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Saturday, September 04, 2010

CONTEST: Find Larry Alcala and win a SOLO shirt

SOLOcontest - At A Rural Bank by Larry Alcala
Here's a fun game at SOLO, I just saw this in their Facebook page, and you need to download the comics Slice of Life and find Larry Alcala's head in the drawings, its a classic game for us and I remember I spend times and even hours looking at it in a pages of a local magazine where the Slice of Life was first printed and its a Sunday activity with my family to have a contest at home and see who can pin point the location of Larry Alcala's head. If you want to join the contest, just go to their contest website and encircle Larry and sent it via email, winners will receive a Solo Larry Alcala shirt. visit the contest page at
can you spot Larry Alcala?

my comment: arghh its hard to locate Larry Alcala's head via a laptop or computer, this game is much different,although that we can zoom into the picture and look at it clearly, but the search becomes more difficult, I think we should print this and look at it in a hard copy version ahhahaa.

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Solo website:
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