Baby Ash 1st year birthday preparation for May 24

Few weeks ago was our preparation for Ashton's 1st year old birthday, we got busy the past weeks when Ash was confined in the hospital, all our attention was into Ash's recovery and also taking care of all those hospital stuff at The Medical City. I started to count my money on my pocket and its already gone, and now I'm on a big debt and still trying to pay it one by one. Ok enough of that money drama. Mom and Dad sent their birthday blow out to Ash and then I told my wife to use it to buy lechon for the celebration, we love lechon! that's why I requested for it hehehe. then my wife told me that after she ordered the lechon, she then use the remaining cash and ordered a birthday cake for Ash in Goldilocks.heard it was an animated movie UP cake design, I wonder how it looked.

Our celebration is not that big or bongga for now, but we will just have our private celebration first with the entire family...good to hear that my relatives will join with us.. Really excited for Ash's day.
Few nights ago, Tita Len Montesclaros bought a load of Blues Clues DVD in AstroKids as a gift for Baby Ash...aww tnx Tita Len