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Friday, November 06, 2009

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Just arrived in kalibo,aklan

Here in kalibo aklan now goin to boracay to cover the nescafe soundskool workshop and band night for 5 days.

Im with jonel travel blogger of together with lifestyle channel, philstar,manila bulletin and abs cbn news. Just experienced my 1st air flight and its fun and i enjoyed it super. We're in a van now going to transfer for another location to a boat ride.

Check my multiply album for some pics posted via mobile

Will ride the plane for the first time

photo by KWsideB

I'm so excited and also nervous because I will be riding an airplane later at 8am in Centennial airport 2. This is a monumental event for me to leave the island of Luzon for the very first time in my life and this plane will take me to Boracay! wohohohohohoho

Yes! this was booked few weeks ago and Im so excited that my first destination will be in Boracay. I will be there with Travel blogger Jonel Uy of to do coverage of the Nescafe Soundskool workshop with the band finalists and rock band members of Pupil, Callalily, Sandwich, 6cyclemind, Letter Days and etc. they will be there as mentors for young bands and this is what Nescafe Soundskool is for. Transfer of knowledge about music, the industry and experience of a rockstar bands who are now part as one of the big influencer in the rock music scene.

It will take 4 transfer via boat and bus or van til we arrive in Boracay. We will stay in La Carmela de Boracay for 5 days, November 5-9. Expect a super blog coverage about the event and also we might do a live video streaming here in our blogs on what's happening in the workshop, so check this blog later this afternoon.

thanks to my blogger friends who shared tips online to me on the do's and don'ts in riding an airplane, our thread can be read here at

Ok that's it... time for me to go to bed and expect a mobile blog post in the coming hours

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Start of my baby blog

smiling one month old kid :)
that's our kid, inside that black spot

happy dad

happy mom
Here's our first family picture and after 5 years the gift from God is finally here. This is from our medical check up at Medical City this afternoon and we got so busy doing our first task for this new addition to our family. The lil kid is one month old and saw the little flickering heartbeat and pointed by the doctor to determine where to look on that black and white monitor. We finally confirmed it with this procedure and we followed all advices from the doctor and later on bought some folic acid tablets as it was prescribed by the doctor.

Okay thats the big revelation today.and I'm now excited to see him/her on June 26, 2010 (estimated due). yay!!! I can see now my self in the future that I play Darth Vader and my lil Jedi playing in the backyard hahahaa

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Samsung to Collaborate with Microsoft on Green IT Technology

Seoul, Korea — November 2, 2009: Following a meeting in Seoul today between the Vice Chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, Yoon-Woo Lee, and the CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, Samsung Electronics announced that it will collaborate with Microsoft on efficient energy usage in computers.

Samsung-Microsoft 1 (Large)
Yoon-Woo Lee (Left), Vice Chairman and CEO, Samsung Electronics shakes hands with Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft.

The two companies are aimed at encouraging PC users to purchase more environmentally friendly PC systems. Samsung expects substantial energy savings when Microsoft’s flagship Windows 7 operating system and Samsung’s 40 nanometer (nm) class DDR3 DRAM are used together.

Samsung, a strong supporter of Windows 7, will be migrating all of its corporate PCs worldwide to the new operating system beginning in 2010.

The Green IT collaboration effort between the world’s number one memory company and the world’s number one software company is expected to contribute to the revival of IT markets that have been depressed from the economic downturn. (read more below) 

At the beginning of September, Samsung initiated its own global marketing campaign centered around “Less Energy, More Speed”, initially focused on its energy-efficient, 40nm-class, 2Gb DDR3 DRAM.

Also, Microsoft has announced significant reductions in power consumption with the new power management function in its recently released Windows 7 operating system.

“Windows 7 was designed as a more environmentally-sound and energy-efficient OS, particularly evident in its managing of memory and when shifting into lower power mode,” said Kim James Woo, Country Manager of Microsoft Korea. He added that “users will enjoy the benefits when Windows 7 and DDR3 are combined.”

Samsung-Microsoft 2 (Large)
Executives of Samsung Electronics and Microsoft applaud during a meeting at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul, Monday.
“There is no doubt that the combination of Windows 7 and 40nm DDR3 in new PCs will make users very happy,” said Dong-Soo Jun, executive senior vice president of memory marketing at Samsung Electronics. He added, “If you opt for 4GB of memory in a Windows 7-based system, over typical 2GB-based systems used today, you’ll see an increase in performance, while using less power, thanks to the efficiency of Samsung’s 40nm DD3 DRAM.”

