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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Alodia mini Fans day production note 6

today is the big day! and Im here still at home warming up my travel going to Manila. Its just a 30 min. bus ride from Cavite going to SM MOA, but I'm thinking of getting a cab going straight to Pasay City.

photo above is from the plurk post of Alodia, and the photo was from last night's ingress, on the pic is Xandra, Bogs, and RG. At last I will meet Xandra and Bogs, because we just met online via plurk and we haven't seen each other since we started organizing the fans day. We just organized the event while we are online and since we can't match out schedules, talking via email, multiply and plurk made things more easier for us.

okay, here I go. good luck to us all.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Alodia mini Fans day production note 5

the stage area

RG sent this photos from his mobile blog website
and its the platform stage area of the fans day. Looks like the fans day venue is a vavavoom! bongga coolness. I heard that RG is supervising the audio and visual set up at the ingress, too bad that my leg is injured and wasn't able to join with them in the event meeting and set up.
But I will be there tomorrow at 9am, need to be there early in order the feel the event and I'm expecting already lots of panic and rush jobs ( I sense something..hmmm) I wont mention it here.

but I know this will be a great event, Qtv will be there to cover the event and also feature it in their internet magazine tv show called Qtube. I just hope that everything will be fine and no problems be encountered. If the wifi bandwidth is good, I might post a video live streaming of the event here in all my networks.

must think positive..and then.. party!!

see you all tomorrow.

Alodia mini Fans day production note 4

I just got a text from RG and he just told me that the Alodia and her sister Ashley will be performing live on stage tomorrow at Alodia Gosiengfiao's mini fans day at E-games Domination III event at SMX Convention Center. I immediately relay the message to the organizing team and everyone is adding this activity on the program schedule. I think the performance will be between 2pm and 3pm. I just heard that the Gosiengfiao sisters will be singing and play musical instruments. I just watched their video of their band years ago, and I think this will definitely a rock song..hmmm..

I also saw the floor layout of the venue, and I can't tell how big is a 24 sqm. room for a mini fans day or maybe there's something wrong on the label of the floor plan. Okay, I'll just remove that measurement and describe what I saw in the floor layout. Upon entering the fans day venue, you'll see the Maxi Collector booth on the left side and a booth on the right side, on the upper left side is the Alodia fan art gallery exhibit, contest exhibit and photo exhibit area. Infront is the platform stage with 30 chairs. Looks like the venue can really accomodate 50 VIP person, great work E-games!

tomorrow I'll be there early, maybe at 9am to check out and prepare the show.
see you all there!

I just experienced a precision driving stunt with Russell Swift at the Manila International Auto Show 2009

I just experienced something that is more fun than a roller coaster, and thats riding with Russel Swift in a Subaru car, performing precision driving and stunt. Russ Swift is a 3 time Guiness World Record holder for precision driving, he got the title for having the fastest donut spin, tightest J-turn, and speediest parallel parking ( 2 seconds flat). He is considered as the "driving hero of enthusiats and motoring professionals alike. And now he is back again for the third (and last ) time here at the Manila International Auto Show 2009, happening in World Trade Center from April 2-5, 2009.

I'm not familiar with Russ Swift before and I got invited as media to cover the event, thanks to Geiser Maclang for the awesome gig in events. And then I learned that precision driving stunt will be performed by Russ, then thats where my brain work and began to visualize and analyze, I said to myself "omg whoaaa wow! I must see this" and because that I am so excited to watch it, they even told me if I like to volunteer sitting with Russ and perform that 2 tire wheeling stunt, ahhahahaa. Then I remember those car scenes and stunts in Fast and Furious part 4 movie, I got the cheapy answer and raised my hands.

but then later on..I chickened out

We were told to proceed to the loading bay, thats behind the World Trade Convention Center, and I just saw a big set up of the driving arena and noticed that many audience are already in there. I took some photos near the speaker set and I just saw Russ's J turn and parallel parking stunt. It was great to see it in live! and that Subaru Impreza Sedan survived the stunt without any scratch.

