The return of the comeback of Susy and Geno....but


I want to cry because Susy and Geno are my friends and I'm happy because they will be back on the mainstream to bring joys to the kids and promote a healthy life by drinking Sustagen. Me and my sister are a member of that Sustagen club way back in the 1980's, we always attend their floating activity centers in different malls in Manila and also receive a monthly newsletter from Sustagen.

My last memory was the time we do exercise in the morning during that P.E. day in UST, I always play with Susy and Geno during that year and then after I graduated elementary...I never heard of them after some years, but I'm glad that they will be back again,...

But there's one problem, Geno is missing and then Susy put up a Facebook page to ask for help to search for Geno.