In the ensuing months, while measuring the effects of this and other collaborative Green IT efforts, Samsung will continue to examine the potential for other areas of global cooperation with Microsoft in IT technology development.

Samsung’s 40nm class DDR3 is one of the most environmentally friendly mass-produced memory for PCs and servers worldwide. Providing up to 60 percent power savings over 60nm-class DDR2 in PCs, Samsung’s Green DDR3 is available in densities from 1GB to 4GB and is designed to work efficiently with all leading operating systems, particularly Windows 7. Find out more about Samsung’s Green DDR3 at

About Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2008 consolidated sales of US$96 billion. Employing approximately 164,600 people in 179 offices across 61 countries, the company consists of two business units: Digital Media & Communications and Device Solutions. Recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, Samsung Electronics is a leading producer of digital TVs, memory chips, mobile phones and TFT-LCDs. For more information, please visit  

Hellsing OVA on Animax every Sundays 11pm

Hellsing OVA premieres 1 November 2009, airing Sundays 11pm.Hellsing_OVA-keyart (Large)Vampires are real. And it is the responsibility of Hellsing – an organization hidden from the public eye and funded by the British government – to cover up the frightening reality as well as to protect the blissfully ignorant people from the blood-sucking monsters.

Not only is Hellsing armed with a military force of its own, it possesses secret weapons of which the most powerful is ironically, a vampire. Named Alucard (‘Dracula’ spelt backwards), it is no ordinary blood-sucker, but reigns as the oldest and most powerful vampire in existence, only under the control of Hellsing, led by its young and stern heiress Integra Hellsing.(read more below)  
Hellsing OVA 10 (Large)
Sadistic, arrogant and extremely powerful, Alucard delights in exterminating its own kind just to prove his superiority. It works with Victoria Seras, a policewoman-turned-fledgling vampire struggling to come to terms with her new identity, along with the enigmatic and lethal butler Walter Donez.

Hellsing OVA 8 (Large)

Hellsing OVA 11 (Large)

With vampire activity on the rise, the Hellsing organization swings into action only to find the cause is far more frightening than ever imagined. Masterminding the assault is the Millenium, a secret group of Nazi origins thought dead half a century ago, but brought back as blood-sucking undead monsters to plunge England, Europe and the world into destruction....

Animax Musix - Link to the World premieres 4 November 2009 on ANIMAX

Animax Musix - Link to the World (1 hour, one-off show) premieres 4 November 2009 , Wednesday at 8pm. first and exclusively on ANIMAX

Encore2 (Large)Animax brings on an exclusive one-hour anime music extravaganza this November with ANIMAX MUSIX: Link to the World! Top anime music artistes Yuuka Nanri, Shuhei Kita, May’n and Anna, perform some of the biggest anime theme songs in history! Catch your favourite tunes from anime hits including Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Macross Frontier and more! ( more pics below)

Anna_main (Large)

Shuhei_Kita (Large)
Shuhei Kita

May'n (Large)

Monday, November 02, 2009

Samsung I Imagine

1_image (Large)All big things and the realization of dreams start with imagination. It never fails to awaken our passions in achieving our goals. It lives with every endeavor, however big or small. Today, Samsung reinforces that unique link to every success.

As the much-loved brand circles-in on the Filipino youth, Samsung invites everyone to take a look back at the inspirations behind each passion. Brimming with energy, full of fresh ideas and outpouring with spirited courage, the youth of today is the epitome of a bright and promising future—a shared vision that Samsung wants to help realize.

With its “I Imagine” campaign, Samsung focuses on the young generation’s passions, concerns and outlooks. Encouraging the Filipino youth to speak-up and voice-out their opinions, thoughts, feeling and ideas, the leading innovator in digital electronics media creates a dynamic force that just brims with sheer ingenuity. Logging in on directs you to world filled with bright promises! ( read more below)  

Metro Manila college students, currently enrolled this school year, can register and create their own I Imagine slogan by completing the statement: “I Imagine…“. Aside from being your own shout-out creator, you can also vote for other “I Imagine” shout-outs posted on the site. The shout-outs, whether in English or Filipino, must fall under one of three categories: Talk, for shout-outs that express emotions, ideas, thoughts, dreams, hopes and ambitions; Play, for shout-outs that express how life is experienced through love of music, sports, fashion and the arts; and, Love, for shout-outs that express how bonds are formed with family and friends through shared interests and passions. Only one slogan can be accepted for each category. Submissions will be accepted until November 30, 2009. 

