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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Video Game Awards (VGA) 2010 premieres on Jan.23 in Animax, AXN, AXN Beyond and Sony Entertainment Television

vga 2
I just got a great treat from Animax and got to watch a VIP streaming of the VGA 2010 awards on Animax's website and its the most exciting part because I just watched the awards show a week before it will be aired on Animax and also will be simulcast first and exclusively in AXN, AXN Beyond and Sony Entertainment Televesion. I invite all gamer geeks and lovers to watch this awards show because you'll watch the world premiere of upcoming games that will be released this year til year 2013. (more story below)

The show was recorded from Los Angeles last Dec 11, 2010, its a 2 hour show all about video games and awarding the top game publishers who dedicate their great work in creating game entertainment for us since Atari was created heehe.

The show is hosted by tv-movie celebrity Neil Patrick Harris, and at the VGA 2010 he confesses that he is a gamer, but then he got his match when Olivia Munn stepped on stage and disses Neil Patrick Harris for being a self confessed gamer, but I'm very impressed on Olivia as she shared to us that she hosted a video gaming show for 5 years, I wonder if that's Attack of the Show, I really miss Olivia Munn and thanks that I see her again here at the VGA 2010.

vga 1
The VGA 2010 awards show is pure awesomeness because it is the only award giving body that caters to video game publishers, they also have categories for best video game character, the funny part here is that the video game character pops up on the live feed and talks to the audience, It was the coolest part ever,looking at Kratos fuming mad at us and displays his god-like wrath and accepting the award and crushing the trophy and say "I won the award and I don't owe you anything!" In all best video game character, my vote goes to Kratos, but watch the VGA 2010 and you'll find out if God of War and Kratos won in some categories. Neil Patrick Harris is also nominated for lending the voice for a Spider-man game. And the big fight of the award is for the best game of the year, I know everyone kept voting, but it was a tough competition.

By watching the VGA 2010, I got updated on the latest titles of great video games, I didn't played Halo and all those Bioware titles, but because of VGA 2010 I become aware that Mass Effect 1,2 and the upcoming 3 is a great game title, also I hear good reviews about Uncharted and when I saw the game play and trailer at VGA 2010, I start to have interest to grab a game and play, I know my gaming mates online will be weird at me, as you know that I'm a late bloomer in modern games and I'm still stuck on the world of retro gaming and also trying to catch up and finish my PS3 titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Transformers: War for Cybertron - Decepticon campaign.

vga 3
And speaking of Call of Duty, they are nominated here for the World's Best Video Game Award, a the new game Call of Duty: Black Ops are raging the waves as it brings craze for a week during its release in the states and I was kinda surprised that when I played Modern Warfare last year, I got surprised that they released Black Ops on that month. The VGA 2010 gives lots of goodies to everyone and you'll see here the exclusive preview of Batman: Arkham City, and it was nominated as the most anticipated game of the year, all I can say that the movie graphic they used for Batman: Arkham City is very realistic, at first I thought taht they used real people in doing that game movie preview, but then its all CGI, the video graphics already improved and wow! hope they can do a Batman movie in all CGI only. I also saw a game trailer of Thor: God of Thunder game, and it looks good and promising and feel that the game play is like God of War.

The tech innovation here at the VGA 2010 is that the stage is huge and they have 3 giant monitor screen at the back of the stage platform, Neil Patrick Harris also introduced to us the Augmented Reality effects on the VGA 2010, but he explained that the tv viewers can only experience the Augemented Reality and not the people who are present and live at the awards venue.It was another cool effects for an awards show, and thought that it was only the lights effect, but as Neil said, the stage is like from TRON. There's also a treat of Augmented Reality on stage a God of War big fight of Kratos vs. Hades on stage..ohh wow!

While watching VGA 2010 here at home, I made a big shout after seeing Kratos again jumping to the world of Mortal Kombat video game. geezzzzz I want to play games now!

Watch the VGA 2010 on January 23, 2011 that's a Sunday 7:10(SG)/ 6:10(JKT)
simulcast on Animax, AXN, AXN Beyond and Sony Entertainment Television.

vga 4
If you enjoyed Scream 2010, I assure you that VGA 2010 is the bomb!!!!!
yay to gamer geeks!

and for my top 10 awesomeness of VGA 2010 here they are
1. Kratos vs. Scorpion appearance in Mortal Kombat
2. Mass Effect 3
3. Uncharted 3
4. Olivia Munn tries to steal VGA 2010 hosting from Neil Patrick Harris
5. Ezio of Assasin's Creed winning speech as best dressed character
6. Kratos crushed the VGA 2010 trophy
7. Batman: Arkham City trailer
8. Augmented Reality on stage
9. Lots of shooter games
10. Guillermo del Torro's director debut in video games "InSane"

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