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Sunday, April 22, 2012

photos: Angeline Quinto so cute in short shorts - live in SM Bacoor

I got reminded yesterday that Angeline Quinto will be performing live in SM Bacoor for her Album tour, And I decided to bring my camera with me and try my luck if ever I can take photos behind a large crowd inside the mall, so after my Wrath of Titans movie viewing in Cinema 4, and went down to the basement level and heard the screaming fans shouting for Angeline's name, as I arrive behind the crowd the announcer introduced Angeline on stage and the Pop superstar greeted everyone on the mic while she's on the back stage and prompts the fans to go wild and screaming.

She sang 4 songs and most of it are from theme songs of soap drama tv in ABS CBN, I really enjoyed watching her as she talks to her fans and audience, she loves to do jokes and even showed her legs and her short shorts and revealed that she became sexy because of Belo. She also promoted her upcoming movie with Coco Martin and then when she sang her top hits "Kunin mo na ang lahat sa akin",  she joked in the middle of the song - "kunin mo na ang lahat sa akin,... wag lang si Coco Martin"  everyone laughed..and enjoys the funny sides of Angeline Quinto, she's the grand winner of Star Power: Search For The Next Female Pop Superstar last year and now she's an instant super star.

I like her because she looks like a younger version of Kris Aquino and have the voice like Regine Velasquez and a funny attitude like (insert celebrity here) hahahaha.

I got lucky to shoot some photos, I have tons of photos here but I selected the better ones for upload here in my blog. I'm glad that my Olympus E520 dslr camera have a live view screen where I raised my camera upwards and start shooting and avoid the blocking of audience infront of my camera. Also my CDR King flash gun helps for the lighting.

Here's the large crowd infront of me

Looks like I'll e shooting on April 29 and check out this Tween hearts tour hahhaha. Ok back to Angeline.


If ever I noticed the stage backdrop, my shot will be in a correct frame

fans so busy taking photos and videos of Angeline

cute in shorts :)


pulling another joke infront of the crowd hahahah


gotcha!!! she saw my camera


gotcha again!!!! she looked at me  (actually she's looking only to the camera hahaha and I'm raising the camera in the air)

She says here "ikaw kuya? gusto mo ng kiss???? )
omfg.... I'll say yes if I'm infront of the stage haahahh

disclaimer: im not a blogger for SM Bacoor I'm just doing this for fun and  post updates here in my blog...i also wanna practice shooting because I'm starting to get rusty. SM Bacoor is just a jeepney away from our house.

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