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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Save the date! - Animax's premiere of LaMB animated movie



The Making of LaMB: Tue, 17 March 2009, 8pm (SIN) / 7pm (WIB)
LaMB (Part 1): Tue, 24 Mar 2009, 8pm (SIN) / 7pm (WIB)
LaMB (Part 2) Tue, 31 Mar 2009, 8pm (SIN) / 7pm (WIB)
LaMB (1-Hour Special): Tue, 7 Apr 2009, 8pm (SIN) / 7pm (WIB)

Animax Asia’s LaMB
LaMB is Animax Asia’s first original animation production for online, mobile and TV, offering a revolutionary multiplatform, multimedia entertainment experience to engage youth and young adult digital natives of today.

Culminating March 2009 in an hour-long LaMB high definition (HD) animation TV feature, the LaMB project that is 10 months in the making, also includes specially created music videos, a web manga, a mobile graphic novel, mobisodes, as well as online and mobile games launched from December 2008 through Q1 of 2009.

Made under the US$6million Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and SPE Networks – Asia (SPENA) Joint Production Fund and executive produced by Animax Asia, LaMB is based on the script submitted by Filipino viewer Carmelo Juinio, winner of the Animax Awards 2007 regional script-writing competition.

Production is undertaken by Singapore studios Peach Blossom Media and Imaginary Friends Studios, directed by Thomas Chou with project consultant Ryosuke Tei, and storyboards by Yasufumi Soejima.

LaMB stars Taiwan-based singer-actor Van Ness Wu, Taiwan-based actress Tanaka Chie and Hong Kong artiste Josie Ho as voice actors in lead roles. International bands The Click Five and Simple Plan provide musical tracks to the show which also features costumes designs by Vivienne Tam. Further information is available at


bloggers commentary
save the date guys! and check back soon here for my coverage of the press screening and also interview with Filipino writer and creator of LaMB, Mr. Carmelo Juinio.
Thanks to Animax and also for inviting me to see the premiere and meet the creator and to meet Mr. Greg Ho once again (after that year 2000 event that we got involved in)

The Teazperiments mystery

We were invited to this event, and it says its a launching for a youth online show that bans boredom to teens, and I got the idea by imagining lots of things and think that this maybe a gag show or maybe a new youtube online show. But after arriving inside Top Shelf in Fully Booked Boni High St. I was surprised that it was a Tang Fruit Teaz launching event.

We sat on the table, meet my blogger friends and then there's this group of girls who sat on our table and became so noisy and babble about her blogging lifestyle, kinda annoying at first, but its great to listen to it and since that I don't know her or maybe a new person in the blogosphere, I just mind my own business and will talk to them later on. But as time goes by, me and Sarah are playing that electric shock game puzzle and got busy taking photos for my blog, I heard Lace interviewed the girls and ask them what was their blog all about, but then Lace told me she can't get an idea what kind of blogs because they just seem not to explain clearly what are their blog's content, then a guy I know from my multiply network talked to me and introduces himself, and then I asked the same thing but didn't got the direct answer.
Then the show started and we got surprised that the people who are seating with us on the table, began to stand up on their chairs and sang! haaha it was a dramatic set up for all of us bloggers and because of this we got introduce to this online show called Teazperiments, if you log on to you'll see an online show hosted by Ketchup and Andi 9, and the show is about these youth orgs in some schools will battle out by posting their video and their flash mob acts, if you are not familiar with flash mob acts, it means that a many group of youth will form in one area in any venue and later on they will freeze and stop moving, you can search in youtube and see that this kind of art activity is being done by lots of art groups and online artist, its the best attention grabbing movement to the public and I know many will experience it a little weird. (read more of my funny story below)

so the mystery of this Teazperiments has been solved and I tried this Tang Fruit Teaz ahahaa, kinda sweet but like an ice tea blended with fruit flavors, hahahaha sounds like a blog commercial ad, but thats what I experience the night of fun and laughter with all these kids fooling us hahahaha.

