Bon Chon Chicken Manila - spicy, crunchy, healthy, more food and branches

Bon Chon Chicken is the new craze that started here in Manila last December 2010, I just remembered during my 1st encounter with a Bon Chon Chicken a few weeks after they opened, I started to crave more and can’t sleep because of its new taste in my mouth and a spice that can’t be replicated by other fried chicken meal, its purely original and Bon Chon gave me an impressive feeling to go back again. They opened lots of branches in the US, Bangkok and Dubai and was tagged as the “best chicken in America” according to a top print – New York Times, Esquire, and GQ Magazine, and to add more spice to your tastebuds, try Bon Chon now in Ayala Triangle, SM Megamall, Robinsons Galeria and Greenbelt 1. (MORE STORY BELOW)

I even saw a tv feature of Bon Chon for two times already and would you believe that our 2nd visit was after watching that tv feature, we saw there on how the chicken was fried and also how they added the flavor and spice, it was like frying it again and adding some more spice and soy garlic, and here it gives result to a tasty, crunchy, light and not greasy chicken, and there’s no chicken fat on it.

Bon Chon Chicken is a South Korean based fried chicken resto and it is very popular to them because they love spicy food to beat the cold weather in their country and the spicy Bon Chon chicken is the best meal and accompanied with a cold beer or wine.

Here’ s an additional info about Bon Chon
The original “secret sauces” are often imitated, but never replicated. BonChon’s highly addictive soy garlic glaze and hot and spicy sauce are made of premium spices, blended in Korea, and shipped to stores worldwide. Soy garlic is deliciously tangy, while spicy builds up nice and slow to a friendly heat. 
Cooked to order. Trust that your chicken goes into the fryer only when you order. No heated lamps, no reheating. Just fresh, hot, moist chicken all day.
Healthier fried chicken. BonChon uses only natural, high-grade vegetable oil, producing a crunchy fry with ZERO trans fat. Also, all their products are certified ZERO MSG.
The great news that I gathered from Bon Chon is that they are opening more branches in Manila, I forgot to ask the owner if they are planning to open a branch in Cebu or in Davao, maybe on the next meet up I can interview him for the future and upcoming releases of Bon Chon. The last time I visited was in SM Megamall branch and I’ m surprise to see that they expanded their menu and saw that they offer meals with rice and sandwiches, because last year when I first visited their resto, I found that they sell chickens only, rice and drinks and some fries, but today they are adding more meals and new flavors for the foodies in us. I’m not sure if the additional menu is exclusive here in Manila or same as what they have in their mother branch in South Korea. For the new added food they know serve Calamares, Beef Bulgogi, Fish fillet tacos, and yummy Ginger tofu salad.

I’m really glad that I’m present here at the exclusive Bon Chon foodies treat and for the 1st time in my life I have consumed 16 pieces of Bon Chon Chicken…wow! But the challenge that was given to me by  Joyce Ramirez of PR ASIA is that if I can eat 24 pieces of chicken, maybe If Im busy watching a movie, I might even finish 30 pieces haha. Thanks to PR Asia and Bon Chon for sharing us this cool news and treat.

If my hearing is correct, I heard that our local branch is planning to put up another branch in University Mall near DLSU Manila and in Shangri La Mall, that is according to owner of our local Bon Chon – Scott Tan.

More yummy chickens at

Here's my 1st visit way back in December 2010
bon chon chicken bloggers6

bon chon chicken bloggers2

bon chon chicken bloggers1

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And here's my 2nd visit last year


I went back after a few months and bought a take out pack of Bon Chicken as a pasalubong to my wife and son, I first tried their Greenbelt 1 branch and for me its the biggest branch they have here in Manila.

And here's my 3rd visit last August 2011, trying their SM Megamall branch, I got lucky to have a seat, this branch is the most busiest branch ever.



and now comes my 4th visit this September 2011

photo by denise vina (1)

photo by denise vina (2)

This is the fish fillet taco

the rice beef bulgogi


the photo says it all


photo by magic liwanag (1)
Scott Tan, owner of Bon Chon Chicken Manila

photo by magic liwanag (2)
Branch in Ayala Triangle

(some photos are from Denise Vina and Magic Liwanag )