then.. they called my name and there I am riding inside a Subaru WRX STI, and you know that I fall in love to a Subaru car after watching Fast and Furious, and here I am riding in one of the car model that is a same model used in the movie.

here's my video inside the car

I got inside the car with my camera phone rolling and taking video, I want to video document this, because this will be an awesome video coverage taken at Manila International Auto Show 2009, the announcer told us to buckle up, and then we got in the car, but Russ became so disoriented and having trouble staring the car, he went out of the car and asked a Subaru car attendant to start and run it a few feet, the announcer said that if ever I touched any buttons inside, I told them "no I didn't move an inch inside hahahaa", then Russ went back and began to roll. He used some sort of break force in the car, and I told him, "hey Russ, are you trying to have a warm up" then he just smiled and stroll the car around. He said to me "give the audience a wave", so I wave my hand outside the car and smiled to the watching audience, then he immediately turn aroun performing donut spin. hahhahha.

here's a video from the audience area, thanks

the the donut spin didn't stop and It felt like that I'm riding a roller coaster, I can feel the g-force in my face and begins to warp hahahaa. The donut spin lasted for 3 mins and I'm not sure how many turns Russ made with the Subaru, but the Yokohoma tire went into smoke and I rode like a cowboy waving my hat outside like in a rodeo. hahahaa.

We went out of the car both dizy and the world went upside down. Got a big hand shake with Russ and an ultimate experience to share with everyone. Thanks Russ!

Manila International Auto Show 2009
April 2-5, 2009
World Trade Center
tel nos. 531-6374 / 531-6350
email : info at

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Google mentioned my name in their press release "GMail goes global"

[A press release]
Gmail Labs goes global, now available in Filipino

Google extends experimental features to international users as Gmail marks its fifth birthday

April 2, 2009, Manila, Philippines , Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced that Gmail Labs will now be available internationally in 49 languages. Gmail Labs is an experimental feature playground within Google’s free email service, Gmail.

Gmail Labs offers users useful and quirky tools to enhance and personalize their email inboxes. Initially launched in English in June 2008, Gmail Labs has offered 43 features in 43 weeks and most of these features will now be available around the globe in local languages including Filipino. Users can enable and disable Gmail Labs features individually with just a few clicks of the mouse. Some of the Gmail Labs features include:

* Offline Gmail - access your email and compose messages even when you don’t have an internet connection. Changes are synchronized when you reconnect to the internet.
* Undo Send - retract an email for up to five seconds after it has been sent.
* Mail Goggles - within a chosen time window, this tool allows you to send mail only if you can solve a set of simple math problems. Otherwise, get a good night’s sleep and try again in the morning.
* Forgotten Attachment Reminder - prevents you from accidentally sending messages without the relevant attachments by prompting you if you have mentioned an attachment without adding one.
* Tasks - adds a to-do list to your inbox. You can create tasks manually, or directly from an email, and edit your list from your phone while on-the-go.

The announcement coincides with the fifth anniversary of the launch of Gmail on April 1st, 2004.

Gmail Labs goes global,

“We’re excited to launch Gmail Labs internationally around Gmail’s fifth birthday,” said Eric Tholomé, Director of Product Management at Google. “The rapid innovation in Gmail Labs makes it a perfect example of how Gmail has grown over the last five years: creating a more intuitive, powerful and innovative email program for users.”

“Back in the days when email was tied to the desktop, it was limited in storage and usability,” said Derek Callow, Head of Marketing, Google Southeast Asia. “Because Gmail lives on the Internet, in what we call the ‘cloud’, we’re able to innovate quickly and offer users creative, new and useful features on a regular basis.”

“I use Gmail as my primary email because of its user-friendly interface and helpful features including spam filtering, message grouping, and live chat,” said Azrael Coladilla, one of the many Filipino Gmail users who have been very enthusiastic about the email service since it was launched five years ago. Coladilla is a freelance writer, photographer, event organizer, and blogger. “Now, with Gmail Labs, there are more options available for me to personalize and tailor-fit my email according to my lifestyle. For instance, I’m always on the go and offline Gmail gives me access to my email even when I’m not connected to the Internet.”