“Teens naturally want to explore things around them, hoping to discover something fun and interesting that would cure their boredom,” says Cindy Abella, Brand manager for Tang Fruit Teaz. “Through Teazperiments, we thought this natural curiosity can be geared towards creative and exciting outputs.”
Abella further explains that the best part about this show is that the tweens themselves can judge who created the most fun and creative flash mob presentation. They vote online by logging on to

So the equation for tween fun is really simple--combine school orgs, teazperiments and creativity, you get the best antidote for boredom.

Been hearing that many like the taste of strawberry, I haven't tried it yet, but will try it once I finished my apple flavor at home.

I like the taste of peach and because I'm very used to its taste and it relaxes my throat and my body after it. Its a little too sweet but the tea taste makes the peach more raw and tastes perfect with an ice cold water.

more photos in my album at Tang Fruit Teaz launching event @ Top Shelf, Boni High St.

Blogger's Pizza & Wine event @ Café Provençal, 2F Shangri-la Mall

Café Provençal in Shangri La is having a Summer in Provence promotions for the month of March 2009, and bloggers were invited to try out their new promo that is perfect for our hot season. I just heard of festivals and fiesta, but if you add pizza, pasta and wine festival in a restaurant, you'll be excited more and taste the words of pasta in every seconds when you are inside Cafe Provencal. Thanks to Paul Pajo and the Cafe Provencal owners for inviting us.

I haven't tried any of the food because I arrived so late at that night, but on my next visit, will do a food review on it and share my experience having my solo pasta-pizza-wine fiesta.

more photos in my album at Blogger's Pizza & Wine event @ Café Provençal, 2F Shangri-la Mall

Fast casual dining experience in the new Greenwich

Sometimes we think first on how we will be comfortable in eating or meal and also hanging out with friends. I just heard of many people are having the same feel for a good ambiance and tasty food, and I also want to feel it and be like a college boy once again, hanging out with my barkada, and my delicious lasagna supreme. That's Greenwich is starting to reshape its branches and transform it into a fast casual diners and instead of a fast food chain. Feel like I'm in a restaurant with a different environment whenever I'm inside, looking at cool decors, interiors, the table, chairs, and event the service is a lot of different and very formal to me.

Greenwich started already this new image and thanks to the high caliber design agency of Team Manila and JimenezBasic for adding making a new look in some new branches of Greenwich. The new feel attracts teens, young professionals and working adults and standing all over the business district of Manila. Staffs of Greenwich undergone training by a world class Hospitality service provider, Magsaysay institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts.

Greenwich’s Marketing Director Francis Flores shares, “Apart from realizing our mission to bring the joy of eating to everyone, and translating it into tangible values our customers can enjoy, it makes our staff and customers happier to be part of an innovative and customer-focused brand. We are all excited to give friends and barkadas another great reason to frequent Greenwich because now, barkadas’ bonding moments are more enjoyable and fun at Greenwich. On behalf of the Philippines’ no.1 pizza, I am inviting all the pizza and pasta-loving friends to treat themselves to a delightfully different experience only Greenwich can offer. A lot of delicious and delightful things are here to be discovered.”

Some fast casual stores are now in SM Megamall, you will also want to try their new menus, like having coffee and cakes. Got surprised when they offered us this ganache cake and it was great eating it after some pizza and pasta from the table. Greenwich is having a big effort of innovating new concepts and bring a lot of joy to eating customers making its brand to position as the undisputed leader in the country's pizza industry.
me and Lace, with the rest of the bloggers Arpee and Noreen enjoyed new food like the Lasagna Supreme, Pizza Shawarma and chocolate Ganache. We also met Michelle Pador, PR Manager of Greenwich at their new branch in Matalino St. in East Ave, QC. Where we saw the new cool style of Greenwich. In my review for their new style and quality service, I never thought that the feel will be like more a restaurant and never think of it as a fast food store, I tried to eat in their new branch in SM Megamall Atrium and felt the same treat like what they did to us in the QC branch. I suggested that they should add Free wifi services to their branches, that will add more feel and target more on young people and working adults. (read more below)
Pizza Shawarma, say goodbye to onion breath and if you eat this you won't smell the onion from your mouth, I just love the taste, not so oily and very crispy. Best to eat with chili sauce.
Chocolate Ganache, its a heavenly dessert, very smooth and tasty, soft but not that sweet.
Its just so weird that I love their Lasagna Supreme, I just don't know why, I'm a big fan of Greenwich when we talk about lasagna, but this time its a lot more different and more tastier, and I just like to agree with Anne Curtis hahahaha.

