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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Approaching Roosevelt LRT station. My first time to step in thisstation. I rode the train from EDSA

Approaching Roosevelt LRT station. My first time to step in this station. I rode the train from EDSA

Top 10 high tech and fun toys for kids this Christmas 2011

ABS CBN's Matanglawin contacted me and they asked to help them compile a list of high tech and cool toys that are popular as gifts this Christmas 2011. I listed the toys that are available here in the Philippines, and one of the best sellers in our local toy stores and also new toys that are fit not only for kids but also for adults. New toy designs with cool tech and features now attracts the adult and teens category, some toys are no longer just for kids, but also a toys for older people.

I went to the toy holiday sale few weeks ago and many people are looking for Baby Alive toy dolls, while others are looking for the Leapfrog Leap Pad tablet, the scene of consumers hoarding some toys are very common every Christmas season, in the US, the Black Friday shop event went crazy, people race on to get a discounted Ps3, Xbox and Rock on Elmo. Here in the Philippines, buyers are very wise now in buying toys as gifts for their younglings, they know about holiday toy sale, warehouse toy sale, bazaars, and also our event the 6th annual Christmas Toy Fair, our biggest toy fair event every Christmas in the Philippines targetting hobbyist and toy collectors.With these toy sale events popping every Christmas season, buyers took the advantage on visiting these events and get cool discount prices, some toy distributors also release some new toys that aren't yet available here, while others release the outdated, old and classic toys that are no longer available, so they target customers who buy new toys and customers who are the hard core toy collectors who collects classic and rare toys...hey I saw that Jackie Chan action figure toy and aww I don't have money that time and its a cheap P800 pesos figure that can match the size and quality of a Hot toys action figure (never mind the head sculpt)

Okay I'll stop this intro and head on to the toys of the season.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Attack of the Cumulonimbus clouds in Cavite

monster clouds
Spotted this gigantic cumulonimbus clouds formation in Cavite, we saw this while we were on the road to Manila. Awesome sight and I think its our first time to see this cloud formation here, and then after a few days, Manila experienced a smog attack and many people thought that it was some kind of fog, and after that they learned from the news on tv that the fog is a toxic fog from our pollutants such as factories and vehicles.
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