“Gmail has become a central part of living my life online and the experience has been great,” said Jayvee Fernandez, a 28-year-old professor at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and co-founder of local blog and online viral campaign advertising platform BlogBank. “Apart from email, I use Gmail to store archives of my chat conversations with friends and business contacts for future reference. I am excited about Gmail’s rapid pace of innovation, and the way Gmail Labs personalizes my email experience. There’s Mail Goggles now I don’t have to worry about sending emails late at night that I’ll regret in the morning.”

Gmail Lab’s new languages are Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Malayalam, Marathi, Norwegian, Oriya, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

To enable Gmail Labs, visit the Labs tab from within the Settings page (linked to from the top right of the inbox). To set up a Gmail account, please visit

More information about Gmail and Gmail Labs can be found at and on our Gmail Blog at


thanks to Winston for sharing the press release, right now i',m waiting for the print ver of the feature :)

thanks also to Google and happy 5th birthday


Ecko - Unlimited Art Battle Competition

Calling all artists, graphic designers and urban art fans, this contest is for you and want to have your design be included in Ecko Unlimited Spring 2010 collection, All you have to do is make your original design and submit it as your entry.

Ecko Unltd. is driven by a simple belief: that no one needs to be corralled into a single aesthetic viewing the world with a voracious curiosity, finding inspiration at every turn.

With sales around the world in countries full of youth with artistic talent and passion - the time has come to open our apparel collection to new artistic palettes.

If you have the talent - This is your chance to take part in the first Ecko Unltd. Global Art Battle. Marc Ecko will select winners from each region and their art will be featured in the Ecko Unltd. Spring 2010 collection.

For rules and guidelines, visit the official contest website at


for inquiries about the contest, you may call 636-32-76 local 124

Dragon Ball Evolution red carpet premiere at D-Cinema, SM North Edsa ( screening with movie bloggers)
Thanks to SM Cinema for inviting us movie bloggers to watch the red carpet premiere of Dragon Ball Evolution last April 2, 2009 at D-cinema in SM North Edsa.

Since I wasn't able to join the movie bloggers group for the screening, I manage to call Sarah Cada to be the team leader of the movie activity, and glad that everything went okay and they just enjoyed major digitized cinematic experience at the D-cinema.

below are photos and also their movie reviews of Dragon Ball Evolution (hm heard that the movie is not good, but will still love this, because I'm a die hard Dragon Ball (not Z) fan since elementary)

Movie reviews
Sarah - Dragonball Evolution on D-Cinema

Edelweiza - Movie Review: Dragonball Evolution, Anime-Inspired Action-Thriller Film by James Wong

Jed - Dragonball Evolution: Movie Review

Joy - Blogger Event: Red Carpet Premiere of Dragonball Evolution

Loraine - Dragonball Evolution

Paolo - Dragonball Evolution

check out the pics below

(all pics taken by

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fast and Furious movie premiere ( with movie bloggers)

Thanks to and Solar-UIP for inviting us movie bloggers to watch the red carpet premiere of Fast and Furious at the Podium Cinema last April 1, 2009.

Below are movie reviews by the bloggers.

Azrael - Fast and Furious movie - 20 percent Angel, 80 percent Devil, 100 percent cool cars - my movie review

Jori - Fast and Furious: They are Back

Jed - Fast & Furious: Movie Review

more pics at Fast and Furious premiere night (with movie bloggers)

Jollibee new TVC with Parokya ni Edgar - "Iisang Sarap"

Here's a new cool and kulet TVC of Jollibee and special appearance and song by Parokya ni Edgar. I think we should call this TVC as the Parokya ni Jollibee.

The TVC is about yummy burger - Langhap Sarap Burger Yum

I love Jollibee, that's why I'm posting it here hahaha.

