video: Watch the entire #bloggerfiesta Manila here in our recorded video stream

Here's your chance to attend the blogger fiesta by just watching the recorded video that was captured by our live stream. click the link below and select the videos you want to watch.

Ingress time

meet the bloggers

Bloggers introduction and Jonel's panel talk
68:09 minutes

continuation of Jonel's panel talk... Fitz and Jomar's panel talk
and raffle and giveaways
112:59 minutes

blogger fiesta collage
bloggerfiesta manila = 87 bloggers in one venue

Finally! All my photo coverage has been uploaded, I like to apologize for the late upload, because I need to take a rest and also attend some events the day after our Blogger Fiesta. Thanks so much guys for attending and I hope we can have more events like this in the future. I also enjoy organizing events and this is a proof that we can organize events even that we don't have any budget. I organize lots of events years ago before I go into the heat of blogging and the passion of organizing events without a budget is fun. You can now browse all my photo coverages and save everything to your desktop, I'm also uploading it in my Facebook, so that you can tag everyone there. And I like to thank once more our sponsors for helping us, supporting us and made this event possible.. thanks to Fully Booked, Krispy Kreme, Greenwich, Jollibee, Geiser Maclang,, and to YOU. tnx tnx 106 bloggers who signed up...and 87bloggers who made it to the event.

Links of the albums are located below
have fun and happy blogging!!!
and happy 11th birthday to


imgress time

Blogger Fiesta Manila start!

Jonel Uy blog lecture hour

Fitz Villafuerte blog lecture hour

Jomar Hilario blog lecture hour

Raffle and giveaways

Ingress time photos
P8313628 P8313626

P8313633 P8313629

P8313615 P8313617

Start of the Blogger Fiesta and food fest
P8313688 P8313681

P8313689 P8313678

P8313666 P8313667

P8313657 P8313660


Bloggers conference and panel talks with Jonel, Fitz and Jomar
P8313906 P8313927

P8313933 P8313940

P8313982 P8313979

RAFFLE!!! and giveaway time
P8314044 P8314046

P8314040 P8314039

P8314029 P8314013

P8314008 P8314021

P8314003 P8314031

video: Manila Bloggers greets BLOGGER.COM a happy 11th birthday at #bloggerfiesta Manila last night