busy Az…busy Ash

I was surprised to discover that Ash and my wife were in SM MOA yesterday, I was about to go home around the afternoon and decided to take the shuttle nearby, then my wife called me and told me that they’re going to visit a store in SM MOA and meet up with Tita Len. It was half an hour after I booted myself out of Starbucks and went to the shuttle terminal, then I went back again in the mall all scorched out and tired, but the extra energy came in when I learned that my baby boy is in the mall too,… it means…play time! (More Story Below)

Here’s Ash in his sleepy mode. We ate our dinner at Trinity in SM MOA and then after Ash’s finished his meal, he fell asleep in just a sec.

photo op time with daddy Az

Trinity resto… my wife’s barkada owns this resto

yummy tempura

Maya Maya fish in miso soup

a battle with Ash….. its medicine time! Yaya Musay is here with us..taking care of Ash whenever we are busy

Mommy and baby inside Starbucks

pretty lights

family photo! and Ash still busy watching Blues Clues in his dvd player

Tita Hele, my lovely wife Lace and Tita Len.