The Kitten inside the taxi cab

My story started after I took off from a bus ride from Cavite to the other side of Coastal Mall, After stepping on the ground, I saw some taxi cab parked on the side of the road infront of Bayview, A taxi driver approaches me and he told me that I can ride on his taxi, and then I noticed that he's holding something on his hands and at first I thought it was a cleaning rug, after I sat infront near the driver's seat, I saw that the driver let go of this kitten and placed it over the taxi's dashboard and I was shocked to see that it is a live kitten infront of me.

I don't know what should I do because I'm on a hurry and I don't want to go out of the taxi cab and wait for another ride, I was worried about my cough and itchy throat because of some kind of respiratory infection that I got after inhaling some bus and taxi with dirty air condition. The taxi driver told me that that he found the kitten on the road and he saved it and instead of being a victim of road kill, he even told me that the kitten has a breed due to its unique look, I'm not a cat expert, but we do have lots of pet cats here at home and I can tell if the cat has a breed, but looking at the lost and found kitten of the taxi driver, it looks like from a normal cat breed we see at home and on the streets. The kitten is so cute, I just remembered our first kitten that we pick up in Ortigas EDSA, and it become an adult cat here at home and carries the name "Pulot", he is such an instant pet cat celebrity to some of my online friends, because they witness how Pulot grew up via my posts in and to my Blog.

Going on to my story, I got annoyed that he kitten stayed on top of the dashboard and it cries and looks scared, I told the taxi driver to place the kitten at the back seat because the dashboard is hot on top and it is bad for the kitten, then the taxi driver removed the kitten from the dashboard and place it between us and sitting on the parking break, I got scared that the kitten might scratch the driver or even jump to me or crawl under the taxi driver's foot, I told him that it is dangerous to place a confused kitten beside us and then he got his senses and placed the kitten at the backseat, the kitten became so noisy, but it stopped for awhile, the driver became so reckless in driving and I felt that we are in a Daytona race, zipping lots of cars and buses in EDSA.

I think the taxi driver got worried about the kitten at the back, because he kept on looking and drives madly, maybe he's on a hurry and want to go home with the kitten. After reaching Megamall area, he grabbed the kitten and placed it on top of his seat and infront of me, I got scared and told the driver to be very careful because he might get scratch by the kitten, you know that the claws of the kittens are exposed and very sharp.

The moment that I'm waiting for just happened.
The kitten jumps down and sat under the clutch bar, I'm glad that we were sitting on a traffic jam when that happened, he grabbed it again and place the kitten on that cup holder between us, and the kitten became quiet and playfully pop his head over and over again,it was a cute view, I told the driver to drive carefully and let the kitten seat on the front after I took off.

I arrived in my destination safely, but I'm still worried for the kitten. I hope she's okay.