was a talked of the town after it was discovered and shared to us during its first run. And because of the location is in the far reach of Magallanes, I managed to ask a fellow comic fan friend to take me there, and it was a cool spot and venue for comics and movie fans. Statues and figures were everywhere, and comic books are placed in this nice rack and artworks of pinoy artists are displayed. Felix Cua, owner of the store is also a comic collector and fan, he runs and manage the store himself and its great to see another store owner entertains customers and fans everyday. The store give services of reserving your comics, do pre-orders and even order items that is not on their list. Many hardcore comic fans stays here and even comic artists hang out with them. It's like a hidden homebase of comics fantasy and awesomeness.

Heard that the store is known to be selling the lowest price of comics, I can't confirm it yet today if they still have the lower price compare to other shops in Manila.

their branch at:
3rd floor, Gateway Mall Complex, Magallanes
phone : 854 53 32

6. Fourth Wall Comics
Another living legend of comics stores, I call them that because its a talk of the town or sometimes an urban legend, because I hear stories from other comics fans that there's this store in Filmore St. and during the early year of its run, nobody can confirm it properly, well maybe that because its a gold mine for comics fans in getting a hold of their comics items for themselves ehhehehe ( yeah I'm like that sometimes, not sharing infos to others just to have a 2nd venue where to get my comics if ever it ran out of copies to other branches)

Mark Cerbo
did a visit of the store, and I'm still waiting for the guy to post the photos he took during his Free comic book day visit. Eric, the owner is also a comic fan and manages it everyday, not so sure if it is open in a regular basis. But as Mark said theres a wide collection of comic items and toys being sold.
5082 Filmore St., Palanan Makati City
Phone: 0922-827-2237
7. Sputnik comics
One of the unique store that opens in the heart of Cubao, owned and operated by writer Ramon deVeyra. He shared to me that he opened the store with his two friends as a big graphic novel collector and comics fans. The store specializes in selling graphic novels, independent titles done by local or international artists, designer and urban toys. Because of its store design with a melting white interiors and an alien top of it, make s Sputnik more unique and a cool place to stay for comics fans. The store is alive whenever theres a party or big event within Cubao Expo.

I have featured the store here during its launching, you can read my report and also a video interview with Ramon - Sputnik Comics Shop opens in Cubao X
update 1: "It's now owned by his former Sputnik partner Lyle Sacris, and two other people."

Shop 60, Cubao Expo, General Romulo Ave. Cubao Quezon City
website :

8. Comics n Stuff
I'm going to visit this comic shop located in ground floor of Market Market in Global City, Taguig.
And according to my reader, he said the store is a sister company of Comic Odyssey.

9. Bookstores
We can add our giant bookstores like Fullybooked, Powerbooks, Bibliarch, National Bookstore, Booksale and many more. They sell lots of bulk of trade paper backs, graphic novels and mangas. Fullybooked got the large selection of TPBs and graphic novels, while Powerbooks has a set of TPB of common titles like from DC and Marvel, in Booksale you can grab a discounted price of some regular back issues and saw that they stock some silver age titles in their Megamall branch.

10. Merchants
They are collectors and comic fans who sells comics in events and convention, they bring their large boxes and sell their comic collections and extra copies. For comic fans, they are the last resort to grab sold out comics and compilation of regular issues. You can buy here a regular complete set of Civil War or Infinite Crisis. Although prices are very special, but the safe keeping and love for collecting the comics for you is the best.

This top 10 list is not yet complete, Its kinda my writing project for this blog, and will update this more if ever I get more informations on it. I like to add Book Sale, Fully Booked, and Powerbooks in the list, but they are much more different from my list and they are magazine and book stores.

If you know a cool comic shop in your area, feel free to share an information via email at azrael at gmail dot com, or post a comment here.

feel free to email me or message me if there's any correction of information posted here in my blog. Hope this blog post can help everyone in search for the best comic book shop in the Philippines

will update this post with photos and videos soon

all posted only at
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