8th Philippine Toy Con 2009 production note 5

This is my 3rd meeting for the Toy Con event and looks like all system are running and we are good to go, we just finalized the marketing kit and that's the paper beside my laptop, I'm very happy that the marketing kit that I created and layout are now in print version. It was very colorful and full of informations and portfolio of our event. It got approved and this will be used in presenting it to our event partners.

Event partners and sponsors are coming in very fast, and I know that the week of Holy week will be a busy day for meetings and also preparing for the big pre-production of the event. I already received some emails from companies that is based locally and overseas, looks like our official website www.toyconph.com is working even that few infos are still posted. I must need to update this and use a good layout.

I posted the teaser poster of the 8th ToyCon few days ago in some local toy forums, and glad that the response is good and it serve as a wake up call for everyone to prepare the big day. I receive an email from Monico and he volunteered to exhibit his custom Mighty Muggs and below is one of his custom creation

Hellboy custom Mighty Muggs

Kamen Rider Black custom Mighty Muggs