The top-selling Lasagna Supreme, hailed as one of the top 5 most delicious pastas in the country, was even made more delicious. It now boasts of 3 premium cheeses (special, cheddar & mozzarella), imported beef & noodles, and a rich flavorful blend of tomato and cream sauce, making it the best-tasting premium pasta ever of Greenwich. As the brand’s new face, Anne will help promote her favorite pasta as one of the best things to share with best friends.

The first-ever fast-casual store concept was opened in Makati City just last year. In fact, we’ve started to roll-out this new store concept in a few cities already. We’ve recently re-launched 2 new stores in Rain Tree and Ayala Center Malls in Cebu City and SM Pampanga. And we’re very happy by how our Cebuano and Kapampangan customers accepted and loved our new stores there. We’ve been receiving reports that a lot of barkadas frequent our these stores.

We’ve also opened in a few malls in Metro Manila and our plan is to replicate this new store to a lot of places not just in Metro Manila but also in the different provinces in the country.

more photos in my album at Team Manila + Greenwich = fast casual dining

Bloggers' Party invitation for March 20, 2009

hi everyone!

I'm organizing a party for all pinoy bloggers and its great that Playboy Philippines is sponsoring our event. Hope you won't think a "bastos" or porn party, because Playboy Philippines is not like that. And the agenda of the event is to party and meet our friends who are active in the blogosphere. this is not a media or press event, it is mainly a party for us who loves to blog and to do networking with each other. Let's have a break from a heavy load of work for a moment and enjoy the classy and smart lifestyle in a one night party..bloggers style.

to join in this exclusive party for bloggers, read more below and sign up to the form provided.

click below


Friday, March 13, 2009

Singapore Tourism Board launches an online photography contest to find the best photo of 2008 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix

Color of Speed by Keith Sundiang

-Press Release-

Top Contest Prize: A Pair of Exclusive Formula One Paddock Club™ Tickets for 2009 Race

Singapore, 18 February 2009 – Photographers who captured the spectacular 2008 FORMULA 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix through their lenses now have a chance to take part in the Singapore Grand Prix Photo Competition by simply submitting their best photographs online at

“Set against a backdrop of historical monuments and modern iconic buildings, the 2008 FORMULA 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix was a race high on suspense and full of nail-biting moments that provided great photo opportunities. Many race fans were well-equipped with cameras to photograph their favorite teams in action. With this photo competition, we hope to uncover some picture-perfect shots that will celebrate the spirit of Formula One™ in our vibrant and cosmopolitan city, even as preparations for this year’s race go full steam ahead,” said Chang Chee Pey, Director of Brand Management, Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

Jointly organized by STB and Singapore GP Pte Ltd, this online competition gives participants a chance to win the top prize of a pair of tickets to the exclusive Formula One Paddock Club™ during the 2009 FORMULA 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix that will take place from 25 to 27 September 2009 at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in the heart of downtown Singapore.

“The world’s first Formula One™ night race was a visual feast for spectators, media, and television viewers alike. This was clearly evident in all the thousands of stunning images published around the world. By showcasing our spectators’ best photos, we all have a great opportunity to share their unique perspectives and experiences in and around the Marina Bay Street Circuit,” said Mr. Jonathan Hallett, Media and Communications Director of Singapore GP.

