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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Getting to know more of BEA - BPI Express Assist

by daomisyel of

Tired of long lines? Filling up forms? And long minutes of waiting for your name to be called?
Have you noticed BEA once you entered BPI branches? Anyways, BEA stands for BPI Express Assist - the newest innovation from Bank of the Philippine Islands.

BEA is the country's first fully automated transaction assist platform wherein allowing you to transact and enter the data needed on touch screen machines for a wide range of transactions like cash and check deposits, withdrawals, bills payment, BIR and SSS payments.

Upon selecting the desired transaction, a queue number will be printed and generated so that the customer could sit comfortably while waiting for his/her number to be called by the teller to be appeared on a television screen. Your transaction (what you've selected at BEA) will be automatically transmitted to the teller and she will confirmed your transaction upon calling your number.

This has to be done to ensure the accuracy of the details and lessen the waiting time of the bank customers.

Quoting from the Press Release:

"BPI has always been known for being a step ahead in terms of innovative banking technologies and pioneering best practices that have become the standard in local banking"

"This technology (BEA) was born out of BPI's aim to provide an easier and more convenient banking experience for our clients."

"BEA not only automates standard bank transactions but, more importantly, streamlines processes and cuts transaction time for customers. With this, BEA provides customers with a much  better banking experience by eliminating long queues at the banking counter, as well as eradicating the need to use deposit, withdrawal, and payment slips."

"With BEA, BPI has reduced waiting times for customers and increased opportunities for cross-selling various BPI products"

"This award winning innovation complements BPI's thrust to be more flexible, efficient, and environment-friendly as it continues to lift industry standards in the local banking sector today."
 - Nabbie Alejo, BPI Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Banking Group

BPI's 160th anniversary: banking innovation and electronic banking

The very first bank that introduced ATM banking in 1983, BPI has been known for its great innovation and electronic banking.

Through internet and mobile banking, the bank introduced the mobile order and pay system that allows the customers to order straight from the menu through the use of their mobile phones, pay via debit from a deposit account and get confirmation receipt.

From traditional way of banking until it introduced the bank customers to transact in any of its branches nationwide wherein you didn't need to worry of going back to your home branch. BPI is the only bank that allows real time check clearing, which means you can immediately withdraw once the BPI branch clears the deposited check. A true value added service provided by the bank.

Celebrating its 160th years of banking. BPI promises to deliver the best banking service for their bank customers.

Official Website:

Let's Make It Easy

Have you tried using BEA? If yes, kindly share your experience here by posting on the comment box.
I would love to hear your reactions, suggestions and comments on using BEA.

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