If you want a copy of this video, you can download it mp4 video here "Jollibee new TVC with Parokya ni Edgar - "Iisang Sarap""

below are some photos from behind the scenes and in a making of this TVC

Jack Daniels Global Music Tour April 17 invite-only event

blogger's commentary
I just received this invite-only event via SMS, I forgot to ask who texted me this, but now I'm going to share this only to my email subscribers, if you have received this and registered for the event, post a comment below so that we know who is coming and who will join the party.
You know the drill - fill up the form - fill up all the spaces with your info - they'll double check it and you get the invite - I think there are 300 slots - check out for more info.

The Jack Daniels Global Music Tour Event is on April 17 2009, 8pm at The NBC Tent. Playing will be the Philippine representatives to the Global Music Event in SINGAPORE - Cynthia Alexander vs. Nyko Maca+Playground.

Also playing will be Razorback, UrbanDub, Taken by Cars, Corporate Lo-Fi & more, more, more! See you there!

Fast and Furious movie - 20 percent Angel, 80 percent Devil, 100 percent cool cars - my movie review
its a movie joy ride of summer! thanks to and Solar-UIP for the press screening at Podium Cinema.

The original cast of The Fast and the Furious is back again and its the 4th movie and the title is called Fast and Furious, just removing the word "the", I just saw in some sites that the title is Fast and Furious : Desert Run, I just wondering why didn't they used the tag line or just put a label part 4 on it.

After watching the movie, I just realized that this is not part 4. I won't post any spoiler in my movie review,but after watching the 1st 20 minutes, I just realized that this movie is connected to 3rd movie, The Fast and The Furious : Tokyo Drift. Some characters will pop out from the 1st 20 minutes and it took me a hard time to question myself and begin to puzzled it out, why is it that character is still alive? okay I get it. This movie is between the movie - Too Fast and Too Furious and Tokyo Drift, and not as a part 4. ( read more below of my movie review)

Okay, back to the movie review. The makers of this movie is a genius, they already stitched the 4 movies into one,and I'm I will be excited if ever they will make the 5th movie, because the story line is getting more interesting. The original Fast and Furious and the Tokyo Drift movie might collide in one movie soon ( not sure about that, but it is possible).

The story is will engage you into a long puzzle and feel the action pace with all those stunts and car actions. I almost cried to see a pick up truck customs in the first scene, and I love that opening action scene, it really did bring the feel of The Fast and the Furious. I will never mention here the bad acting of one of the actors, but I like the way the actor presented and so sad that the actor fell as a supporting cast only, (not Vin Diesel or Paul Walker). Boys love cars, I just laughed on my seat when Brian (Paul Walker) smiled and giggled like a kid when he got assigned to race again, choosing the hottest car and custom set up that is perfect for a car race.

The bad assness of the twosome team of Dom (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) is one of the most important scene and role ever in this movie. Michelle Rodriguez is so hot in here, and you'll love her when you see her, she's a chick after all!, also don't forget Jordana Brewster in the scene, I just remembered her as the "Nene" ( slang for young girl in Filipino) of the movie, but she tries herself to become younger, but it doesn't fail us to visualize, coz those smiles she have will blow you away. Also there's a new girl in the movie, and her name is Gal Gadot (Miss Israel 2004) , she's tall and hmm you'll find out her role here if you watch it, and if they're going to make another movie, I would love to see her back again. Omg, I'm talking about girls... ok let's shift to cars.

I'm no expert in cars, but I love the different set up and action they provided for Fast and Furious, I like this Subaru car and it is slick and cute, and also old visual effects and style will be experienece here, if you watched the 3 previous movies, you know what I am talking already. I say that this movie is the Bad Ass of all car movies, and thanks to Vin Diesel for making his role be the bad ass guy. I'm still having a hang over from last night's premiere, but I suggest that you come early and watch it on time, because missing the first 20 minutes will loss your momentum in following the main story of the movie.

The movie is 20 percent Angelic babes, 80 percent bad ass scenes and add another 100 percent pure Cars!

because I love cars, babes,actions and great movie music, my ratings will be.... see below

My Ratings
5 out of 5 banana dance

Movie is showing in all Philippine theaters on April 2, 2009
Gal Gadot
1987 Buick Grand National

photo is grabbed from the Facebook page and of this movie.

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