The Racetrack by Night by Jocelyn Dungo

Ruebens’ dream gone pfft by Norman Castillo

Participants in the Singapore Grand Prix Photo Competition can upload their photos and captions on the web portal. There is no limit to the number of entries per participant.

A panel of judges from STB and Singapore GP will assess the entries based on criteria including relevancy to the race, composition, creativity and artistic expression. Aside from the winning entry, judges will award the first runner-up with a pair of Pit Grandstand tickets, and seven winners of the second runner-up will each receive a pair of three-day passes to the Padang Grandstand. In all, nine pairs of 2009 FORMULA 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix tickets will be given away.

The month-long photo competition will run from 18 February to 20 March 2009. Winners will be announced on on 15 April 2009.

The Marina Grandstand by Vivencio Rojas

Singapore in a capsule by Vivencio Rojas

About the FORMULA 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix
The inaugural FORMULA 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix took place on 28 September on a street circuit of public roads around the Marina Bay area. The race was the first Formula One™ to be held at night, and the first Formula One™ street race in Asia. Over 100,000 spectators, a sell-out capacity crowd, and more than 110 million television viewers worldwide watched the Singapore Grand Prix. The 2009 FORMULA 1™ SingTel Singapore Grand Prix will take place from 25 to 27 September 2009 at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in the heart of downtown Singapore.
# # #

Yehey and Fish & Co.'s Prep Up the Platter Bloggers Event and Fish & Co. just transformed us bloggers into a grocery racer and a platter designer. We got invited to participate in this little game of make your own platter design contest with other bloggers representing different kinds of countries like USA, India, Japan and Malaysia. I got included in the India group, so for the design of the plate make me wonder what will it look like. Then we decided to add a little spice and chili in the flavored dip of the fillet fish.

Below are videos of our amazing food race

Ready! Start! Grocery!

Go back to Start

mix and design

the end.

and if you want see more of out adventures, visit my photo album page at Yehey and Fish & Co.'s Prep Up the Platter Bloggers Event and check out our little platter design.
And here's our entry for that contest. Indian style! Ohmski named the platter next to an Indian god. We didn't won, but its fun to design our platter, but then me and Chris just thought in the end, "looks like that the first design we create is much better", and then after some few revisions, we just created a much more better design of the platter, Lace and Leira did some food styling and manage the design.

and to merge everything, Fish & Co. is proud to offer to us this new meal in town. It is called The World's Fish and Chips. A fusion and mix of the four countries, with a regular price of P405 or if you want to order for a single serving just order the single dish and pay P205 only, then order the entire platter for only P795.
Lace : "let's order !"
Ohmski : "ohh I like pizza"
Chris : "chili food makes me tickle"
Az: " hahha i want pasta!"

FISH&CO. Branches:
Level 4 Trinoma Park,
Trinoma Quezon City
Tel: 63 2 9162028 and 63 2 9162029
Opened since 23 December 2007

Operating hours: 11:00am-11:00pm daily
Unit 113-115 Ground Floor
Entertainment Mall, South Wing
SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
Tel: 63 2 5560683
Opened since 12 February 2007
Operating hours: Mon-Thu: 11:00am-11:00pm

Fri-Sun: 11:00am-12:00mn
GD 115 Streetscape
Shangri-la Mall Edsa corner
Shaw Blvd Mandaluyong City
Tel/Fax: 63 2 9102140 to 42
Opened since 27 October 2005
Operating hours: Mon-Thu: 11:00am-11:00pm

Fri-Sun: 11:00am-1:00am
3rd Level Fun Dining Area
Greenbelt 3 Ayala Center Makati
Tel/Fax: 63 2 7297431 to 32
Opened since 26 September 2005
Operating hours: Mon-Thu: 11:00am-11:00pm
Fri-Sun: 11:00am-1:00am

