Battle of the mens magazine cover for July 2009

Maxim, FHM, UNO, Playboy will now battle for the best cover of this month of July 2009. This will be now a regular series here in my blog and readers can rate and judge it by voting in our polls.

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so here are the magazine for July 2009.
( read more below, NSFW, below 18 are not allowed)

Aubrey Miles for FHM Philippines
Another bold and sexy cover for FHM and Aubrey is covered only by a hand paint in her chest. I just the other photos inside the magazine and found that there are good photos to be placed there to be the cover. But this is their direction and glad that they put her name on the cover because I thought that she's not Aubrey.

Jackie Rice for Maxim Philippines
There's a little controversy that this was the last issue of Maxim Philippines, but those are just rumors spreading on the net, or maybe another viral gimik of Maxim? hmm But who cares.. Jackie Rice is the cover sitting near the pool in sideview and looks like her swim suit is getting loose. There's a reddish color in her face and hope that is not Photoshop. hmm..

Cindy Kurleto for UNO
They say that this cover is very controversial and cyberspace boys are complaining for the concept of it. But just remove the text embossed of the title of the articles (you'll see it in actual magazine) you will get a nice piece of photo of Cindy and pink lace covering her front. I like to give a medal on the P.A. holding the end of the lace.

unknown cover girl for Playboy Philippines

I haven't got a copy of this magazine, and some naysayer told me that they are not impressed on the cover, another concept that matches the article and theme of this month's issue. Did they just break the Playboy magazine cover of code? girls on the cover and half naked? (i mean in an artistic way), I haven't got a copy so I just named the cover girl... unknown cover girl.

If you have other reviews...feel free to post it in my comment board. And if you want to add more magazine in our list , just post it below and we will include it in our August mash up.