Blog feature: Ayala Westgrove Heights

Its my first time here in Silang, Cavite and I didn't know that there's a growing community and exclusive residential by Ayala Land Premier. The Ayala Westgrove Heights sits there for years and now the development of the land and new lifestyle of its community brings them closer to nature and give a practical urban life.

Let me show you this place by a photo blog entry.

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St. Benedict Church-Westgrove
Our first stop is to visit St. Benedict Church-Westgrove. The name of the church is in line with St. Scholastica School nearby, St.Benedict is the twin brother of St. Scholastica. The church is open for everyone and it welcomes home owners at Ayala Westgrove and also to visitors. The Mediterrenean inspired interiors and designs was inspired from the Subiaco monastery of St. Benedict in Italy. It has air condition and with a wide space and everything is all white from walls to ceiling.
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The Retail Center
Infront of the church, on the other side of the street, is the Retail Center. Its like a mini mall for the community that lies outside the village. They have Mercury Drug, Skin and Spa, a dance studio, and pre school center. BPI and Aqua Best are also housed inside the Retail Center. Its a small stop and shop center. They also have a mini playground on a green field at the back of the Retail Center.
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The Central Park
Ayala Westgrove Heights has their own Central Park, its a 6 hectare green field and trees with man made lagoons. Its the greatest place for me and I love the view here. The lagoon is nice and the bridge structure gives a vintage feel look that you are in another country. The Central Park is good for people who loves nature and do some outdoor activities, or just want to walk and sit under the cool tree.
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Main Club House
Club houses are the most important place and venue to all villages. This venue houses all kinds of sports and outdoor facilities. Its just a short walk from the Central Park. They have a swimming pool, jacuzzi, The Sport Center inside has the indoor basketball courts, tennis courts, outdoor soccer field, and outisde are the kids playing area, gym, picnic area and social hall for special events and occassions. They are now installing a lapping pool and a kiddie pool, game room, spa center and more playrgrounds.

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Kidsgrove Clubhouse
This is a different clubhouse, and the kids rules here. Its my first time to see a clubhouse for kids and its only for kids. They have a big area for kids like a big kid's swimming pool, a playground area with climbs and wacky rides, junior basketball court, skating rink and a multi purpose hall. This place is also good for celebrating kid's birthday parties since they have a hall for the party.

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Orchard Park South
Still under construction, but I can visualize already a finish product. Its a long stretch of field with seats, gazebos, trees and a nice landspace. They created also a man made lagoon too, and they will just wait for the rain to fall to fill up the lagoon and work to make the man made lagoon to sustain life.

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here's a google map of the area

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