Thursday, March 12, 2009

8th Philippine Toy Con 2009 production note 1

Its time for a new production note for this year and I like to apologize that I posted this production note so late and I already been to 3 meetings for the 8th Philippine Toy con 2009. Before our 1st meeting, I was told to create a new teaser poster and a new design of our marketing kit for the event, I did a day off and stayed at home for a day and dedicated my time in doing lots of layout and design for the marketing kit and teaser poster, the heavy part in making all of this is that I need to put all my heart on it and never rush things. I like making rush projects and it makes me more creative and funny, but It sacrifices my health and my time and I will avoid it and never do rush stuff again. And the good part of this project is that I created a cool teaser and people are now aware that our movie theme for Toy Con 2009 is Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and GI JOE : Rise of Cobra, but on latest development few days ago that we might include Harry Potter : Half Blood Prince movie in our theme.

Here I am infront of the laptop doing a short presentation of those draft designs and you'll see Cholo and Joan of Megatrade checking and here I take notes on what ever suggestion and revision for the designs. So after the meeting I showed them the video trailer of GI JOE and Transformer movie, just to heat up our theme and think more ideas that will fit for the event. I'm now more excited in our event tshirt and last year's event shirt is a super success, so proud to wear a Toy Con 2008 Dark Knight official licensed shirt and because of 3 movie theme for this year, you might get the idea what it will be.

Here are some things I need to do for this event, and I need more people for this year and 2 months has been wasted for a pre-production work, and how will I invite more than 20,000 people to come over Toy Con. If you didn't know that last year's Toy Con got a big number of 20,000 attendees and thats the whole sum of visitors from last year, so for 2009, we plan to have more than 20,000. And because of another venue is been added, and remote venues are now in the works. I know that 8th Philippine Toy Con 2009 will be super big...bigger than ever.

On a few weeks, I'll post some thoughts and report from our 2nd meeting.
hope this production note will heat up the Toy con mania!

Going back to regular programming

Hi everyone,

I'm back in talking to my readers again haaha. Tomorrow will be another day for me and it will be my first time to attend a wedding of a friend and got an invite weeks ago, and its my first time to attend alone, and I got invited to be a witness of their wedding, but to some of you know that as the "ninong sa kasal" or god father of the couple. Been busy the past few days and looks like a lot of events are being cooked in a big pan and it will be ready for serving it to the people soon. I haven't posted any production notes yet, but If ever I got time tomorrow, I nice blow by blow production notes of the events I'm cooking for this year. I just got another big event and I'm on a study today and learn more on how will I make it more big and kick ass, and yeah, it involves this favorite video game, movie and music.

Also been busy working on the Alodia Gosienfiao mini fans day and I'm working it with the main organizers and thanks to them that they accepted my offer in helping them for the event, I might post a separate production note for this event and a mother event will be created soon after the mini fans day. I know everyone is excited and Im very happy that my event concept got approved and now we are using it for Alodia's event.
The lone viper in sm mall of asia. I just finished a meeting and now im going to eat my dinner and attend a 2nd meeting also in sm moa.
Events coverage are getting hot today, and now I'm very hungry in acquiring a DSLR, and looks like that I need it asap. I'm now receiving photography gigs and its a great opportunity that people are trusting me to do a photography job. But my camera can do something like a DSLR, but I might do an experiment and might focus on fashion photography.

Speaking of Fashion.. I'm helping a friend who has a friend and in need of 500 guests for their guestlist of the Philippine Fashion Week on May 2009, if you are interested to be part of the guest list and get free tickets, all you have to do is SIGN UP HERE.

And talking about sign ups, I'm organizing a bloggers party on March and I'm inviting all pinoy bloggers to join the fun and party with us, no need to write or post anything, the only requirement is be there and sign up first here in order you are included in the guest list. Im going to close the sign up tomorrow evening, so reserve the date and start signing up.

Ok, hope this little chat is helpful..

I'm going now and good luck to me tomorrow and hope to see everyone in all events in the metro.
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