2_image (Large)

Samsung amplifies the Filipno youths’ voice as the winning statements will be printed on Folded & Hung exclusively designed Samsung “I Imagine” hoodies available at participating Folded & Hung stores in the Metro. Individual winners (one per category) will take home exciting prizes such as P30,000 cash, the Samsung Corby mobile phone, Samsung ST500 Dual LCD Camera, Samsung CLP-315 printer, Samsung LapFit LD190G monitor, 5 Samsung “I Imagine” hoodies to keep or giveaway, and P10,000 worth of gift certificates from Folded & Hung. Likewise, the schools of the respective winners will each receive a Samsung LCD monitor.

Criteria for judging will be based on the following: Relevance to the Chosen Category (40%), Creativity (40%) and the Total number of online votes (20%)..

What’s more, all who register to the campaign, whether to upload their own shout-out or simply vote for posted shout-outs will entitle them to a chance to win cool Samsung gadgets. Each registration is equivalent to one raffle entry which will be drawn on December 15, 2009. Up to 500 Samsung I Imagine hoodies, 20 Samsung phones and 20 Samsung DVD players are also up for grabs.

So, get ready to share what’s in your mind and in your heart as Samsung tours the different colleges and universities in the metro: November 11 at UP Diliman, November 12 in San Sebastian College, November 13 in Ateneo de Manila University, November 16 in San Beda College, November 17 in Miriam College, November 18 in De LaSalle University, November 19 in University of Sto. Tomas and November 20 in Far Eastern University.

Be heard and make a difference. With Samsung, making your imagination our passion!

Enjoy great music and food at Red Box

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Enjoying good food, music and a party after a long work in your office or school will make you relax and also make up for a time to enjoy with family and friends, this experience can be felt at Red Box. I invited my blogger friends to join with me to sing, dance and eat some great meals while we sing the videoke in one big comfy room.

It's a funny set that we started to sing some new songs and then shifted to the old ones.We ordered right away our food so that we can eat after some songs and drink non-alcoholic beverages that night. Ed, Jori, Carl, Jonel, Cathie and Lace were rocking the house that night and we enjoyed owning the entire room and night. We started at around 7:30pm and ended our session at 1am. There's a 500 fee for every head that will use the room, so its up to sawa of the videoke room starting at 7pm that we checked in. (read more below)

more pics in my album at Bloggers Red Box night at GB3

Experience a different level of karaoke high. Red Box has branches in Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma. For more information and inquiries, please call 757-6188 (Greenbelt) & 901-8833 (Trinoma) or visit

Here are the foods we have on the table

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Salt and pepper squids with sour cream onion dip

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cheese burger like sandwich with fries

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margherita pizza that is freshly baked in a brick oven.

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sizzling chicken sisig

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drink all you can promor

and here are the red box party people
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Carl, Cathie Ed, Jori and me starting to heat up the evening with new music like a song from the Killers

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Lace enjoys seating in the comfy sofa and eating that carbonara pasta

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Carl holding the master remote for the videoke machine and Cathie just finished eating her pasta

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Carl, Cathie, Ed and Lace

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Ed sings some songs from Fall out Boy

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me again.... just ate a nice fried rice

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Carl rewinds us back to music hits of Jeremiah

Bum launches Identi-Tees Collection

bum_holiday531 (Large)Bum has always been associated with freedom and style, distinct character, and a candid voice that speaks of unhampered individuality, but BUM ceases to be just any other apparel. Quite simply, it has become a personal expression about anything and everything that defines a person. This individuality defined by every Bum apparel transcends into a whole new collection that captures the essence of the wearer and the wearable: the Bum Identi-Tee. (read more below)
The brand label that has captured the imagination and fancy of the younger market unveils a whole new collection this quarter. Dubbed Bum’s Identi-Tee, it showcases key pieces in bold, grunge-inspired designs, matched with cuts that are distinctly Bum’s. Taking its cue from the dark enigma of goth, Bum recreates what teen fashion is all about.
Bum’s Identi-tee is anything but ordinary. Going out of the box, this whole new collection seeks to create a niche in teen’s fashion. Bum calls it “voodoo of the mind” --- the uninhibited way of expressing one’s thoughts, sans the rules. What one wears, is what he or she is. And how a person carries it is unbounded by any tenet.
Definitely, there is only fashion rule for Bum’s Identi-Tee: character is the best accessory. And this season, Bum unveils its voodoo of the mind in every rackful of apparel. As token of that individuality, a special voodoo doll is given to anyone who buys Bum’s Identi-Tee.
Bum Identi-Tee is available at all major department stores nationwide.
bum_holiday052 (Large)

bum_holiday028 (Large)

Sunday, November 01, 2009

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